The Art of Shen Ku : a Book Translated as Pure Traveler or Phantom Passenger

This appears to be the ultimate "Travelers Journal," a man while living on a Sailboat traveling the world explains and outlines everything.

The Art of Shen Ku
This is the most comprehensive book related to travel I have ever seen.
This is maybe a book of Travel Tips...
This is maybe a guide to traveling the planet.
It is an indescribably, undefinable, book about the travel lifestyle.

"Zeek is the pen name of Steve Dolby, a native of England, who ventured around the world in a handmade sailing cutter. His travels took him to many corners of the globe where he gathered the wisdom which he compiled for this book."
- - Penguin Books

This is a book explaining how to live while traveling, and living involves everything from sex to tying knots. The writer Steve Dolby is the champion of simplification of specific topics.

Generally a great book, maybe best to go an read at the library if possible.