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Hello new friends,

I, Andy Lee Graham have worked from home for 23 years, but never at home. He is the longest non-stop digital nomad on the planet. If you want to work from home, call anywhere home, then subscribe, and learn to live, and work remotely.

Welcome, become my friend, and we can meet somewhere on the other side of the planet.

Thank you, Andy Lee Graham the champion Digital Nomad. 

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If you can remember one quote from me, Andy --
"It does not take a genius to make a million dollars working 16 hours days, but it does take a genius doing it working only 2 hours per day." --- Andy Lee Graham

Viewers say:
“Each daily message contained a little nugget of often hidden and not obvious knowledge that those of us on the road could use.”
--- Arni and Rachel, Seattle Now, The World Tomorrow.

Hotel Rooms With Temperature Under 80 Degree Fahrenheit - Cooling For Travel

After sleeping in over 1000 hotel rooms, I have concluded, below 80 degrees is fine, and anything over 80 degrees fahrenheit it too hot for comfort. Thanks, Andy Lee Graham

Day 1 - Ini and Andy Email Discussions on Dealing with Stressful Situations

Daily discussion between Ini and Andy about life's issues. Andy Lee Graham is a veteran traveler, who has traveled non-stop for 23 years and has been to 112 countries. He is also the founder of HoboTraveler.com, where you can "Meet Friends, and Explore" the world.

90 Percent of Hotel Residents are Blind to Cleaning Staff - Hotels

90 Percent Of Hotel Residents Are Blind To Cleaning Staff - Hotels

Your Life is Ran by 4 Competing Biases

Your Life Is Ran By 4 Competing Biases - Cheat Steal And Lie

Language Toolkit, Please Learn The Essential Skills First

Learning a language is easy, if you grasp the principle of learning.

Introduction To Rite Of Passage I

Introduction To Rite Of Passage I. This is a new app by Andy Lee Graham, soon to be released on Google Play.

Peter Pan, The Goal Is To Never Grow Up

Having a wonderful thought made Peter Pan fly.

Four Horsemen of Data Control, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

The Best Thing About The Future, Is That It Comes One Day At a Time

“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.” - Abraham Lincoln

So Where Do We Go Now? July 15, 2020 - About Andy The Hobotraveler Com

Normal, we would talk about a fork in the road, and taking the road less traveled, instead, we will have a long pause of complete confusion.

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