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Travel In Europe Live In Different Surreal Realities - Beer Wine Alcohol

Europe is a "Charlie Foxtrot" of cultural realities, lubricated with beer.

Sat, 7 Jul 2018 21:59:58


Travel in Europe, Live in Different Surreal Realities

“Our intention creates our reality.”
- Wayne Dyer

Yes, I speak Spanish, French, and my native English, and now live in a mixture of surreal realities. Before I spoke French, the word “surreal,” had one meaning. Today, I looked at it, and thought,
“This is two words, sur, and real, but the first word is French,”
in a subconscious, instinctive way, I understood the word “Sur.” However to push on through, I went to the dictionaries, and

Well, the definitions on Wikipedia are surreal, way beyond…

1927, from French surréalisme (from sur- "beyond" + réalisme "realism")

If you click on the Wiki link, I hope you waded through all that without getting waylaid by people wanting to be way too serious. Yet, maybe they are a good examples, the word “Sur,” in French means beyond, therefore keeping it simple, surreal is “beyond reality.”

Travel in Europe, Live in Different Surreal Realities

It is 5:22 am, and I am in Bratislava, Slovakia in the Patio Hostel, and entering the room is:

- One Irish man returned, stumbling, noisy.
- Two nice tall British girls return, with two small boys in tow, I met them as I went for coffee.
- A Spanish girl who brags about her British accent when speaking English.

The two British girls are sweet, the Irish man, and Spanish girl are Eurotrash. (Another time for this word….)

I am waking, they are going to sleep, we live in different time zones in the same room. Yet, if we weigh, and measure them, get back to the epigraph. These people are traveling with intentions, and are motivated.

“Our intention creates our reality.”
- Wayne Dyer

OK, you four “Western Europeans,” what are your intentions of coming to Bratislava, and what is the reality you choose to live in? They of course, have no idea, they are going with the European flow.

Europe is a Charlie Foxtrot of realities, way beyond normal numbers, now if the natives were friendly, it would be much more interesting. Traveling beyond our own cultures, our own tribes, our own religion, our own language, we can experience, and live in different surreal realities, different times zones, different worlds.

There is a saying; I think I heard it in a movie.
It goes something like this,
- Remember, when you get to the edge of the world, where the land ends, THERE BE DRAGONS -

I believe and do not have time to research, however I believe this is old Sailor lore explaining what happens when you fall off the edge of a FLAT planet.


When you travel to the end of the world, beyond normal reality, there is not always a path back.

Your new friend,
Andy Lee Graham
Bratislava, Slovakia
Patio Hostel July 8, 2018
Today, I fly like a bird to Kiev, Ukraine, another reality.