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Hello new friend,
I am Andy Lee Graham from Orland, Indiana, 22 years I made a trip to Acapulco, Mexico, and lived on a beach called Pie de la Cuesta; at this time, I met a beautiful girl from Argentina, then a brilliant girl from Norway named "Grete," --- She actually read one of my 1300 Tom Clancy books, her first language is Norwegian.  I have been self-employed, all my life, always working to become a millionaire, whereby the benefits would be, women, world travel, basically the money to experience any adventure I want, live anywhere, and do anything, I wanted complete freedom from want, and for my first 42 years of my life, I thought that dream required millions of dollars.

Well, after 22 years of non-stop world travel, living in 112 countries. It is super easy to live, be, do, talk with, this is big deal for me, I want to talk with the greatest minds on the planet, it does not requre money, it requires time.

Secret: I stopped paying for a house, a car, and those toys I was buying to attract women, and prove to my fellow man, I was a success. These anchors are no longer needed, they are hindrance to human success. But, you don't have to give them up, for example, besides living on the most exclusive beaches on the planet, I often adapt, and get a cheap room, next to an expensiv hotel, and pay the one dollar per day to sit by the expensive hotel pool.

Pretty much, I live like a millionaire, one less than 1,000 dollars per month, and please, if you have 2,000, 3,000 thiat is ok, I am quite smart, i can live on much less; I want to share the 1000's of common sense strategies to live like a milionaire, on $500-1000 a month, and even more luxury with 2-3 thousand, but all that is required is $500 dollars, and the abilty to travel slower, not faster when confused.

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Thanks, see you on the Hobo Talk Wall.

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If you can remember one quote from me, Andy --
"It does not take a genius to make a million dollars working 16 hours days, but it does take a genius doing it working only 2 hours per day." --- Andy Lee Graham

Viewers say:
“Each daily message contained a little nugget of often hidden and not obvious knowledge that those of us on the road could use.”
--- Arni and Rachel, Seattle Now, The World Tomorrow.

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To Honor thy Mother, and thy Father, 1 of 10, I obeyed, starting 33 years ago, when I stopped drinking. Before that, I was the center of the universe. There are so many stories untold, Mom Graham died, I am free, I hope she looks down from heaven and smiles at me, that is my son

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I am age 64, and world traveler, which hampers, interrupts me developing this list of ideas, bringing them to fruition, making money, etc. I need saved, this drives me crazy. Thank you, Andy Lee Graham

We All Avoid Certain People Who Make Us Angry, The Crazy, Fools, Idiots, Jokers, Flamers, Trolls

I avoid almost no one, and walking with people I have noticed, they go to great lengths to avoid vendors, beggars, tramps, and even Hobos, admitting this is the first step to having a happy life. Crazy, Fools, Idiots, Jokers, Flamers, Trolls

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I Am Angry We Cannot Talk About IQ - Intelligence Quotient

I dream people learn how to adapt, for example, learning languages are difficult for me, therefore I must work study harder. I gain weight, while some friends are thin, so I do intermittent fasting to adapt. We can all be equal, but we must accept our intelligence.

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