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Being Man Enough to Not Have Dreams Goals or Wishes

All the wimps in life go along, to get along, and make tons of goals they will never achieve, first of all, real men achieve all their goals.

Sun, 7 Apr 2013 10:30:44

There is an overwhelming amount of social pressure to set goals. I suspect the secret to an unhappy life is embodied in dreams, goals, and wishes that never come true. Personally, when I was about 28 years old, a light shined into my brain, and said,

"Andy, all goals NEED to be achieved, or don't make them."

The best way to achieve all your daily goals is to have only one, and if pushed, go for zero, only fools make unachievable demands of themselves, and lying to yourself is always a no no.
"Oops, I think I will lie to myself, that will make my day." 

limitations are real

Common sense says to me, I am happier when I complete one goal, then when I am working on 10 at the same time. As the years past by, I have stopped with all the goals, and just work at it, and work at it, and one day I am finished, not before, not after, but when I am finished. I like doing something, about anything, just doing something is good. OK, I have sort of a goal, that I never break, my goal is to never say again in my life,

"I am too busy."

Every time I hear a friend say that to me, I want to scream.
"Listen up, and do less."
It is time to:
"Grow up," and
"Shut up," and because every time you tell me your are too busy, I am absolutely sure you are insane.

Man up!

How does one get to age 30, then 40, then 50, and 60, then 70, and fail to learn what you can do in one day, with time left over for an ice cream cone, a movie, and time with friends and family.

Or are you too busy for friends and family... I get it, you do not love them, so you stay busy, it is your excuse. Try to work on your nothings today.

Do not make goals, and you will be a happier, it is a rather dysfunctional world tha believes in doing things that don't function.

LOL - I know it, you are too busy to think about this. 

Andy Graham

Clint Eastwood can explain in simple terms:

A man's got to know his limitations"