Usa Travel Stories, Page 27


NO Photos of me.

I have people ask me to publish photos or include myself in photos taken.

This will not happen. I have no desire to be famous.



I am waiting. Ready to leave. Next monday I leave for Instabul. I am working on all those final purchases.

Realized today. I need to go buy some socks. I have found it impossible to buy large size socks in most countries.

Purchased a new rucksack or front backpack the other day. Now I need to figure out how to make it look old

so it is not a good choice to be stolen. My other backpack is military green and has and USA flag on it. The color was

and accident. The new one is more of a preppy colored, granola for lunch bunch, weekender trendy. PERFECT.

I will be the hippie traveler entering Iraq.


I read a story on the BBC site about a Journalist getting killed in Iraq.

He had only been there a fortnight. I guess that means 1 night.

He was already running around taking photos.

In the story or video on this page. There is a reference to a group of people surrounding him

or gathering. I noted earlier that any type of MOB or GROUP is dangerous.

I also think that leaving and taking photos in the first week could be dangerous.

Especially with anyone watching.

I normally learn the lay of the land or study the situation for at least a week

before I run around with a camera. I also always have the camera in a backpack

and only bring out for the photo. Than immediately put back in the pack.

Solutions: If in a group. Leave

Solutions: Keep your camera hidden.

Solutions: Do not travel around until you have talked and talked. Learning the advice of others.

Running out the first day in a country and taking photos. Using a Taxi driver. Maybe looking rich

is never a good idea. I will go low profile. Hopefully look like a Hippie, or the some "Save the World" individuals

that have less sense than others, and the normal populace considers fools. Fools are usually not targets in

my opinion. Although a person that looks like rich or brings attention to themselves is not wise.


A person was killed the other day in front of a museum. Witnessed by Journalist.

What is maybe a Journalist is killed. No facts. All hearsay.

What is the truth?

This is the question. The solution is to not hang around with other journalist. Any concentration of journalist or foreigners could be a target. Sort of like going to the American Embassy to be safe, and they are the main targets. This would be silly. Hanging around with soldiers or looking like a soldier would be asking for problems. Low profile folks.


1/2 the violence is normal criminals.

1/4 are people that had their family members killed by Soldiers and want revenge.

1/4 are people that are rabble rousers, or want to the USA to leave so they can become the next Sadaam.

In most countries they are not angry at the corrupt boss. The are jealous and want the job. Strange.


In Colombia they target the Journalist to make sure that no one knows what is going on.

I was there for 2 months. I believer that what the press says about this being a rebellion or civil war is extreme crap.

It is just a bunch of drug lords protecting their business.


Here is another LACK of clarity on the source poll and possible hearsay information. Need to gleem off the choices or possibilties.

"However, only 17 percent of respondents said U.S.-led forces should leave Iraq immediately. ...

The survey, conducted by the independent Iraqi Institute of Strategic Studies, polled 1,100 people June 8-10 - two months after U.S.-led invaders toppled President Saddam Hussein."


I was reading some of the post in the Lonely Planet Thorntree. It struck me that a lot of people just fake it to hear themselves talk or write. Like they will become famous by posting to the Lonely Planet. I find I only go there to post questions. Most of the answers are bad, and people just add opinions.

My friend John T told me that people think I make up the stories.
I think this is ludicrous, but for the sake of questions. If anyone would like to tell me... What would prove what I say I do is real.
Please tell me. I take so many photos it would be hard to believe that people think I make them up.
Cynicism is alive and well. But than again, I am going to Iraq for a lot of reason, but one of the main one is that I think that CNN and BBC are full of crap.


My friend inside Iraq e-mailed this messsage:

"I've checked about the situation

with Iraq-Turkish border- it's open. So you could go from

Istanbul to Urfa of Duyabakkir from there take a bus to

Silope and from Silope take a shared taxi to the IRaqi

border. But I think that using the press card is not very

good idea, it is better to say that you are working for

some American company and now is going to Baghdad for work."

I am going to be very careful at the Iraq / Turkey border.

I will sit on the border for at least 10 days and feel out the situation.

Making sure what the noise I hear and what people are saying.



Some of my friends have ask me,

"Aren't you afraid to go to Iraq?"

I think the answer is... I do not know. I suppose as I get closer to actually entering the country. I will decide if I am afraid. I do not feel afraid now. I have been to a lot of places in the world. Most places are really safe and people think they are dangerous. The world press makes a fantasy of the world. Real life is much more mundane. Even danger.

We each have views of ourselves, and opinions of who we are.

Sometime these are just delusions. I am hoping that I have no delusions about myself, and my abilities.

But that is the nasty thing about delusional behaviour. A person is in denial of the delusion.

I will be OK.

I just plan the trip and leave.

In whos sites?

I had a reader of my newsletter warm me that I was probably in the sight of the CIA a year ago, and they are probably monitoring my webpage. I consider this paranoid, and amusing. I do suppose that going to Iraq right now would or should bring me into target range.

Well if you spies out there are reading this... Take notice. I made the CIA webpage number 3 on my list of Top Ten Travel Sites for 2003. I consider it one of the best travel resources in the world.

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