Brussels Belgium


29aug01000.jpg (10274 bytes) This is photograph of the little hole to the right of the door. I believe it is a place to wipe the mud off your feet. In the past I am sure the streets of Europe had tons of mud, and other fun things.
29aug01001.jpg (11412 bytes)
29aug01002.jpg (7044 bytes) The toilets of Europe all appear to have the push button in the center of the lid. Integrated.

The rolls are stacked on a stick.
This scales is interesting. It is in Kilos and the hand goes counter clockwise 29aug01003.jpg (12292 bytes)
29aug01004.jpg (15850 bytes) Euroline in Ghent Belgium. Great prices and typical European service...?
What they do with dead soldiers, and emperors. 29aug01005.jpg (10981 bytes)
29aug01006.jpg (14023 bytes) Now you have to pay !
Manmade ski hill. Made of plastic. 29aug01009.jpg (11723 bytes)
29aug01010.jpg (13498 bytes)
This is a place to throw cans. I guess the idea is to throw your cans at it, while riding a bike. 29aug01014.jpg (18885 bytes)
29aug01015.jpg (16593 bytes)
29aug01016.jpg (18237 bytes) Lots of people take their dogs anywhere. I think they maybe love their dogs more than people. You can see them on trains, in restaurants. etc.
29aug01017.jpg (17122 bytes)
29aug01025.jpg (15388 bytes) Brussels. People lined up to rub this statue of Jesus for good luck. Think its one of them idolatry things.
29aug01026.jpg (16056 bytes)
29aug01029.jpg (17857 bytes) Always fun. Looking at the painters.
29aug01033.jpg (19031 bytes)
29aug01034.jpg (18847 bytes)
Pascal just too excited. 29aug01035.jpg (13364 bytes)
29aug01036.jpg (17412 bytes) Here was a great statue. Only about 10 inches high. It was off the main square of Brussels.
29aug01037.jpg (18309 bytes)
29aug01038.jpg (12063 bytes) Funny sign in Brussels. Bad English. I do not call women baby. I call them babes.
Pascals Big Mac.

The Europeans will kill themselves soon.
Now they have Big Macs.

Between the sausage, the cigarette's, and the chocolate. The only thing that will save their health is that the there is so many 3-4 story buildings because there is no space. They have to walk a lot.

29aug01040.jpg (9558 bytes)

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