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I am ready to leave. I feel like I am in a box, and cannot get out. I read the news on Iraq daily. Or watch CNN... My friend calls it the Communist News Network. I can relate. I think they are nuts. All the news is bad, and that is normal. They just cannot every say that anything good is happening. I think reporters are high on my list of people I do not trust.

Worst: Car Salesman

2. Reporters.

3. Taxi Drivers.

4. Real Estates Sales persons.

5. Attorneys.

6. Guides for tours.



I placed on my site about 6 months ago link to book hostels around the world. It is pretty cool. I can book a hostel for 2-10 dollar in Istanbul, Turkey and when I get off the plane I already have a room. The first day is the most expensive day of my travels. I do not know the currency, I do not know the prices, I do not know the Hostels or Hotels. I am confused and tired. I am excited to use this myself. I can fly into very expensive cities like London cheaper now. Not worried if I will be sleeping in the airport.


I am too anxious. I want to leave. I will buy a ticket directly to Instabul in the next day. It will cost 740 dollars USA from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Istanbul.


I received and email from a person that just left Iraq. He said,

"Hi there. i do believe that there is an internet "cafe" of sorts near the Palace

Hotel. I would ask them at the front desk if that is where you stay in Baghdad. In

Kirkuk, Erbil, and Sulaymaniya there are plenty of internet cafes. You just have to

ask around. Baghdad is the toughest place to find internet, but if you're

persistent, you should be able to find it."

This is nice to hear. He worked for a NGO (Non Governmental Agency) that was doing humanitarian work in Iraq. I think that there are a lot of hippie types going in there right now... That is a gut feeling.



I send out a weekly newsletter. I am sending it today.

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I probably will go to Athens, Greece first. Lay on the beach, travel to Istanbul Turkey.

discovered that Prague is about 1000 miles from Istanbul. Athens is 350 miles.

My trip is about the middle east, and not eastern Europe.


I just found out the temperatures in Baghdad, Iraq.


Around 110 degrees Farenheit.

Iraq Weather... HOT


I have decided 95 percent to fly first to Prague, Czech Republic and not Germany. Hopefully I will soon remember how to spell "Czech". I have lots of trouble with that word. Prague is a gateway to Europe. It is supposed to be very cheap and lots of backpackers. I want to do some research for further Europe trips to see if I can buy a car or van there to travel around Europe. Otherwise I would travel straight to Turkey. I still might. I do not have a ticket yet. I debate a lot in my head on this trip. There are some good reasons to go to Prague, but in a way I am thinking only of the Greek Islands, and Iraq. Those are the places that draws my attention.

Map From Prague to Turkey