Amish Man Says The USA Is Too Far From The Farm

I enjoyed a conversation with a 70 year old Indiana Amish farmer who said, Americans need to do some hard work on the farm to build character.

Amish Farmer

Yesterday, I had the good fortune to hear from an Amish Farmer here in Indiana, "that Americans are too far, too many generations away from the farm."

Which, I agreed with.

I was fortunate, to work for a farmer named "Buster," in Orland, Indiana for 8 summers of my life, from about age 12 until age 22. (It was character building, not child labor.)

And, I replied to the Amish man,
"Yep, Americans are wimps."

I then told him a macho story for kicks.

I said, sometimes I am in a shared taxi in Africa, and the driver is an idiot, he is driving very fast, very dangerously, and I say,
"Slow down, or I beat you."

He understood exactly the point, when another person endangers our life, we need to "man up," and stand up, grow up, and take responsibility for our lives.

It was a good day.

Andy Lee Graham in Orland, Indiana May 7, 2016


I grew up on a large dairy farm in Canada. I worked from age 5 to 19. After leaving home for college I swore I'd never work that hard again and except for a 6 month tint of fracking Gas and Oil Wells ..s I never have. I never liked farm work. I don't even like to garden. I prefer to Golf, Ski and Fly Fish.

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