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Real Men Don't Talk About Comfort, They Talk About Killing The Bear - Be A Man

When everyone around you is being a pussy, a wimp, your job it to man up, a colloquial phrase that applies to both men, and women. I don't like wimps, they annoy me, man up, grow, and conquer the planet.

Tue, 13 Nov 2018 01:35:33

John Wayne


I always laugh when somebody talk incessantly about comfort.. Why? Well, I own them, they are mine, I can dominate them --- if I wish, truthfully, yet I am 99 percent kind, and ignore them, hope their dumb exposure of weakness passes, I just listen, sometimes I change the subject. If you are talking to me, and I am saying nothing, it often means, I think you are being a baby, yet, I have zero desire to change you, I have better things to do with my life, let the dead, bury the dead, I am here alive, to live to be 120 year old.

My first responsibility in my life is to look in the mirror, and be the best man I can be, be a good example for the wimps of the planet to follow, I am a leader of men, it is the job God gave me.

Here is a great video by Jordan Peterson on don't do things that make you look weak.

Good shit!

Be care when you talk about food, or when you are sick.

Life is good, grow up, go do man things.

Conquer the planet, own it, make it yours.

Your friend, Andy Lee Graham

Real men take care of the people who cannot take care of themselves, and know they will not get a thank you.