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Top Travel Blogs

Top Travel Blogs collected by Andy Graham of of the longest Travelers on the planet.

Do you want to know who are the best Travel Bloggers? We first need to separate travel Blogger into categories. My name is Andy Graham, the writer since of one of the longest running Travel Blogs on the Internet, and one of the few perpetual travelers that writes.

How this works, I will continually read, subscribe, and test Travel Blogs from the list at the bottom, then slowly move them into the proper categories.

Legend of Hints to Explain Blog
Advertisment - Only one goal, to sell you products.
Hiking - Not really travel, it is mountain climbing or trekking, half a sport.
Sales - Goal is to write to excite you to buy, but gives good information.
Travel -
Vacation - Written to an audience who generally is going on a vacation for two to three weeks.


Independent Perpetual Travelers - To be entered in this category, you cannot live in any one location for longer than three months, and prove you earn money to travel.


Independent Travelers on Extended Vacations - They remain here until they travel continuosly for longer than two years, then would go up to the Perpetual Travelers.


Expatriates Living Overseas Blog
- These people moved to a foreign country and are writing regular missives.

Hotel Industry Travel Blogs - To be entered in this category, your main theme is Hotel, you are not required to travel, and companies can be listed here, generally information about Hotels.

1. Hotel buzz

Travel Gear Blogs - To be entered here, the Blog is only about Travel Gear, the Travel Gear Blogs that will be listed at the top will be the most consumer orientated, and not sales driven.

1.  (Vacation Gear)

2. Does not appear to differentiat between travel and hiking, maybe more about hiking, not true travel gear. (Vacation and Hiking Gear)

Retired Mobile Householder Travel Blog


Travel Companies Portal Blogs - No clear theme, generally current issues for Travel.


Airplane Blogs

2. Johnny truly travels a lot and and is amazing. (Business)

Real Estate Sales to Expatriate Travel Blogs


Travel Trips for Backpackers - These are Blogs that talk about travel in general ways, there may be one or many authors and the writers are not required to travel to write.


Wheelchair or Handicap Travel Blogs


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