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List Of Youtube Playlists On Super Foods Health Bio Hacking Made By Andy Lee Graham - Brain Health

This is my personal research done on almost any health issue, vitamin, mineral, supplement that I encounter. If you me to expand an issue, please write in comments. Thank you, Andy Lee Graham

Super Foods YouTube

Playlist Super Food BioHacking YouTube

Note: CTRL F will allow you to search for words.


1. We subscribe only to health experts we believe a good teachers.

2. We then search on each of their channels for the topic below, then add their videos to the playlist below.

Therefore, we have a playlist of videos from the best of the best teachers.

AA Elementary Sherlock
Apple Cider Vinegar
Ashwagandha Super Food
Beets Super Food
Best Daily Exercises for Over 40
Biohack Biohacking by Andy Lee Graham
Blood Pressure
Blueberry Super Food
Body Electricity Bioelectricity
Body Fat Measurement
Bones Broken
Brain Fog Memory Detox Clean
Bursitis Swelling
Butter Super Food (New)
Carnivore Diet
Cell Death Autophagy Detox Necrosis Apoptosis
Chelation Heavy Metal
Chronic Disease
Circulatory System of Blood Oxygen
Coconut Oil Super Food
Collodial Silver
Comfort foods alternatives Emotional Eatng
Cramps Muscle
Cranberries Super Food
Cuts Wounds
Detox Body
Disease Causes
Documentaries Cell Reproduction
Elbow Stretching and Exercises Physical Therapy
EMF Electric Magnetic Force Electronic Devices
Exercise Muscles In Ankles Feet
Exercises The 2 Optimal to Do Per Day
Eyesight Vision
Fat Burning Zone
Foods Never Eat
Full Range of Motion
Garlic Super Food
Gary Taubes
Gut Microbiome Germs Bacteria
Hot Cold Theraphy Contrast Therapy
How to Live to be 120
Hunchback Rounded Shoulder
Hunchback, Kyphosis, Forward Head Posture
Hydrate water
Iodine Super Food
Jason Fung
Kegel Playlist
Keto Snacks
Ketosis Ketogenic
Lead Detox
Lymph Drainage Massage
Lymphatic Gland System
Magnesium Super Food
Mercury Detox
Mitosis Cell Reproduction
Muscle Body Fat Ratio
Muscles growth
Nitric Oxide NO2
Obesity Epidemic
Oil Pulling
OMAD Intermittent Fasting
Proprioception Defined, To Know Our Location in Space
Salt sodium
Silica Silicon
Sinus and Allergies
Steamroom vs. Sauna vs Ice Baths Jacuzzi Hot Tub
Stress Depression & Anxiety Worry
Stretching - How Long to Stretch 30 - 60 Second Count
Sugar Addiction
Sweat Sauna Steam for Health, Diet
Swelling Swollen Why?
Testosterone HGH Human Growth Hormones
Tooth Teeth Decay Cavities
Urinary Tract Infections UTI's
Urination Problem Exercises Pelvic Floor
Vitamin D
Walking, Gait, How to Walk?
Weight, How to Weigh Yourself?


Here is collection of videos by health experts talking on YouTube, I watch them, save them as playlist. YouTube does not want to keep them in alphabetical order, so this page allows a person to see all of them. This is different channel than Hobo, and just my research on health, super foods. If you want more videos on a subject, please post as comment, and I can expand the playlist. CTRL F, Find will make it easy to find subjects, topics. Thanks your friend, Andy Lee Graham

Page Turner

When you bring me home from my 2 doctor appointments in Ft Wayne today I am going to watch and hope to learn some topics I need to think about.


I hope you are doing well Ma Graham...stay warm! Many blessings to you and your family this holiday season.

Page Turner

Thank you. Same to you Karla.

Craig MunroStarr

Andy, those were really good links, thanks, it is nice to use another persons brain as a filter instead of Google. You found some gems. The Apple cider thing is real, I read a farmer study where animals (cows) fed ACV had a conversion dietary improvement of about 20 percent by adding ACV. Same food, ate less, gained same amount of weight.


I believe we need to use food as our medicine. However, Doctors learn to treat symptoms, not the causes, and food causes the problems. To stop the sugar addicts on the planet, about 95 percent of population is like being a Christian preacher talking at an Muslim Mosque, they cannot believe what they love is wrong.

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