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Usa Travel Stories, Page 31


I have decided I need to read the newspaper more, and watch television less. I believe that the written news articles are more detailed and closer to the truth. I received a few replies on the Lonely Planet Thorntree, but nothing real informative or specific. I find that most general ideas are not of great value. But when a person give specifics than the advice is more trustworthy.


I went to the lonelyplanet.com forum. It is called the Thorntree.


I browsed around, and posted a few comments or questions. I like the Thorntree. It is good for pre-trip advice. It is very difficult to follow when actually on the road. I may be able to wring out some useful advice. Lots of people hang around inside there and sort of make smart ass comments, this is annoying, and not needed. I think that Frommers still has a forum, I will try to visit it.

I was told that in the past Frommers and Fodors had a guidebook to Iraq. I so far have not found any remnants of these books, but I will keep searching. Anyone that has helpful advice on Iraq can write me at .... blogger....AT hobotraveler.com

Take out the -at- and make correct.

Thanks Andy

Most people enter through Jordan and are working for the NGO (Non Government Organizations) a.k.a - Humanitarian stuff.


I am collecting information to insure safety for my trip to Iraq. I receive travel warnings from the USA government.



A person can subscribe to updates of new embassy or consular sheets. This is information or opinions of what the USA goverment would recommend on the status of a specific country. To receive information by email go to this link:


Good map of Iraq: