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Making Oxygen Cheaply for the Brain

An invention is taking 2-5 idea and combining into something simple to use, that makes something easy, that was difficult.

Tue, 3 Jul 2012 07:39:03


I am Gadget, I like to Invent Things

- The one and a half wit is often considered a half-wit because we only understand one-third his wit. -
Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862) U.S. writer. Walden, or, Life in the Woods

Never underestimate the genius of a fool, all fools are potentially genius, and this is the fun of life, separating the chaff from the wheat.

I reinvented my life, because life sucked, I did not accept or settle for less, I wanted a life less normal. I have invented about 15 types of travel gear, and want to soon sell on I need to pay 760 US to buy UPC or Barcode, and then invest about 5 k in products.

I wish I was rich, not for selfish reason, but play with bigger ideas.

I try to invent things to make my life better, because the world tries to get me to pay 250 USD for something that cost 10 to make.


I want to breath pure oxygen in the morning for about 3-5 minutes to keep my brain full of energy, so I do not go senile like all my friends. The brain needs lots of water, oxygen, and sugar to run at optimum speeds.

That device is rather complicated to make, or incredibly expensive to buy. Many examples are unsustainable toys, or experiments.


This is an experiment, with a complicated thing to put together.


What does this have to do with Travel?

Absolutely everything!

If you are not willing, and refuse to try to invent your world, you will be force to live in someone else's dream. You will not be the hero of your own life, there will be some big multi-national company enslaving you by convincing you to buy from them, like they have the solutions to your life.

A vacation is for entertainment, long-term living abroad will force you to invent your own box, and keep you from living from inside the the rat cage, and being fed consumer items.

Buy little rat, buy little rat, keep doing what you always do, please stay in your box, and do not reinvent yourself.

Andy Lee Graham - Reinvented, Relaxed, and Real fun and truly I do not care what you think, I am living my life, and not your dream, it is my dream.

But I need more Oxygen!

Oxygen maker
Oxygen Generator