Assisted Living Residences in the Dominican Republic Where the Women Take Care of Men

There are many beautiful women in Sosua, who for a fee, a stipend, a small daily gift will take care of old men, a surrogate wife of sorts.

I want to find the love of my life, a babe, someone to share the remote control on cold and rainy nights, a person that blocks the loneliness from knocking on the door.

Men in Sosua, DR have a life of assisted living, smile a lot, and are not complaining about divorce.

I am never alone, because I have hope:
I am never alone, I have never been alone for the last 13-14 years of my life. Ever since I left the USA, I have never looked back with regret for my life.

The people who are alone, are the ones with no hope, my life is full of hope, each day is a new beginning.

Hope and Light

That Smile Has a Sparkle

Do you look into your friends eyes, or is this something you avoid? I am an obnoxious person, there is no way to be my friend in an easy and soft way, I do not want to allow my friends to escape from me. If you look intently into the eyes of all people in your life, you will see many things. Most will hide, look away, try to keep you from seeing who they really are, they are empty. A few will look at you in a friendly, open way, and many will get angry, spiteful and harsh, they will be brutes.

As we get older, I am 56, I admit, my body is wearing out, I am worried, weak and full of concern, what will I do when my body stops working?

I see a smile in the eyes of old men here... in Sosua, Dominican Republic.

I have a friend here in Sosua who is 74 years old, he is always happy, the other day he told me he goes to a medical office and gets a testosterone shot. That has to be the epitome of hope, a 74 year old guy getting a testosterone shot.

"It's hard to make that change When life and love turns strange."
- Neil Young

(I feel sorry for the Hip Hop generation, not much love to be found there.)

Happy Thought

Old Guys of Sosua, who Found their Happy Thought

I am always sort of happy in a confused sort of way for the men in Sosua, they buy many girls, also men of Thailand or the Philippines. They are surrounded by girls who want their money, who will leave them the second the money ends. I am not not sure why these men are happy, but when I look at them in the eyes, I see real happiness.

When I look in my friends eyes, I am searching to find their happy thought, because I know when people have a happy thought, they have the ability to fly.

The USA Friend with No Happy Thoughts over Women

I have a friend in the USA, he is an attorney, with beaucoup money, he has a big house, his resume is great, but when I look into his eyes, I do not see hope. I do not see any happy thoughts, he does not look to the future with hope of finding a babe... he doe not have anyone to fight with over the remote control and at age 60 he would never need a testosterone shot.

To be rich, and richer, and the riches, to live in life of luxury.

Sometimes, I am just too grateful for my life, I have: I have my clothes washed, my room cleaned, labor is 10 USD per day, I can easily pay to have anything done for me.

"A Chicken in Every Pot. Two cars in every garage."
-1928 Republican presidential campaign slogan of Herbert Hoover. 

When you see an old man walking down the street with an young girl here, you can hear women say,
"He is crazy."
I think to myself,
"No, she is the crazy one."

Young is beautiful, and old is ugly, that is obvious.

The truth is, they both are exchanging chickens, and now they both have two cars, all is OK with them. I do not want to encourage this behavior, but it is difficult to get frustrated with them, they both just took the easy path to happiness. While I know my friend the attorney cannot even find a good path, he does not even have a clue where to look for the path.

Neil Young, the Song, a Man Needs a Maid

There are many things that put a shine in my eyes, often just typing out a Blog post makes me happy, it must, I have been doing it now for almost 10 years. I can feel when I am glowing, when my life is happy.

I have little desire to be rich, what I want is a maid. I want a place that is always super clean and organized, and very small, so there is less.

What puts sparkle in your eye, what gives you a warm and glowing feeling? In a way humans are just cows, we are not that evolved, we eat, we drink, we sleep and we do nothing remarkable with our lives. However, it is an intelligent person who knows how to find a reason to smile, maybe to find a maid.

Are you smart enough to know you need a maid?

I know many people who have no hope of finding a maid, a sparkle in their eyes, and have no hope, I can see it in their eyes. I am not going to say, "Live and let live," that is just an excuse used by people with no will, who refuse to "Man Up," and say their opinions. However, there is brilliance in the self-centered men of Sosua, at least they have a smile of their face, they have maid, they are in a way living with assisted care, and they have a big smile on their face.

I chuckle, that old guy, 74 year old is getting a testosterone shot, what is up with that?

 A Man Needs A Maid lyrics Song


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Old men here in Sosua find their happy thought.
Add the Glow to your face.
Assisted Living Residences in the Dominican Republic Where the Women Take Care of Men

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