Recognize the Thieves with Acknowledgment Body Language

Ignoring people is negative "Body Language," which could get your robbed.


Ignoring people with your body language is dangerous, the thieves on the planet like people who are afraid, who look the other way, and could not recognize them in a criminal line up.

The other side of the coin is, people support, help and assist people who are smiling, happy, and give off good body language by the acknowledgment of all people, big or small, rich or poor, famous or a nobody, we all like attention.

Body Language

I listen to the tone of language, the look on the face, the stance, the mannerisms of people. Body language does not lie, seldom is a person smart enough to use body language to their benefit.

-- Except Politicians

The body language of humans tells you who the person really is, and the word, well, it is best to ignore what they say.

Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham 


Mon, 27 Aug 2012 07:33:00

Body Language problems

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