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I have been watching CNN in the USA. I am laughing at their duplicity.

They have made the USA CNN more USA friendly. I normally watch the CNN International as that is all I can get. I would say they are just about the same as Al Jazeera on the international level.

What is really bad is that CNN has this set that IF you are in the USA you do NOT see what they are showing to the world as they default it to a USA friendly page. What sluts...! Please do not think that CNN is helping the USA or is a friend.

Look at US CNN Page:

Look at the international version - Al Jazeera look alike to me?


I will fly with Virgin Airlines to London on the May 20th for 183 U.S. Dollars and then try to use or to fly to maybe… Rome or Athens or somewhere. I will probably stay one night or more in London. The place is too expensive to stay longer.

I purchased this one-way ticket from 1 800 fly europe

IN fact the more I think about it I should fly to Prague and skip the expensive Rome, I am too poor for Rome.


I will take a to Boston for 69 dollars with a 7 day advance purchase online, then go to New York for 3 days. I hope, as all this moving is very expensive and I may need to abort some to save money.

I am doing well though and life is good.



I am not sure why I am so busy in the USA and have so problems blogging or writing newsletters, you would think with me having free access to the internet and clean sheets, food and no worries about getting robbed that I would be able to do more blogging and newsletters, but it is obvious the opposite, or I would be writing more.


Not the easiest thing to do, but I do try on times when I can remember to do this, although I am sure I am thinking about myself 90 percent of the time, I am sure I do not sit around thinking how I am making mistakes or causing myself problems, I am sure this is that ever present idea in the back of all humans that we constantly make good decisions or we think of ourselves as perfect. I am absolutely positive that I am not perfect and few of my body parts are screaming to me this on a daily basis lately but there is that mindset in a person that like to think they are perfect.

So what do I discover when I introspect on why I am not blogging?

I think.

1. USA has too much TV.

2. I know people here and talk with them.

3. I can use the telephone.

4. I am afraid people think if I am home I am stopping travel and they will unsubscribe or give up on me. So if I do not talk about the USA then they do not realize I am home.

I guess in the USA there is an overwhelming amount of “Things” in my USA world and in other countries there is a lot “Less.”


I do know this is my choice, but to turn off these choices is a little more difficult than I can imagine, plus I do like all these things and it is difficult to stop what I enjoy.


I do like a simpler life, but also a life when I stick my head out the door each day is totally different. I do hide in my room when traveling so that I do not get overwhelmed, but I still like the ability to have a lot less or simpler life.

In the end it is saying NO, not yes.


Orland is in the county in the top right corner. I guess they don't think it needs to have a name...

Right above Dekalb County

hmmm Weather in ORLAND INDIANA - Me playing

I carry with me a thermometer so when people ask me the temperature, I think I have found a way to tell people the current temperature. I am in a little city and even though this is really for Coldwater, Michigan it is still very close to Orland, Indiana. The town only has 400 people more or less and they only have farmers that think they are weather people.

Click for Orland, Indiana Forecast



It is interesting to watch the USA culture around me and to remember that I am at essence part of this culture or better stated a product of this culture. I have noticed a few things.

People do talk a lot and loud.

People have very curious eyes and look around.

There are Amish people and buggies around Orland.

Acne is on a lot of young people.

The color of the skins of people is pale and not full of color in my home city. But this is an inordinately old city as most of the young people have moved to the bigger cities, although the new trend is to return. Orland has about 450 people.

Life is very very safe in the USA.

I stopped at Walmart and realized what a windfall stores are for this country. The cost of living is so cheap, although people buy lots and lots of things. I can buy lots of things in Walmart that are cheaper than any of the underdeveloped countries I have visited.

There is so much food in the USA. The cheese is some of the best in the world, meat is so easy to have, and cleanliness is easy.

I am amazed at the number of Trailers or Mobile Homes in the USA and wish they were replaced with the world standard of concrete houses.

I went to the ground breaking of a new Volunteer Fire Department here in Orland and was invigorated with the high level priority situations in Orland as most people do not have to fight to survive and spend lots of time just gabbing away in the coffee shops, and helping to have a new fire department is high on their list of things to do with their lives. There is a really great rescue or ambulance department that is saves lot of lives.

In Thailand over the Thai New Year there were about 450 people that died in one weekend in car accidents. That statistic is appalling for a country or state.

I am driving a car and this is strange, sometimes very scary as it goes so fast and the roads are empty, so there is a natural tendency to go very fast. We drive on the right side of the road and people obey signals and stop signs. I was driving through the Walmart parking lot and a husband, wife and two children slowly walked across in front of my car path. This made me very happy as they knew or felt secure that I would stop for them.

This is a great thing of the USA and a lot of Europe countries as that Pedestrians have value.



I am home visiting my parents for two week, then I go to Boston.


Like any other person I have problems, confusions, and just plan nutty days. The last few weeks after my computer took a dump has every disruptive. I am finally back in the saddle and more control of my time.

I am excited and ready to go to Europe and walk the planet some more, I will publish a newsletter shortly.

Note: My webpage was down for about 7 hours and my mother thought the only thing that was important was my travel log.



For you techies out there, my hosting company has changed their names, and I have upgrade servers. I hope this makes my pages more dependable. It is with


I thought I had it bad in Internet Cafes in Underdeveloped countries. My parents computer is connected to one of the slowest connections in the world. Unbelievable. Their computer is very new and an oversized monster with too much of everything. I have cleaned it up with dick cleanup and other ways, and the Verizon Internet Connection must be trying to induce them to pay for a fast connection. This is terrible.


I took my computer into Hewlett Packard the new owners of Compaq in Bangkok Thailand for service work. Wrote their online service 20 times and then am trying to submit to Compaq my computer for service work, they keep connecting to these India Support workers that cannot understand or relate with issue of "Time." I am after my warranty in the telephone calls, but I registered before I came home.

The India people were quite embarrassed when I recognized their accents and then started to talk about their country. They like that I knew their country, but to know their language problems was hard for them. They actually put me on the permanent hold then lose the connection process 5 times.

PLEASE do not worry about India taking over the Computer world, they are just better than normal English speakers that can work for 5 dollars a day. This is pure money making for Compaq and most companies.

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