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10 Ways Shy People Can Attract Men or Women In Hotel

Make friends quickly, without saying a word. Here is a list of ways a shy person can attract men, or women in Hotel using only body language.

Sat, 20 Dec 2014 02:42:16

How to use body language in the Hotel to say,
"I'm a person you would like meet?"

We walk into a Hotel full of foreigners, they speak many languages, a few Germans, French, and often there are Asians, maybe Japanese or Chinese. We are lost for words, sometimes literally, it is possible we do not share a common language.

Attract Sexy Women

(Two girls from Kiev, Ukraine in a McDonald's Restaurant.)

How do we make contact? What is the best way to approach women and men in the Hotel, with the least amount of rejection? Stop worrying about choosing the correct words, instead try to choose the best body language, a universal language that works anywhere we travel.

Make friends quickly in the Hotel, easily, using only body language, these non-verbal travel tips may actually work better when you are shy, than for the extroverts. You ask why? It is simple, good listeners are more in demand, than people who talk too much.

Goal: ----- Invite people to talk without saying a word?

Here is a list of ways to meet people in Hotels? OK, don't take this "Hotel" Blog post too far, these body language tips work about anywhere, even outside the Hotel.

Travelers make snap judgments, we must make quick decisions in the Hotel, we cannot waste time, therefore when we decide to become friends with another person, we in turn must attract them. The goal is to help prospective friends feel comfortable to be our friend.

We can work to stop indifference, and attract new friends.

Body language is reflexive, reflective, we must act like a persons friend, anything but indifferent. It is time to put your smartphone down.

Starting with the best body language, and working our way down.

1. Peacocking: The male peacock uses his feathers to attract a mate, peacocking involves wearing, or doing something unique, that attracts attention. Wear some piece of clothing that draws attention to you. Note, those of you with tons of tattoos, blue hair, or wild clothing are already peacocks

2. Raise eyebrows, the eyebrow flash says, I recognize you, we are together in this. Like maybe, we are sharing the same Hotel elevator, this by far is the easiest to fake, or do natural. You need to watch the videos in the members only area. I use this daily now, since I learned it, it says to people, we are together, we are already friends.

3. Smile, the 3 second growing smile. Hard to fake, but we can be quick to smile, try some facial exercises, make the muscles in your face work again. Exercise you face muscles,  and remove that frown.

4. Full body turn, we need to turn our body towards people, do not be indifferent.  Empty hands means, we have no weapons, expose your stomach, because safe people says we do not want to hurt others. If you are in a room, and you do not move towards a person as they enter, or you continue to type on your smartphone, what you are screaming at them is, you do not care in body language.

5. Space Move closer, moving closer to a person is easy, it means, I want to be close to you, I want to talk, doing this is simple.

6. Hand gestures call over, do the two hand pull over, or sit down, direct the person where you want them to go. Rubbing your hands is peacocking, and shows you are anticipating talking, but do a quick hand rub. Keep your hands moving in a way that tells the people where you want them to go.

7. Eye contact: Flirtive eyes, glance down, do not glance up, but keep batting your eyes, two eyes winking of eyes. Careful here, let them catch you look too long, but then look down.

8. Head tilt, when listening you need to do this, this is very important for business meeting. Note, the video in members area is great.

9. Licking your lips, smirk. Do this to members of the opposite sex, but only with great care, sexual tension, making people feel it.

10. Shake hands, making sure to touch palm of  hands and give them upper hand.Watch Mark Bowden video in Members Area.


It tooks me a long time to collect these videos, and if you know of better ones, please add the link in the comments area.

I believe that talking is about the best way to make people run from you, we must learn to welcome people into the room, and stop with the smartphone, I am too busy smartphone arrogance.

I have no shortage of friends, life is good --- I do have a shortage of money to pay editors and proofreaders...

Andy Lee Graham

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How to make friends fast, super fast in a Hotel or Hostel?