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Best Places To Live

Best Places To Live


Where to live? Best place to live is a continuous discussion for member of Hobo Traveler, a social network of people who live the good life, anywhere, and everywhere on the planet.

Thanks, I am Andy Lee Graham, CEO, and Founder, I have lived in 112 countries, and travel non-stop for 20 plus years.

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Please tell your viewers about the quality of TV and internet at Lake Atitlan. Also water pressure and hot water to shower. I assume you must fly to Houston for any major operation like gall bladder or anything more serious. I enjoy your videos, but would find them more useful if I could know more information on places I want to move to, as opposed to visit.

Another place for you to visit, if you are so inclined: Sochi, Russia. It is very beautiful, as seen from the sky as well as on the ground. That is my #1 choice as of now, but my unanswered concerned is health care. Google has almost nothing.

Have you been to Armenia, Colombia? I am thinking about going there to scope it out. Dave answered questions on that place, like internet especially and where to live.

Best wishes.


These questions are comparisons, and I, Andy Lee Graham am extremely experienced writer, and videographer. When 99 percent of travel writers address these issues, they don't get it, there is no pat answers People do get great gall bladder operations here, and in any country on the planet. But, they also could probably can get bad gall bladder operations here, or inside the USA. The art of travel is not expecting the location to services you, the art of travel is to learn how to make good choices. If you make poor choices, you have cold water in showers. Therefore, I generally explain how to make good decisions, which people sort of ignore, and want someone to make the decision for them. I continually try to tell people, don't reserve rooms for longer than 1-2 days, so they limit the cold water, the bad internet, the poor TV. Learning how to find good internet, find locations with cable, how to use hot water showers is the correct videos, whether people want them, or not. Living any new location is uncomfortable until you adapt, the art is to adapt fast. To learn how to find people that give good advice. I continually recommend you talk to people who have lived at a location over 7 years. There can be only general guidelines, like my book the Rules of Travel. Yet, the interesting thing to me, people want to take the red, or blue pill, (Marix Movie), and don't like guidelines. Any decisions that locks you into a places to sleep longer than 2 days is problematic. Change rooms if yours does not work, change hotels, change friends, change, adapt, don't accept a bad situation, I can live like a King in any city on the planet, with great Internet, great TV, great medical, and great Hot water, by learning travel skills. Emotions are the problem, people are not accepting that every location starts out awkward, and we adapt until it becomes great, or we don't, and we go home.


Google “suicide shower” for more on hot water


Andy's points are spot on. Plus, things don't stay static. I might stay at a hotel or have a gall bladder operation in some place and it's great, but six months later you show up and the management has changed, or the great doctor moved to Miami. It's like saying what does it cost to live in some country. We live differently, all of us. I live in the US on less than what the govt considers poverty and don't feel impoverished. How you live, what you consider good and bad varies. You need to visit places several times before you even consider moving there. And even then you can find that places are nice to visit but different to live in.


Yes, things are definitely not static and people's basic needs vary considerably.


Well said Ed. Could be your nickname.


Lawrence, have you been to Lake
Atitlan? How did you like it, where did you stay? Have you been to Costa Rica?


Hi hobos I agreed impossible to give precise information on a whole country for long term as too many variables. you can just generalise around costs within a price range. Hobos can stay at a particular hostel/ room and give exact cost at the time or location findings at an exact time as Andy said we are the ground troops. As Andy has updated the dog and traffic situation at the lake . Invaluable information on the NOW. Which you won’t get anywhere else. And honest information.

Page Turner

HA' I just had a bad reaction caused by a worker at Cameron Hospital here I Angola Ind. No matter where you are your health is up for grabs. You may think you have 100% great care but think again.


Hopefully it is not too bad.

One of the things I am seeing a dentist about is some poor work done in Las Vegas, Nevada. I told that dentist something didn't feel right he said it was impossible. The specialist yesterday showed me what is wrong with the tooth. The U.S. dentist worked on two teeth side by side one was a text book example one wasn't.

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