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No Joking Africa Is Making Me Younger - Brain Health

Brain Health - Move to Africa.

Fri, 1 Mar 2013 02:25:45

No Joking Africa is Making me Younger

I plan to be young until I die, there is no negotiation, I am inflexible. I believe Africa is the place to stay 22 all my life, which is a wondrous, almost miraculous state of existence for a 57 year old man from the USA.

It is my opinion that we could evaluate, and assign emotional, mental and physical ages to all humans. Couple these three ages with economic survival status, and you has the system of categorizing a human.
I want to be 18, 18, and 18, maybe 20, but never 57, there is no true benefit, but it is nice to be 57 financially.

African Girl

Getting older is easy; one just sits, accepts, and slowly over time learns to refuse to be young in mind and spirit, we lie over an die. When everyone around you wants to be old, it almost become hopeless to stay young, we must walk away.
“Act your age.”
What a negative thought, true opression.

What would happen if you never lived in super power, big authoritative, rule making, strict father ran country? Where we were supposed to do it the American way, or the European way?

You would never grow old.

I am as American as apple pie, born in the USA to the family name Graham that came from Europe to the USA before 1776.

I think, or believe that Natitingou, Benin, West Africa was never colonized, and it truly never experienced “King George,” or “Napoleon,” or other dictatorships we called Kings.

18 and I love it

Chef, Chief, King, Queen, to me, they all are fancy names for family ran dictatorships that take money from their children, and call it love.

I have now lived off and on in Africa for over 2-3 years, and the boss is out to lunch, the police are boinking their girlfriend(s) and the mayor is at the mall in Europe buying a new pair of shoes.

I sense that Africa has little, if almost no government, it is quite obvious the bosses that be, do not care to get involved.

And, on a hilarious, absolutely enlightening thought, because there is nobody serious here, no contracts to uphold, police to enforce the laws, Europe and America are frustrated, they call Africa name, truly trying to shame them into being adults.

Like a child they say, if you give me money, I will try, I need money for school, and I will spend this to buy a cell phone, oops.

There is no need for Africa to become serious, busy only to make money at all cost, the colony or country that is completive. It is quite obvious, they fail to compete, what a great place to live. Yes, they live day to day, like children on daily allowances, but the smiles on face is truly childlike, not a care in the world.


I will be a child, I never want to grow up, and damn, if I did not find a place where everybody agrees with me.

Do not put pressure on me, I want to play!

I am Physically and Emotionally a Child Here in Africa
This is how I live, every action is childish.

I walk around without a car; do whatever I want, and close to impossible to hear a person says,
“You should be making money.”

Yes, like children, other children are continuously saying,
“Hey, share your luncy money.”

There is a constant game of child negotiations; I must think like a 10 year old to outwit them, adult strategies fail.

Walking around in the neighborhood, playing ball, finding new corners to explore, this is what 10 year old children do.

Hormonal Rushes
I feel as if someone keeps giving me testosterone shots, I believe my muscles are becoming harder. I also believe whatever fancy chemicals are needed for my brain, they are being secreted up there to keep me young.

The challenges of being just another kid on the block, are a lot different than the truly stodgy, frumpy, oldish ways of the English colony, King George tell me what to do.

I think Europe, American and China want this place to develop, so an adult can come forth to sign the contract that allow these super-powers to steal their natural resources.

I am free to stay young, the hormonal changes feel 100 percent real, and it is a veritable fountain of youth to escape to Africa.

Thank you Africa

57, feeling like 27
Everyone my age is older than me.

Andy Graham

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