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What is your travel question? Hello, I am Andy Lee Graham, I have lived abroad over 18 years, and in 107 countries, I am the living proof that anyone can travel to any dream location on 500 to 1000 dollars per month. This is the "ASK ANDY SHOW," where I answer travel questions, then Hobo members discuss on the Talk Wall strategies to visit our Bucket List destinations. Lean how to travel to  any dream location. Members of Hobo are 24/7 on the "Talk Wall" of Hobo Traveler making plans, sharing ideas, photos and videos of how to visit the their Bucket List.  Join now, and chat with members.." Click Here
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I Have 7 Trusty Friends They Make Me Think Clearly - Learning

This is an adaption from poem, I Keep Six Honest... a Poem by Rudyard Kipling


Henry Heimlich Dies His Simple Heimlich Maneuver Saves Lives - Health

Good for him, Henry Heimlich lives to age 96, we can only hope his life was great. This mans work saves lives, so I thank him. Andy Lee Graham


Budget Buster Countries Map. The 21 Over Developed Countries

World travel is easy when we start our travels in the cheaper countries, and only enter the 21 travel budget buster countries with great caution.


Lazy Mans Strategy Is Hanging Around Surrounded By What We Wannabe

Stop fighting it, we lazy people refuse to waste energy, we know it is simple, we surround ourselves in a cocoon of social pressure of good friends.


Mama Says And My Never Ending Debate With Myself On How To Share My Good Fortune

I have lived abroad for 18 years, and almost continuously I am surrounded by people who believe me incredibly rich, and they want me to share my wealth.


Fixing Up A Van For Living by Ed Teja

A Van for Travel explained by Ed Teja, a member of HoboTravaler.com.


10 Best Enjoyable Beautiful Emotionally Rewarding Places We Have Traveled - 10 Best Travel

This 10 Best was inspired by Hobo Talk Wall Member, Craig W - Craig31434 asked, for list of most enjoyable/ beautiful/emotionally rewarding places.


St Christopher The Patron Saint Of Travelers

Watch video, and read the story of "St Christopher The Patron Saint Of Travelers." Watch video with Ringo Star of Beatles lost his in New York City.


Music That Is Painful To Andy Lee Graham - Noise

As I was researching Earth Batteries, bookmarking, and downloading with KeepVid.com, I came up on this video, and a person in the comments love the music.


Retirement Formulas By Andy Lee Graham

This is some retirement formulas by Andy Lee Graham, please assume that they will change and that I, Andy Lee Graham could, or should update. Thanks Andy


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