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How to Start Each Morning for Maximum Brain Power

How to keep the brain working? People older than 40 years old are slowly growing senile, the human brain is slowly going to stop working properly.


"Brain decline" begins at age 27

"Mental abilities decline at a relatively young age, experts suspect Mental powers start to dwindle at 27 after peaking at 22, marking the start of old age, US research suggests. Professor Timothy Salthouse of the University of Virginia found reasoning, spatial visualization and speed of thought all decline in our late 20s."

Brain Power

I look around my world, it feels as if all my friends are become slow, they tend to repeat the same stories over and over. Since, I am the same age, I would assume what is happening to them, is happening to me.

A reasonable person must admit and accept, the mind slows as we grow older. Therefore, here is what my research has lead me to believe would help a persons brain during the day. 

- Andy Lee Graham Age 56

How to Start each Morning?

1. 2 Glasses of water: The brain needs plenty of water to function properly, if a person is even a little dehydrated the brain can slow down. Think of this way, without enough water in the radiator of a car, the water cannot even flow. The goal here to saturate the body with enough water to allow the blood, plasma, and other fluids to move to the brain easy. The blood is how the brain brings sugar, oxygen and other nutrients needed to start the day.

2. Small Sugar Rush: This is the energy fuel of the brain, if you start out the day with some simple sugars, hopefully natural foods like raisins, apples, or oranges your brain will have a headstart. Sugars is addictive, so take great care in your sugar consumption, too much sugar in the morning and you will be crazing food all day.

3. Head Exercise to get blood pumped to brain.

4. Oxygen, the brain needs plenty of oxygen or brain cells will die, in number three  you are to exercise, the more exercise the more it pumps oxygen into your brain. Unfortunately, it is not convenient in the modern world to start your day with exercising. I am trying to design a simple way to manufacture oxygen anywhere on the planet.

Buying Oxygen is difficult, so here is a link:

5. Exercise the Brain: Creating or inventing is exercise for the brain, for example, if you make a long todo list in the morning, if you brainstorm it challenges the brain to work. While watching the TV, listening to music is just soothing the brain, not challenging the brain.

6. Vitamin B: Vitamin B can give your body a rush.

7. Clear Throat, Spit and Blow Nose

Extra Exerices:

10 Deep Knee Bend Exercises: Do deep knee bends, this will force oxygenate blood to enter the brain. This is almost the only exercise you can do in any room on the planet.


Note, this page is to help give the brain a jump in the morning, there are health supplement and foods that may help over long periods of time.

This page is a list thing to do that provide immediate brain help. If you would please try to make comments, or suggestions that help jumpstart the brain it would be helpful, as opposed to sublimated concepts.


Andy Lee Graham


I think maybe you mean this type of device, as shown if you click no the links, but we need to know exactly what you mean to be helpful to readers

But to be easy, you need to say the price, nothing is easy if it cost the average human 500 USD, or is too big to carry, please give more specific information on where to buy, how much it cost? It needs to be 120/220 for a traveler.


Ozonated Water
Ozonated water is highly beneficial for either healthy or sickly people. It's easy to make and should be consumed regularly. Besides providing more oxygen to the brain (greater alertness and mental clarity), Ozonated water will oxidize pathogens and synthetics residues in the body, allowing their complete elimination through excretion. To make Ozonated water using our generator, simply place the output tubing with the attached air stone bubbler into a large empty glass or pitcher. Fill half of the glass with ice and top off with clean water ( I normally use distilled or spring water and avoid tap water, but use tap water if you have nothing else. The ozone will oxidize out the undesirable contaminants in tap water).


Ozone is unstable, but it seem reasonable that I could manufacture and absorb it into my stomach, and get into the blood. But, pure breathing oxygen present appears to me more effective. I am going to make an oxygen generator from simple PVC pipe soon, maybe for fun today. It would make Oxygen and Hyrogen, and DC - Direct Current batteries, and cost no more than 5-10 USD to make.


Dowhatuwill Wrote me:

Yes, that is exactly the type of device I was referring to. I bought mine on for $35. Works great. They have many uses. For example you can eat a lot of healthy fresh fruit and vegetables raw without worrying about bacteria or pesticide residues on the outside of the produce after treatment. Just put the food in a glass bowl of water and bubble the ozone through it.
Breathing the Ozone can irritate the lungs of SOME people. I find that's not the case with me or most others though. You do get even more oxygen by breathing the ozone the comes out during the water bubbling. This cleans and oxygenates the air in your room, car, house etc.
The ozone water is great as a face wash, mouthwash, topical skin disinfectant, toothbrush, plate and utensil cleaner as well. You can even wash your clothes in it.
These machine generally weigh around 1 kilo or less so are easy enough to bring anywhere. I travel a lot through hot tropical regions like Southeast Asia. Staying properly hydrated at all times is not easy. It's great to be able to turn contaminated tap, river or lake water in something that is not only safe to drink but is actually very good for you. It will kill all harmful bacteria and parasites. Also, it neutralizes most other contaminants although it does not remove heavy metals.
These machines WORK. You can take a blood oximeter and measure your blood oxygen levels before and after drinking a glass of ozonated water. Typically, blood oxygen levels will shoot up from an average 96-97 before drinking to 99-100 15-20 minutes later!. This can make a big difference to how you feel and your energy levels.
We could proabably all use more oxygen, at least at times. World oxygen levels have been declining for centuries and dirty air and stress in our lives exacerbate this.
To sum up, I love these machines and wouldn't be without one.


One type of meter to check oxygen in blood by pushing light through a finger.

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