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Trip to Ranong Burma Border from Koh Phagnan Myanmar

Visa Run -- Border Crossings -- I am at Ranong, Thailand getting ready on the 21st to cross into Burma to get another 15 days in Thailand- November 2012

Ranong is a cool little city, it is nice to be back, I hung around here for a month many years ago. So far it is about the same, but I think the Spring Guesthouse is gone, it is now something real modern, with a different name. Rooms started at 450 Baht, and that Hotel is in the middle of nowhere, too far out to pay that much money, I end up on a place called Asian Room for 280 Baht, it is a big room. It is right next to the market, so in the middle of a great cultural experience.

I want to be "IN THAILAND," and away from "TOURIST THAILAND."

Well, I am in Ranong, and away from "Tourist Thailand."

My trip was long, started at 6:00 am, and ended around 5:00 pm.

Here is a rather good video of the trip between Koh Phagnan and Surat Thani, which as fortunate, we did not stop at Koh Samui. My Internet has sucked every since I entered Thailand, I think Guatemala spoiled me, the Internet there is twice as good as here.

Andy Graham Ranong, Thailand
November 2012


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