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Why Body Language is More Important than Words and more Effective Communication with People

Body language means exactly what you want to say, and people do not argue with body language.

Wed, 4 Jan 2012 22:45:58

Body Language Does not Lie

People will trust body language before words when possible, and say something with words, and people will argue. Say something with body language, and they accept you, they allow you to dominate, and obey your request. Body language is less confrontive, the communication is direct.

"Don’t forget, our body doesn’t lie."
Lillian Glass - (Book) I Know What You're Thinking: Using the Four Codes of Reading People to Improve Your Life by

"Your Body Doesn't Lie"
- John Diamond wrote a book with that quote as title to book. 

Subconsciously, or by our instincts, call it trusting your gut, anyway you do it, we often know a person is lying by their body language.

Body Language is Higher Priority than Words.

If for example, you are trying to arrange an appointment, your friend says,
"No problem, let's arrange a time."

You take out your appointment book, and he or she is suddenly busy,
"What does this say?"
They are saying to you "No."

Do you trust the words, or the body language, or do you force the person to come to grips with the appointment. In business, love, friendship, forcing people is often just a heartache waiting to happen. My advice is,
"Make friends with people who want to be your friend, read the body language."

The number of friends you have, the number of successful business meeting will magnify 10 fold when you stop begging, or forcing the issue, and opt to only become associate with obvious good body language.

I am sure you can give many examples of when body language contradicts what the person said, that you placed body language higher than spoken word.

Body Language will Overrule Words




Why Body Language is More Important than Words and more Effective Communication with People.