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I have a person inside Iraq emailing me. He lives in a flat in Baghdad.


"If you wanna travel cheap there are a lot of cheap hotels

something 2-3 USD per night. The heat here is not like

South America- much more severe. The best time for travel

is September- October. "


A human is the most dangerours thing in the world.

A drunk human is always dangerous.

Moslems do not drink normally...

A mob is dangerous.


I received another email from inside Iraq. I have no reason to not believe it is true. Great news on internet.


"There are a lot of internet cafes here and hour costs app 1.7-3 USD. The city itself is releatively safe for foreigners on low profile. About the room in hotel, the descent room will cost you app 35 USD, but you could rent a flat for 300 USD per months. The main problems here are powercuts (sometimes for 6 hours) and very hot weather (+ 45-50 without Aircon). "

From email I received. Privacy protected.

Soldier E-mails Wanted

If you have a soldier that is in Iraq. I would appreciate if you would send to me the location and the email address of the soldier. Please email to:
hoboontheroad AT
Please remove the spaces, and replace the word AT with @.
This stops spammers from harvesting my email address.

Received Email from Iraq

I have receive my first email from inside Iraq. I am patiently waiting for a reply. I asked the person about simple questions.
Internet? Is it safe? Are there rooms or hotel?
I have traveled so much, that I am not worried about transportation. People live in these countrie and they must move from place to place, so in my ways there must be transporation. But rooms can be too expensive, or controlled by the governement. The internet is my biggest worry, but the person wrote me from inside Iraq, so that is looking good..
Safe? Whatever that means.

USA Checklist being Completed

The last week or so before I leave a continent and make a dramatic change is always a series of checklist. Both mental and real. I am constantly rummaging through my head, trying to make sure that I do not forget anything that is absolutely necessary. When I returned home from Asia. South America, or Europe, it was the same.

When I visit the USA, I come to buy and accumulate supplies. The USA is the most convenient country in the world. I can buy anything I really want quickly and efficiently. I can make unlimited phone calls until I find what I want, than go purchase the item. In another country I must walk around until I find the item. It can cost a fortune in other countries to make local telephone calls, because most have measure service. So each call cost money.

I am almost ready. I am thinking only about items that are extremely difficult to purchase in another country.


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I made a reservation to pay 6 dollars a night for a room in Istanbul.

I will arrive from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Istabul, Turkey on the 15th of July, 2003. I do not normally tell anyone the name of the Hostel or Hotel I am living in, till after I leave. This is for safety, and for privacy. I adopted this policy after being recognized once in Bogota, Colombia and than again in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela.

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