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Hello, this is Andy Lee Graham "World Traveler."

I am in Fort Wayne, Indiana - June 5, 2022, I travel to country of Mauritania.

112 countries - Lived Abroad 24 years

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Who’s Your Hero, or Heroine? Mine is Top Gun

I watch 2-3 films per day. I love the edge of the seat, the crashing of my emotions, when the heroes and heroines save the day, fall in love, and everything in the world is good, then life is good.

Geographical Cures That Help - Alcoholism

An attempt to cure, or escape the disease of addiction by moving to a different geographical location in the hope that distance from "people, places, and things" associated with drinking or using will make abstinence easier (or unnecessary).

Elon Musk Is Stopping Robot Invasion

A bot -- short for robot. Smart people are following Elon as he says to Twitter, “You're trying to sell me a site full of bots.” This is the genius of Elon Musk, he works for humanity.

I Dream My Wife Is Motorcycle Mechanic

I want a wife. I want one that can overhaul a motorcycle motor, install a new door on the bathroom, and replace the hard-drive on our desktop computer. I want, and deserve it all.

Let’s Talk Food, Houses, Dogs, Weather - Conversations

I love to talk about houses, dogs, food, and the weather. I love to talk about politics, dreams, and inventions. I love to hear people talk about their families.

Plans To Leave USA for 2-5 Years Andy Lee Graham

Packing to leave for 2-5 years. There is no reason to return for 2-3 years. I am rich on 600 dollars per month in Social Security in Africa, or Southeast Asia, The Philippines, Togo etc.

My Fort Wayne Hotel Owner Is Best On Planet

Steve is the owner of the Hotel where I have been living for 3 weeks in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is too responsible, too dependable, and he is so good that I am afraid to talk about the Hotel room. The best owner I have encountered in 1000 plus Hotels.

Dan F. Fort Wayne Is Smarter Than Me At Graphics - IQ

I dream of being surrounded by people that make me feel stupid this would be heavon on earth. Dan F. from Fort Wayne, Indiana is a graphic artist, he is working on Stock Certificates, and Membership Cards for Everyday Hobo — HoboTraveler Inc.

Super Glad To Give Blood Today, No Malaria Stopped Me

I am grateful, thank the good Gods that today I will give blood in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I just completed a Rapid Test, an online questionnaire that I answered super honestly. Please try to give blood. NOW I CANNOT, I had Malaria less than 3 years ago.

My Togo, West Africa Friends Teaching Me

Henry Ford said, “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” But I am thinking, “It’s a big mistake to do something right with friends, and not know what.” I value my life in friends, not in money.

Who is Andy Lee Graham

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