Half Hour To Health - Brain Health Videos Part 1 to 5 Dr John Bergman - Brain Health

This is 5 videos by Dr John Bergman explaining brain health in one location, easy to bookmark, to review, watch again,and again.


I highly recommend you watch each video of Dr. John Bergman 3-5 times, and yes, this seems excessive, but we are not perfect humans, we cannot absorb, remember, and understand the dynamic nature of the body and brain one viewing.

Thank you,

Dr. John Bergman

If the brain stops function, the reasons for life slowly end.

Andy Lee Graham of HoboTraveler.com

Brain Health Videos Part 1 Dr. John Bergman

Brain Health Videos Part 2 Dr. John Bergman 

 Brain Health Videos Part 3 Dr. John Bergman

 Brain Health Videos Part 4 Dr. John Bergman

 Brain Health Videos Part 5 Dr. John Bergman

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Brain Health Videos Parts 1-5 Dr. John Bergman

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