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What About Wade Shepard?

I met Wade Shepard, and he made me a better man, one of the crazies, sometime saints who I met on the path, who made a better version of Andy Lee Graham. Thank you Wade Shepard.

Wade Shepard

What About Wade Shepard, of

Wade Shepard is a writer, and a great one,

"Get in the ring", "Show us what you're made of"
Hemingway screaming at Gellhorn, the female.
2012 Film Hemingway & Gellhorn

Antigua, Guatemala, I remember walking into the Casa Shalom Hotel, and Wades is sitting, shy, quiet, obsessed, working, hunched over a laptop in the corner, with eruptions of cracking commentary.Wade is unique, however, that is too simple, Wade can turn up the volume of words, his brain make noises we feel. There is nothing about Wade Shepard that is common, normal, when I see him, the Betazoid in me hears his screams,
“Let me, be me.”
And yes, I am Betazoid, I can feel others, Wade silently screams,
“Let me, be me.”
Betazoid is a race of people from Star Trek, Next Generation, and I be Betazoid, Andy Lee Graham.

Wade is a quiet person, shy like, I have never heard him speak loud, I am positive he does, but not around me; he is in control of his thoughts. He reminds me of a rabbit, as this animal hop around, looks around, head bobbing to left, then to right, moving slowly, quietly observing, and when a rabbit runs, it takes special talent to capture.

Wade used to say,
“Walk slow.“
I have interpreted this to mean, walk slow, and you will be able to see the world, and enjoy, and not miss a thing.

Wade is like a rabbit, always silent, then unexpected things happen. When I was 10 years of age, the neighbor had a few semi-tame rabbits, one day, after many days of trying, running, then diving, attempt after attempt, and making head dives into the grass. I finally captures one, as I grabbed its legs, it screamed. Eerie, shrieking, an icepick to the nerves, there is power in a rabbits scream that is impossible to forget, same as Wade Shepard, all is simple, easy, walking slow, but impossible to forget him, or ignore, the will not be denied. Generally, humans are in denial of intelligence, there is this inner voice saying, we are all the same. We want to take people at face value, deny our intuition, deny our feelings. And, Wade is the same, we try to avoid the avalanche of feeling when near Wade Shepard and hear the silent scream.
“Let me, be me.”

I suspect, others think of Wade, and say, “Let me be me,” please Wade get out of my head, you did not knock.

When I met Wade the first time in Antigua, Guatemala my thoughts were, this man is a worker, he deserves success. And so be it, Wade is a success, however, at first meeting, it was obvious to me, he can succeed at anything he wishes; as they say, where there is the will, there is the way. Wade understands the task, writing is energy, we put words down on paper, out comes feeling, emotions, and anger, writing is a frustration we release onto paper, Wade understand writing, he holds word hostage, the words start burning, it is quite possible his wife is a saint,
“Wade, come back to bed, it’s 2:00 AM.”

I believe a good writer is afraid, maybe he, or she will lose the thought, and nothing worst to a writer, than losing the thought, thoughts are light shining into our head, and only for one second we see, we write fast, one must write when our eyes are opened, even at 2:00 AM in the morning, and the wife is calling, the children are sleeping, but Wade Shepard is not asleep, he was woken by the sounds of an idea, a thought ringing in his ears.

Yes, that is my intuitive interpretation of Wade Shepard, this is how I feel about him, he will not be stopped, I do hope he accepts, that I am giving him the greatest of compliments, Wade is a writer.

I am world traveler, and so it Wade, we wander the planet. And each year we live, the planet shrinks, we have met, maybe by accident, maybe by fate, maybe the good Gods demand we meet, why? We don’t know, it is the story, and we are the actors.

I am writing this as a writer, as a travel, 100 percent sure, that we can by traveling almost aimlessly, we can force good minds to meet.

I had a discussion, with Wade Shepard in Guatemala, at a place called Rio Dulce, a hurricane port, a refuge for sailboats, very close to Livingston, Guatemala.

While sitting in restaurant, in Sosua, Dominican Republic, Wade Shepard and his wife walk in, stroll him, calmly says,
“Hello Andy.”

He is a traveler, and a writer, and the traveler part is always calm, as it must be, losing our temper, rash decision, feeling frustrated is not acceptable, when he entered, I replied,
“I Wade.”
As I saw him, I said to myself, “Andy, remember to walk slow.”

Recently, as we again serendipitously collided in Prague, Czech Republic, I met the new Wade, each time we meet there is more of Wade Shepard, like a tsunami wave arriving to the shore, with new stories, quips, observances to share, and new ways of explaining our mutual lifestyle, we are travelers, we observe the world.

Thank you Wade Shepard, you are man that changed my life, and I am a better version of Andy Lee Graham, and, I thank you, and if you find yourself reading this, stop, take the time, somehow make a permanent mark in your brain, whenever you hear of Wade Shepard, look around, something is going to happen.

Thank You Wade Shepard, we met as travelers meet.
Your friend, Andy Lee Graham 

Wade Shepard Website, Travel Blog

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Such beautiful words for your friend wade. A privilege to read them. Thankyou


Lynn made a comment on an article i wrote about Wade Shepard, I am embarrassed the link was not auto included. Sorry.

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