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Andy Lee Graham, Live The Good Life, you can quit the rat race, because it's s cheaper to travel the world than live in the USA.  Join, live free, REBOOT your life today.

I am Andy Lee Graham, I stopped the 9-5, competition and have lived abroad for 20 plus years, and in 112 countries. Read About Andy Long Version

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“Each daily message contained a little nugget of often hidden and not obvious knowledge that those of us on the road could use.”
--- Arni and Rachel, Seattle Now, The World Tomorrow.

Why A Higher I.Q. Intelligence Quotient Help A Traveler - I.Q.

The ability to adapt, to recognize problems, and find solutions is a daily activity of travel, when we move from one place, to the next, there is always a new, and unique situations.

My 3 Things To Do Daily List Theory By Andy Lee Graham - Lists

I only care about my emotional status, therefore, I give myself a list of 3 things daily, that I am 100 percent sure I can finish, no dream ideas, only the, I can finish list of things to do. Your friend, Andy Lee Graham

Is Your Smartphone Cellphone Global Net10wireless Is No Go - Telephone

I may be the most traveled digital nomad on the planet, today, June 2, 2019, I want to pay to keep my Net10wireless number in the USA, and their site is blocked here in Kpalime, Togo, West Africa, it is amazing how many USA companies block their sites in Africa.

20 Dollar African Blackboards There Can Be Checks And Balances On Money Spent

Generally, aid organizations will say, "We raised X amount of money," this just ain't right... They should be making YouTube videos showing their fruit, their good work, whereby it would be obvious how the money was spent, transparency is possible in this new world

Instagram Is There Any Data You Do Not Want? - Social Networks

Social networks want to know me more than my best friend know me. Sandra from Germany, a girl I met in Panajachel, Guatemala was telling me I should join, here is the list of data they want to collect. Should I click install?

How 20 Dollars Paid For the First Children's Blackboard In Kpalime West Africa Togo At Africa Bar

My Story of Blackboards for Children in Togo, West Africa

2019 June 19: Press Release --- Hotel Consulting Offered by Andy Lee Graham - Newsroom

Andy Lee Graham world traveler, founder of makes 1-3 YouTube videos daily as a traveler and has lived in 1,000 hotels. He is starting a consulting service for 5-star hotels. The first 5 hotels will be free, in exchange for a free hotel room for 3-7 nights.

Research Shows 30 Foreigners Murdered Sosua, Puerta Plata Area Dominican Republic

It is rare I can learn of 1 expat being killed in expat hangout, to know of 30 means murder is not rare, but common Sosua, Dominican Republic... - Andy Lee Graham World Traveler

I Find Myself At War With Comfort, But Not Luxury

Comfort is now my enemy, as I am surrounded by a world that avoids discomfort the currency of all human progress, don't get comfortable of you will die. Stanley Principle.

They Want To Pay Me To Stop My Present Pursuit To Leave Paradise - Paradise Defined

How much does it cost, to induce you, to pay you to quit doing what you are doing right now, to move away from where you live?

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