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I am Andy Lee Graham, I stopped the 9-5, competition and have lived abroad for 20 plus years, and in 112 countries. Read About Andy Long Version

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“Each daily message contained a little nugget of often hidden and not obvious knowledge that those of us on the road could use.”
--- Arni and Rachel, Seattle Now, The World Tomorrow.

Define Crazy

Define Crazy: A person who acts in a manner that the normal society does not approve of --- people who act in ways that don't improve their lives, make them happy, prosperous, an inability to thrive.

I Will Get On Any Plane Along As It Has Two Wings, Any Bus That Has Wheels With A Little Tread, And I Hopefully I Won't Die Of Boredom

A Hobo quote worth sharing, celebrating, by Lynn on the Hobo Travel Talk Wall. March 16, 2019.

20 Years Ago Travelers Kept Diaries - Diary

When I started traveling over 20 years ago, travelers often kept diaries, they would draw pictures, paste photos inside, it was very common, this custom is fading away.

Do You Want To Spend 4500 Dollar Per Month On Room Rent - Budgets

I see you have agreed to pay 4,500 dollars per month on room rent.

Travel To The Fountain Of Youth

There is a fountain of youth, but it requires a journey, a trip, we must leave the old behind, and enter a new way of thinking, we need to adapt.

Poetic Justice Is Outline For Happy Stories - Happiness

I watch too many films, and too many NetFlix shows where there is no justice, no "Poetic Justice," not the best recipe for happiness.

New York City Overpopulation Is Mentally Dangerous

Psychologist have been aware for years of the danger of overpopulation, while the world is not overpopulated, there is a pandemics of humans moving in an addictive manner towards overpopulated urban areas, New York as an example.

We Can Travel The World Cheaper Than Living In USA

World Travel is simple, if you have income of over 50 U.S. dollars per day, you are richer than 93 percent of the planet. If you don't not own a house, car, and television, you are super rich.

Good Conversation Starters

Good conversation starters, how to open a conversation can easily be learned, there are unlimited great ways to open a conversation which makes it interesting, intriguing, on how many people don't know good conversation starters.

Google Flight Matrix

Matrix Airfare Search By Google a way to see a month of prices in one view. Not the best way to find deals, but a great way to understand which days of a month have cheap airline tickets. Members of Hobo Traveler give advice, hints, on best protocols for buying airline tickets.

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