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Use It Or Lose It Travel Upsets The Apple Cart - Brain Health

How to keep your brain healthy? Walk out the door, travel to an unknown land, and learn to solve problems, force your brain to work.

Sun, 28 Feb 2016 05:09:59

Use it, or lose it

Use It or Lose It, Travel Upsets the Apple Cart

Routine is comfortable, waking in the morning, drinking a cup of coffee, going to work, returning home, watching TV, and then going to bed. People often become very angry when we,
“Upset their apple cart.”
When unexpected change, unanticipated problems occur, we are forced to think.

Why are organized tours, hotel reservations, and even restaurant recommendations so popular? They allow us to avoid the great discomfort, the stress, the emotional pain of solving problems on the fly.

Are we doing ourselves a favor by avoiding problems? Are we doing ourselves a favor by extensive planning?

Many peoples little inner voice in their head says,
“I cannot handle the dogs barking.”
“I am overworked, and I cannot handle it anymore.”
“I am tired, sick, and need a vacation.”
“This food sucks, I need a change.”

“I am too busy,” this is the American mantra, the chant of failure.

When was the last time you heard a person say,
“I can handle any stress, I am always calm, cool, and collected, nothing upsets my apple cart.”

We learn to hand stress by adapting, when there is stress in our lives, our minds find ways of thinking, ways of coping, until one day we are on good terms with the world, small things do not give us stress, and for a few special people, they learn to handle stress better with time.

Just recently, and person ranted at me in great anger, he was about 55 years old. I said to him, after his tirade,
“Well, thank you.”

My thought was this,
“Hmm, he is older, maybe 55, and he still is acting like a 10 year old, throwing a fit.”

He has not learned to handle stress; he believes it is OK to throw temper tantrums. Now, this is an extreme case, but the next time you hear yourself saying,
“I am too busy.”
Try saying,
“I am never too busy.”

It nothing else, it will make you feel better.

After traveling the world for 18 years, and visiting 107 countries, everyday is a new adventure, a new challenge, new problems. My brain, my body, my emotions, every aspect of my being is used daily; there is never a day when nothing happens, always a new path to follow.

Travel is living a lifestyle that forces us to use it; travel is the fountain of youth, so we don’t lose it.

I can handle anything, the world is mine to own.

Andy Lee Graham in Panajachel, Guatemala
February 28, 2016