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Be a Man Blog - Instructions in how to discover the ability lost by modern man, how to be a man when surrounded by question marks.

   Hello, this could be considered a strange topic for a Travel Site, however let me tell you a true story. I was in Sevagram, India,  a small village, located about 8 km from Wardha. Mahatma Gandhi set up his Ashram. A young man and women were sitting around at the Hotel across the street from the Ashram, the girl was explaining,
"The India men grab my butt."
She looks at her boyfriend with an accusing glance, he looks down, and says,
"What am I supposed to do?"

I was just in Hampi, India and many girls would invite me to go with them to the large village, more of a city by the name of Hospet. It was amazing, I was popular with the foreigner women in Hampi.

I realized, they want a bodyguard, they wanted a protector, they wants somebody to assist them in stopping the India boys from grabbing them.

I looked down at the young man, who was in real danger of losing his girlfriend to the first true "Be a Man" person that enters the picture. I said to him,
"All your life you are told that women can take care of themselves, and now you are told to help, it is not fair."

The young man was a city boy, he did not grow up in some Indiana farm boy city like me, he had wimp written all over his face. I thought so you worked in McDonald's, while I worked on the farm, as we got older, you did not work construction to toughen you up, you have lived the good life, never needing to protect your territory or woman. Now the double standards are being put in place, the women is saying, "Protect me,"
You are not prepared for this, this is set of skills you never learned, and your father probably did not know either.

I tried in vain to explain how to give a glare, how to look down on a person, how to dominate, how to be a man. Nothing worked, there is no way a boy can be made into a man in one day.

This page is devoted to the celebration of real men, who can stand up, man up when needed, but not abuse these powers.

This show is a good example of two sides of the coin, the man and the question mark, and how to instruct a boy to become a man. It is taking all the good stereotypical behaviors and allowing us to laugh. However, any way you do it, there is always one man that gets the girl, is that you?

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Be a Man

Be a Man Blog - Instructions in how to discover the ability lost by modern man, how to be a man when surrounded by question marks.

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Be a Man

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