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Interview of Rose Aimee and Clark Butler of Lasalle Bed and Breakfast Fort Wayne Indiana

Video Interview of Rose Aimee And Clark Butler Of Lasalle Bed And Breakfast in Ft Wayne, Indiana. Rose if from France, and Clark is University Professor.

Fri, 6 Apr 2012 23:19:20

One of the best reasons to live in a Bed and Breakfast in the USA is for friendship. The owners of the LaSalle Bed and Breakfast and the Sion House in Fort Wayne are wonderful. Rose-Aimée and Clark Butler married for over forty years, are an interesting couple, to spend a few days talking about the world with the two of them is a trip around the planet.

Rose was born in France, then lived most of her young years in Madagascar and West Africa. Clark was born and raised in Hollywood, California then move to Fort Wayne where he is a University Professor of Philosophy.

Come practice our French with Rose and talk Philosophy with Clark at the LaSale Bed and Breakfast in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Interview of Rose-Aimée and Clark Butler of LaSalle Bed and Breakfast Fort Wayne Indiana.

Rose and Clark Butler

Interview of Rose Aimee and Clark Butler.