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Andy Lee Graham is today in Huatulco, Mexico.
March 15 in Fort Wayne, Indiana
April - December 2023 Meeting With Everyday Members
1. West Virginia 2. Portland 3. Tampa Florida 4. New York City

I have lived abroad for 24 years, in 114 countries.

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Life Is Good Then We Fall Exercises - A Book That Need Created

I created a book, “Life Is Good Then We Fall,” published it, and it is for sale on Amazon, Goodreads, etc. I wish to produce a series of books to help people to walk, without the fear of falling. When I saw the fear in Mom Graham's eyes, the fear of falling, it made me a

How To Become The Next Seth Godin Blogger? - Writers

Seth is a Writer - Who is the highest read Blogger on the planet, who has the most subscribers to their daily newsletter? Seth Godin has 8,000 posts so far, more than a million daily readers. I want to be sure you understand, he writes a missive daily. He is a writer.

Money Problems Of - Can Everyday Hobo Help?

Hello, I am Andy Lee Graham. I have paid CouchSurfing 25 dollars to be verified maybe 3 times in the last 14 years. I just logged in, and there is this roadblock. I must pay monthly, or a one time fee. In travel jargon, they have “Lost The Plot.” I do not want the company to

List of 10 Situational Changes Making Stock Prices Explode - Stocks Equities

99 percent of investors are gamblers, listening to people, which is fine, if they choose the right people, like Warren Buffett, maybe Elon Musk, but your neighbor is seldom right. Here are 10 changes to look for that will make the price of a stock rise extremely fast.

The Secret Ingredient To Friends, Is Not Secret - Friends

This secret ingredient is not a secret, it is so obvious that people do not believe it works. All people want to meet people they trust, all people want to meet honest people. Even the world's worst liar, and cheat, wants to meet people who do not lie, and cheat, liars hate

My Vision For Everyday Hobo - The Hobo Way

The Hobo Way - We marry people we love, and trust. I want you to meet people on Everyday Hobo.

The Sunglasses Effect, Who Do We Trust?- Experiments

Which view of Chris Pine to you trust, do you feel safer with Chris wearing sunglasses, or without. I will suggest sunglasses confuse people, and we should remember the “Sunglass Effect.” Thank you, Andy Lee Graham

Corporate Friendly Sanitized Writing By Andy Lee Graham - Journalism

There is no freedom of speech, the corporations are controlling the Internet. I will always tell the truth, but will not be telling you the backstories, the explanation of how the world works, that would disagree with the mainstream media.

Bathrobes Is Hotel Luxury Living - Luxury Lifestyle

I will start managing self-service Hotels soon a cheap, but super benefit would be 100% cotton white bathrobes in all Hotels. For over 20 years, as a Real Estate investor in Fort Wayne, Indiana, I made phone calls in a bathrobe. I’m used to luxury.

I Want My Sisters, Brother, Family Safe

I feel helpless to help people I love stay safe the companies they should not trust, they trust. There is some type of cognitive bias that convinces them they are safe, they are not.

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