I am Collecting Personal Assistants

A.K.A --- I am hiring more assistants all the time - also known as bellhops, porters, coolies, workers and bellman's, plus the taxi drivers.

I have never understood why people are angry at the boss, or their parents, it seems to me that people are angry at people who tell them what to do, even if they are paid 10 times what they are worth. I feel grateful when people give me money, this is a compliment, I gave them something of value.


I Love People to Help Me
I want people to help me, and I am glad to give them money, I will gladly give a tip make my life simple, and I refuse to tip people who expect it. I am truly amazed at the number of people who want money for no work, maybe about 70 percent of people on the planet, there is a generation of people who feel entitled.

I sense this want-it-free-culture is the end of the country called the USA, the culture has evolved to a level where they believe they should have money, that the government needs and employers owes them a living, it is sad.

Steve was my Friday in the USA
I had a man by the name of Steve who worked for me in the USA. Many of my friends would call him names to me, often in mocking ways, they would say,
"Where is Steve your Boy friday?" (Robinson Crusoe)
"Where is Steve, your work dog?" (Because Steve Obeyed)
"Where is Alfred?" (Referring to Batman's helper.)

Yvonne Was Angry at Loyalty
I had a serious relationship with a girl by the name of Yvonne, I almost got married to her, thank God I did not, she was a horrible person. Maybe, I should be grateful to her, shorty after I she dumped me, I took off traveling, she convinced me to give up on American women.

Well, Yvonne hated Steve, because he was loyal, obeyed, and would do anything for me, he was truly a great guy, he made my life simple. I was a Real Estate Broker in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and daily I gave him list of 20 things to do, and he would go down the list methodically doing them, it was great, and I paid him a fortune. He had been in prison, truly appreciated being treated with respect, and paid him what he was worth; or maybe more than I needed, he was almost unemployable because of his past, nobody would forgive him. I on the other hand truly feel honoured when people trade a fair days work, for a fair days pay.

Strangely, my friends would make slaves of their wives, or their wives would make slaves of their husbands, or parents would make slaves of their children, and not even think about it. But, they got angry with me, because I paid my man Steve 15 dollars an hour to so what I wanted, to make my life simple. It seems to me, that slavery is the natural desire of man, and not justice.

Many times, I would be sitting with a client, writing up an offer to purchase, and before I was done, I would call Steve,
"Come to this address, pick up this offer to purchase, and deliver to this office."
He worked gladly, it was nice to pay money for a person who wanted to work, and was grateful.

It is Easier to Find Grateful People to Work in Guatemala, Africa, etc.

The art of finding workers is trying to the patience of caring humans, there are workers who believe they are doing you a favor, and their are workers who are grateful. I see this in Hotels, I truly hate to be in a hotel that thinks they are doing me a favor, they do not appreciate the money, and they do not realize I can move. I believe that all workers should appreciate the boss who provides work, or quit, but do not whine, it is bad form.

If you can see gratitude in the eyes of person, and not be a sucker!
Then, you can have an easy life living abroad.

I do not want workers around me, they can be very annoying, but a workers who is helpful, who appreciates that we are team, not enemies is energizing. Often, there is mission creep when you pay too much, the worker starts taking the money for granted, you have to take great care when paying people and not always reward, but reward for good effort.

Today, I will move again, and I have a team of workers on Lago Atitlan to help me.

I am almost sad, maybe a little mad at myself, that it has takens me 14 years of travel to learn to recognize, or learn how to find helpful people. I am surrounded continuously by crooks, the expats around me are worst than the locals, but vendors that cater to tourists are generally looking for foolish money to be given to them. The weigh just how naive the person is, and suck them dry. However, there are people outside the tourist bubble who want work, and are grateful for the money.

I love to go to Africa, where they are no tourists to create jaded humans.

There is a man Mylo on Lake Atitlan, he is a (taxi), Tuk Tuk driver, and I called him to help me today. He will arrive at 9:00 am, and help carry my bags to another hotel. Maria is going to help pack my junk, and moving to another Hotel is almost painless. I am truly grateful these two people help me move, it makes growing older a pleasure.

This will be my seventh move since I came to Lago Atitlan, it is no fun to move.

OK HOTEL - Posada Don Carlos - Panajachel
SINGLE ROOM GOOD - El Viajero on Santander - Panajachel
GREAT - Hotel San Antonio - San Pedro
GOOD - Gonzales and Gonzales - San Pedro
GOOD - Tepepul Kaan - San Pedro
BAD HOTEL - Pinocchio - San Pedro

I am making an online city guide, an online guide to living on Lago Atitlan, it is Mylagoatitlan.com. And, I am trying to find the best Hotels for people who want to live a 1-6 months here on Lake Atitlan.

This moving Hotels is stressful!

The art of being a good boss, is to not want employees, but to want help, partners, friends who help you because they respect you. I guess the requirement is to worthy of respect. But, it is also a great benefit to be able to pay people 1.5 times what they every hoped to make, than a few are grateful, and others think you are fool. I tell them, you take care of me, and I take care of you! I will say, this is the going price, but I will pay more, if you make my life simple.

I am a rich man in Guatemala, but is hard to accept that giving work is a good thing, but I am grateful to help give people a job to people on the planet.

I hate people, or friends who give money to people, handing money to small children is the most damaging things you can ever do to a human, it destroys them for life.

There is nothing worst than making people into beggars. I often want to slap Missionaries, they have no love in them, they love power.

I keep thinking about the man who devoted his life to the man in the movie, "The Count of Monte Cristo." The count refused to kill him, and because the man was grateful he vowed to be his help for the rest of his life. In many ways, employers of people save people from a slow death.

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