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Travel To The Fountain Of Youth

There is a fountain of youth, but it requires a journey, a trip, we must leave the old behind, and enter a new way of thinking, we need to adapt.

Fountain of Youth

Leave the old behind you...

The Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth is a spring that supposedly restores the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters.

My Goal: To drink, or bath in the fountain of youth.
I have said many times,
"Travel is the fountain of youth."

What does this fountain look like?

1. If it is indeed the fountain of youth, then the fountain is full of young people.

2. People inside the fountain of youth are not worried about dying, or, it would not be the fountain of youth.

3. What is youth? It is a time of energy, therefore people inside the fountain would have energy.

4. Sickness, disease, and health problems would not exist.

5. To enter a fountain, to bath in the waters, we must leave one way of thinking, and become a new person.

Why is travel the fountain of youth?

1. We are forced to talk with young people.

2. The young people will not tolerate us acting like old folk, we must adapt, or they will throw us out of the fountain.

3. There is homeostasis inside the fountain, the energy of all the young people surrounding us will energize us, energy is transferred.

4. Talking about sickness, disease is of no value, nobody cares to hear.
5. Travel is moving, it is leaving one place, and entering a new place.

Travel to places full of young people, avoid discussions of sickness, search for new ideas, new places, and leave the past behind.

Write a new story, find a new story, leave the old behind.

Thanks, Andy Lee Graham



Leave the old behind... In defense of saying, "Travel is The Fountain of Youth."


It is possible to find that fountain of youth and to leave the past behind without taking a is also possible to be traveling all over the world without ever understanding we may be seeking something that we do not know we are searching is also possible to travel the world over just because some of us are wanderers and some just love to travel......people are usually forced to leave the past behind whether they want to or not....whether we struggle against it or not....this is the pathway of life.....sometimes we can do everything possible to extend a life....everything organic...clean wholesome food...air and water.....but the end....we die.....whether we are matter.....but we should care for the bodies we live just should not become for us idolatry......I did everything I could to extend a life the last number of weeks....everything....I failed....and I am grieving....without being able to grieve to the fullest....I do not believe we can know how to love to the fullest either....or to even live to the fullest....whether remaining in one spot or traveling am always moving forward.....and I do plan on more travel......but I don't need it to find the fountain of youth.....I simply am a wanderer....and.....yes....I am searching also to find what it is that is calling to my heart.....I don't waste my made my appointment to get my passport.....I am saving money....I am working on my house.....I am researching my options....I can't know how all of it will fall into place or even how soon....but the fountain of youth is within me....and I keep it with me wherever I go......I hope I run into you up the road somewhere....I love good conversations.....I love spontaneity.....I love adventure......if not.....well....I keep up with your travels...and always wish for you health and happiness....and I pray for your safety.....thanks for the video.


We always searching for our next WOW. There were many WOWs this trip to Bangladesh.
Everyone has different likes. Our wow could be someone else’s nightmare.

Ryk Z

Janellen, I am so sorry for your loss. What a heartfelt authentic message of caring and sensitivity. I know you did the best you could. Loving is connecting our heart with another, and the ultimate act of vulnerability. The physical relationship will end, but the bond will remain. That is what we have that can't be removed. Prayers to you as you journey through this loss.


Thank you so much!!!......It is so amazing what we can know about the heart and mind of a person by what we write....even from a distance we can perceive the character of people this way....their strengths and their weaknesses.....I love what I perceive about you...and I am your friend from a distance, but still close.....every vibration is language....and to some people...these vibrations come on the winds as language.....I appreciate your intelligence....your compassion and empathy....and I also enjoy your searching and analytical to me about doing the best I could...yes...I accept this, but I have embraced the fact that I can do better....and I embrace more lessons....and am resolved to do even better in the future.....and I am still receiving the presence of what I lost visually on this plane.....the best wishes from my heart are sent your way this moment!


Forgot to express I am speaking to you, Ryk Z

Mark Stark

"There is a fountain of youth, but it requires a journey, a trip, we must leave the old behind, and enter a new way of thinking, we need to adapt."

Andy, I love what you share with the world! I would say that definitely yes people need to adapt and be more flexible as a lot of changes are coming in the world. But I would ask how many are actually choosing to connect with themselves? That energy within us is the Fountain of Youth. Literally.

My journey in life so far has involved some travel to some interesting places (going to Negril soon) but the greatest movement has been inward. Growing up as a boy and young adult I was never satisfied with the answers I was given as we are taught to believe in a perspective of ourselves and existence that is such a contraction of things it is hard to believe we even live up to 100 years. By age 70 most people are diseased and can barely walk and our minds are stiff. But we can rejuvenate and even regenerate our bodies and minds. We are capable of so much more. Of living much much longer. With different choices. With shifting our thinking and way of seeing the world and ourselves.

I would say travel is an amazing opportunity to go deeper in life. But travel in a more honest way where we accept a bit of humility and extend our energy. I wrote more about the Fountain of Youth topic on my wordpress blog. And a lot of other related topics.

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