Border Cities

Border Cities

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Border Crossings

These countries border the adjoining name or the converse.


Explanation of some unique type of independent entities.

List of Countries and borders

List of Borders and photos of borders 309


Afghanistan China
Afghanistan Iran
Afghanistan Pakistan
Afghanistan Tajikistan
Afghanistan Turkmenistan
Afghanistan Uzbekistan
Albania Greece
Albania Macedonia
Albania Serbia & Montenegro
Algeria Libya
Algeria Mali
Algeria Mauritania
Algeria Morocco
Algeria Niger
Algeria Tunisia
Algeria Western Sahara
Andorra France
Andorra Spain
Angola Democratic Republic of the Congo
Angola Namibia
Angola Zambia
Angola (Cabinda) Congo
Argentina Bolivia
Argentina Brazil
Argentina Chile
Argentina Paraguay
Argentina Uruguay
Armenia Azerbaijan
Armenia Georgia
Armenia Iran
Armenia Turkey
Austria Czech Republic
Austria Germany
Austria Hungary
Austria Italy
Austria Liechtenstein
Austria Slovakia
Austria Slovenia
Austria Switzerland
Azerbaijan Georgia
Azerbaijan Iran
Azerbaijan Russia
Azerbaijan Armenia
Azerbaijan (Nakhichevan) Turkey
Bangladesh Burma
Bangladesh India
Belarus Latvia
Belarus Lithuania
Belarus Poland
Belarus Russia
Belarus Ukraine
Belgium France
Belgium Germany
Belgium Luxembourg
Belgium Netherlands
Belize Guatemala
Belize Mexico
Benin Burkina Faso
Benin Niger
Benin Nigeria
Benin Togo
Bhutan China
Bhutan India
Bolivia Brazil
Bolivia Chile
Bolivia Paraguay
Bolivia Peru
Bolivia Argentina
Bosnia Herzegovina Croatia
Bosnia Herzegovina Serbia & Montenegro
Botswana Namibia
Botswana South Africa
Botswana Zimbabwe
Brazil Colombia
Brazil French Guiana
Brazil Guyana
Brazil Paraguay
Brazil Peru
Brazil Surinam
Brazil Uruguay
Brazil Venezuela
Brazil Argentina
Brazil Bolivia
Brunei Malaysia
Bulgaria Greece
Bulgaria Macedonia
Bulgaria Romania
Bulgaria Serbia & Montenegro
Bulgaria Turkey
Burkina Faso Ghana
Burkina Faso Ivory Coast
Burkina Faso Mali
Burkina Faso Niger
Burkina Faso Togo
Burkina Faso Benin
Burma China
Burma India
Burma Laos
Burma Thailand
Burma Bangladesh
Burundi Democratic Republic of the Congo
Burundi Rwanda
Burundi Tanzania
Cambodia Laos
Cambodia Thailand
Cambodia Vietnam
Cameroon Central African Republic
Cameroon Chad
Cameroon Congo
Cameroon Equatorial Guinea
Cameroon Gabon
Cameroon Nigeria
Canada United States of America
Central African Republic Chad
Central African Republic Congo
Central African Republic Democratic Republic of the Congo
Central African Republic Sudan
Central African Republic Cameroon
Chad Libya
Chad Niger
Chad Nigeria
Chad Sudan
Chad Cameroon
Chad Central African Republic
Chile Peru
Chile Argentina
Chile Bolivia
China India
China Kazakhstan
China Kyrgyzstan
China Laos
China Mongolia
China Nepal
China North Korea
China Pakistan
China Russia
China Tajikistan
China Vietnam
China Afghanistan
China Bhutan
China Burma
Colombia Ecuador
Colombia Panama
Colombia Peru
Colombia Venezuela
Colombia Brazil
Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo
Congo Gabon
Congo Angola (Cabinda)
Congo Cameroon
Congo Central African Republic
Costa Rica Nicaragua
Costa Rica Panama
Croatia Hungary
Croatia Serbia & Montenegro
Croatia Slovenia
Croatia Bosnia Herzegovina
Cyprus United Kingdom (Sovereign Base Areas)
Czech Republic Germany
Czech Republic Poland
Czech Republic Slovakia
Czech Republic Austria
Democratic Republic of the Congo Rwanda
Democratic Republic of the Congo Sudan
Democratic Republic of the Congo Tanzania
Democratic Republic of the Congo Uganda
Democratic Republic of the Congo Zambia
Democratic Republic of the Congo Angola
Democratic Republic of the Congo Central African Republic
Democratic Republic of the Congo Burundi
Democratic Republic of the Congo Congo
Denmark Germany
Djibouti Eritrea
Djibouti Ethiopia
Djibouti Somalia
Dominican Republic Haiti
East Timor Indonesia
Ecuador Peru
Ecuador Colombia
Egypt Israel
Egypt Libya
Egypt Sudan
El Salvador Guatemala
El Salvador Honduras
Equatorial Guinea Gabon
Equatorial Guinea Cameroon
Eritrea Ethiopia
Eritrea Sudan
Eritrea Djibouti
Estonia Latvia
Estonia Russia
Ethiopia Kenya
Ethiopia Somalia
Ethiopia Sudan
Ethiopia Djibouti
Ethiopia Eritrea
Finland Norway
Finland Russia
Finland Sweden
France Germany
France Italy
France Luxembourg
France Monaco
France Spain
France Switzerland
France Andorra
France Belgium
France (St Martin) Netherlands (Sint Maarten)
French Guiana Surinam
French Guiana Brazil
Gabon Cameroon
Gabon Congo
Gabon Equatorial Guinea
Gambia Senegal
Georgia Russia
Georgia Turkey
Georgia Armenia
Georgia Azerbaijan
Germany Luxembourg
Germany Netherlands
Germany Poland
Germany Switzerland
Germany Austria
Germany Belgium
Germany Czech Republic
Germany Denmark
Germany France
Ghana Ivory Coast
Ghana Togo
Ghana Burkina Faso
Gibraltar Spain
Greece Macedonia
Greece Turkey
Greece Albania
Greece Bulgaria
Guatemala Honduras
Guatemala Mexico
Guatemala Belize
Guatemala El Salvador
Guinea Guinea Bissau
Guinea Ivory Coast
Guinea Liberia
Guinea Mali
Guinea Senegal
Guinea Sierra Leone
Guinea Bissau Senegal
Guinea Bissau Guinea
Guyana Surinam
Guyana Venezuela
Guyana Brazil
Haiti Dominican Republic
Honduras Nicaragua
Honduras El Salvador
Honduras Guatemala
Hungary Romania
Hungary Serbia & Montenegro
Hungary Slovakia
Hungary Slovenia
Hungary Ukraine
Hungary Austria
Hungary Croatia
India Nepal
India Pakistan
India Bangladesh
India Bhutan
India Burma
India China
Indonesia Malaysia
Indonesia Papua New Guinea
Indonesia East Timor
Iran Iraq
Iran Pakistan
Iran Turkey
Iran Turkmenistan
Iran Afghanistan
Iran Armenia
Iran Azerbaijan
Iraq Jordan
Iraq Kuwait
Iraq Saudi Arabia
Iraq Syria
Iraq Turkey
Iraq Iran
Ireland United Kingdom
Israel Jordan
Israel Lebanon
Israel Syria
Israel Egypt
Italy San Marino
Italy Slovenia
Italy Switzerland
Italy Vatican City
Italy Austria
Italy France
Ivory Coast Liberia
Ivory Coast Mali
Ivory Coast Burkina Faso
Ivory Coast Ghana
Ivory Coast Guinea
Jordan Saudi Arabia
Jordan Syria
Jordan Iraq
Jordan Israel
Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan
Kazakhstan Russia
Kazakhstan Turkmenistan
Kazakhstan Uzbekistan
Kazakhstan China
Kenya Somalia
Kenya Sudan
Kenya Tanzania
Kenya Uganda
Kenya Ethiopia
Kuwait Saudi Arabia
Kuwait Iraq
Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan
Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan
Kyrgyzstan China
Kyrgyzstan Kazakhstan
Laos Thailand
Laos Vietnam
Laos Burma
Laos Cambodia
Laos China
Latvia Lithuania
Latvia Russia
Latvia Belarus
Latvia Estonia
Lebanon Syria
Lebanon Israel
Lesotho South Africa
Liberia Sierra Leone
Liberia Guinea
Liberia Ivory Coast
Libya Niger
Libya Sudan
Libya Tunisia
Libya Algeria
Libya Chad
Libya Egypt
Liechtenstein Switzerland
Liechtenstein Austria
Lithuania Poland
Lithuania Russia (Kaliningrad)
Lithuania Belarus
Lithuania Latvia
Luxembourg Belgium
Luxembourg France
Luxembourg Germany
Macedonia Serbia & Montenegro
Macedonia Albania
Macedonia Bulgaria
Macedonia Greece
Malawi Mozambique
Malawi Tanzania
Malawi Zambia
Malaysia Thailand
Malaysia Brunei
Malaysia Indonesia
Mali Mauritania
Mali Niger
Mali Senegal
Mali Algeria
Mali Burkina Faso
Mali Guinea
Mali Ivory Coast
Mauritania Senegal
Mauritania Western Sahara
Mauritania Algeria
Mauritania Mali
Mexico United States of America
Mexico Belize
Mexico Guatemala
Moldova Romania
Moldova Ukraine
Monaco France
Mongolia Russia
Mongolia China
Morocco Spain (Ceuta and Melilla)
Morocco Western Sahara
Morocco Algeria
Mozambique South Africa
Mozambique Swaziland
Mozambique Tanzania
Mozambique Zambia
Mozambique Zimbabwe
Mozambique Malawi
Namibia South Africa
Namibia Zambia
Namibia Angola
Namibia Botswana
Nepal China
Nepal India
Netherlands Belgium
Netherlands Germany
Netherlands (Sint Maarten) France (St Martin)
Nicaragua Costa Rica
Nicaragua Honduras
Niger Nigeria
Niger Algeria
Niger Benin
Niger Burkina Faso
Niger Chad
Niger Libya
Niger Mali
Nigeria Benin
Nigeria Cameroon
Nigeria Chad
Nigeria Niger
North Korea Russia
North Korea South Korea
North Korea China
Norway Russia
Norway Sweden
Norway Finland
Oman Saudi Arabia
Oman United Arab Emirates
Oman Yemen
Pakistan Afghanistan
Pakistan China
Pakistan India
Pakistan Iran
Panama Colombia
Panama Costa Rica
Papua New Guinea Indonesia
Paraguay Argentina
Paraguay Bolivia
Paraguay Brazil
Peru Bolivia
Peru Brazil
Peru Chile
Peru Colombia
Peru Ecuador
Poland Russia (Kaliningrad)
Poland Slovakia
Poland Ukraine
Poland Belarus
Poland Czech Republic
Poland Germany
Poland Lithuania
Portugal Spain
Qatar Saudi Arabia
Romania Serbia & Montenegro
Romania Ukraine
Romania Bulgaria
Romania Hungary
Romania Moldova
Russia Ukraine
Russia Azerbaijan
Russia Belarus
Russia China
Russia Estonia
Russia Finland
Russia Georgia
Russia Kazakhstan
Russia Latvia
Russia Mongolia
Russia North Korea
Russia Norway
Russia (Kaliningrad) Lithuania
Russia (Kaliningrad) Poland
Rwanda Tanzania
Rwanda Uganda
Rwanda Burundi
Rwanda Democratic Republic of the Congo
San Marino Italy
Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates
Saudi Arabia Yemen
Saudi Arabia Iraq
Saudi Arabia Jordan
Saudi Arabia Kuwait
Saudi Arabia Oman
Saudi Arabia Qatar
Senegal Gambia
Senegal Guinea Bissau
Senegal Guinea
Senegal Mali
Senegal Mauritania
Serbia & Montenegro Albania
Serbia & Montenegro Bosnia Herzegovina
Serbia & Montenegro Bulgaria
Serbia & Montenegro Croatia
Serbia & Montenegro Hungary
Serbia & Montenegro Macedonia
Serbia & Montenegro Romania
Sierra Leone Guinea
Sierra Leone Liberia
Slovakia Ukraine
Slovakia Austria
Slovakia Czech Republic
Slovakia Hungary
Slovakia Poland
Slovenia Austria
Slovenia Croatia
Slovenia Hungary
Slovenia Italy
Somalia Djibouti
Somalia Ethiopia
Somalia Kenya
South Africa Swaziland
South Africa Zimbabwe
South Africa Botswana
South Africa Lesotho
South Africa Mozambique
South Africa Namibia
South Korea North Korea
Spain Andorra
Spain France
Spain Gibraltar
Spain Portugal
Spain (Ceuta and Melilla) Morocco
Sudan Uganda
Sudan Central African Republic
Sudan Chad
Sudan Democratic Republic of the Congo
Sudan Egypt
Sudan Eritrea
Sudan Ethiopia
Sudan Kenya
Sudan Libya
Surinam Brazil
Surinam French Guiana
Surinam Guyana
Swaziland Mozambique
Swaziland South Africa
Sweden Finland
Sweden Norway
Switzerland Austria
Switzerland France
Switzerland Germany
Switzerland Italy
Switzerland Liechtenstein
Syria Turkey
Syria Iraq
Syria Israel
Syria Jordan
Syria Lebanon
Tajikistan Uzbekistan
Tajikistan Afghanistan
Tajikistan China
Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan
Tanzania Uganda
Tanzania Zambia
Tanzania Burundi
Tanzania Democratic Republic of the Congo
Tanzania Kenya
Tanzania Malawi
Tanzania Mozambique
Tanzania Rwanda
Thailand Burma
Thailand Cambodia
Thailand Laos
Thailand Malaysia
Togo Benin
Togo Burkina Faso
Togo Ghana
Tunisia Algeria
Tunisia Libya
Turkey Armenia
Turkey Azerbaijan (Nakhichevan)
Turkey Bulgaria
Turkey Georgia
Turkey Greece
Turkey Iran
Turkey Iraq
Turkey Syria
Turkmenistan Uzbekistan
Turkmenistan Afghanistan
Turkmenistan Iran
Turkmenistan Kazakhstan
Uganda Democratic Republic of the Congo
Uganda Kenya
Uganda Rwanda
Uganda Sudan
Uganda Tanzania
Ukraine Belarus
Ukraine Hungary
Ukraine Moldova
Ukraine Poland
Ukraine Romania
Ukraine Russia
Ukraine Slovakia
United Arab Emirates Oman
United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia
United Kingdom Ireland
United Kingdom (Sovereign Base Areas) Cyprus
United States of America Canada
United States of America Mexico
Uruguay Argentina
Uruguay Brazil
Uzbekistan Afghanistan
Uzbekistan Kazakhstan
Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan
Uzbekistan Tajikistan
Uzbekistan Turkmenistan
Vatican City Italy
Venezuela Brazil
Venezuela Colombia
Venezuela Guyana
Vietnam Cambodia
Vietnam China
Vietnam Laos
Western Sahara Algeria
Western Sahara Mauritania
Western Sahara Morocco
Yemen Oman
Yemen Saudi Arabia
Zambia Zimbabwe
Zambia Angola
Zambia Democratic Republic of the Congo
Zambia Malawi
Zambia Mozambique
Zambia Namibia
Zambia Tanzania
Zimbabwe Botswana
Zimbabwe Mozambique
Zimbabwe South Africa
Zimbabwe Zambia