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Quotes About Chalkboards In Africa

Quotes About Chalkboards In Africa - Blackboards For Children In Togo West Africa

Thu, 11 Jul 2019 09:12:03

"Mayer, I will do this, I must do this project,
I must make the TV on back of Trike work.
I have no choice."
--- Andy Lee Graham on Upwork chat July 12, 2019

"I can't imagine a world without being able to read, and write."
--- Andy Lee Graham July 8, 2019

"Change Africa ... for 21 cents"  (the price of a box of chalk)
--- Phil Scott July 9, 2019

"Gofund me goal is $10,000... that buys 300 giant size wall mounted chalkboards"
--- Phil Scott July 9, 2019

"What is 'Writing? What is Learning, for kids without pen & paper, in Africa?"
-- Maury July 10, 2019

"Mom, 500 dollars would allow 100 children to learn to write."
The have no paper, it is like disposible diapers, they cloth ones are reusable. 
--- Andy Lee Graham on talking with Mom Graham July 9, 2019