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Africa Is a Testosterone Rush Fountain of Youth

Be a man, look people in the eyes, and get a testosterone rush.

Thu, 20 Dec 2012 02:13:56

Africa is a Testosterone Rush Fountain of Youth

I am experiencing the fountain of youth here in Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa, and I like it. These feeling are confusing, fun, and exhilarating, but whatever they are, I feel stronger, and better capable of walking with my head held high, and a strong gait.

I believe I know one source of the “Fountain of Youth.”

It is aggressive, Alpha Male behavior; it is everything the wimps on the planet want stopped.

The men and women in West Africa, look at me, size me up, then wait for me to reply with my eyes, they want, and often demand I reply with body language. As many of my friends know, I do not like people who never make eye contact, and truly avoid people who refuse to make eye contact; I see it as a character flaw. Well, the West African people of Ivory Coast do not have any problem with eye contact and it has made me a new man, or better yet, giving me a free shot of testosterone, the good kind.

I am revitalized, energized, and pumped with Testosterone purely by accident of nature, and it is a positive experience.

I think there are positive and negative testosterone moments. I suspect that 90 percent of people just want to be bullies; they enjoy the rush of power, and testosterone rush they get from abusing people. Then, there is the 10 percent of human contact where we are equals, one on one, friends, comrades, and mates who meet, and exchange manly challenges on equal footing.

I truly enjoy, when small boys, come up, look at me, and want to be small little men, it is great to see them spread their wings.

Every day in West Africa, about 50-200 men or women pass me, they look at me, they are quiet, and they seldom say a word. But, their body language, their eyes are exploring, saying to me, “What are you doing?” I open the joust, I say “Ca Va.” More or less, “What’s up,” in English. They then often reply, “Bon Jour Monsieur.” More or less, “Good Morning Sir.”

We have now said hello, did our 8 point greeting, and I have in a way won the battle of spirits, because I was the first to say hello.

It is a rush to win small games.

I do not expect 90 percent of you to understand this interplay, you can minimize all you want, deflect, and miss the point of the fountain of youth.

A good rush of testosterone from a respectful, worthy opponent will keep anybody young at heart. Please note, it does no good to be in rigged battles, where there is no way to lose.

Thanks Andy Graham in Aboisso, Ivory Coast

Africa is the fountain of youth, you get a testosterone rush.