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Reader and Friend answers "What do you think?"


Andy -

Brandon sure is talented. Wow!

His *computer Hobo* gets my vote - it's an excellent

rendition of what you do!

But what's that little bandana on a stick?

I've seen photos of your backpacks.

How can I believe it is really Andy without

at least one HUGE backpack?

Need a real backpack in there.

Use the bandana to wrap around the computer cord -

to hold two pieces together as example of Andy's creativity

under difficult conditions.

Hope your nose is getting better.


- Dave W

currently travelling in Vancouver, Canada

WOW - Nephew Brandon is drawing digital Hoboes - Talent

I asked my Nephew to draw some new Hoboes for my site.

What do you think?

I can have a lot of fun with a bunch of Hoboes, and I can maybe have a Hoboess- Trying to say female.

Airplane Hobo

Computer Hobo

Eating Hobo

Waving Hobo


I am language paranoid.

In the USA I can say I got a shot.

But if I said that to a lot of people in other countries and they may think I got shot by a bullet.

I believe with certainty that this is called a "colloquialism"


Characteristic of or appropriate to the spoken language or to writing that seeks its effect; informal in diction or style of expression.


1/2 My readers are from the other side of the planet, they do not speak English as their native language, so I try to double up, and tell them both the word "Shot" and "Injection" because they want to learn...

But the word injection may need qualified by adding he word drug injection. It is so difficult to understand in another culture, I am quite sure diplomats, ambassadors, and every other person in the would just nods their heads and acts like they understand. I personally look in their eyes and try to see they understand, when I see they do not understand I state the phrase in a different way, I have done this so many times that I have eventually said to them, your English is so bad that we should speak in your Language.

If you speak English to a person that speaks another language than yours, and they never ask you to explain word you can guarantee they are nodding their heads and my not understand you, on the other hand if you do not notice that they do not understand and you may have severe problems with the word empathy. I personally like to think I am Counselor Deanna Troi of Star Trek the Next Generations Brother. An Empath, what a good person to be.

Staphylococcus and 70 Dollar Shots - Injections

The doctor said I had this type of Infection:


Doctors and travel is a difficult problem, especially for older people, how does one have in Health Insurance that will protect you anywhere in the world? A person may have to be a millionaire to do this.

I spend lots of time thinking about this, and there are so many problems with Insurance, what happens if they exclude the problem and there is so much small type and exceptions. In the end I know the USA will take care of my body and stop me from dying, but I am not sure how to buy insurance for any country in the world.

The Urgent Care charged 78 for this appointment. 71 dollars for shot, and 22 to pump it into me.

I made them tell me in words. I am going to ask my friend in Thailand how much the same shot would cost?



My nose is red and large has caused me to cancel my trip to Providence, RI. I will still probably stop in Boston, but I have absolutely no way of planning my trip to New York, it is strange, but so typical of any persons life the imperfection of planning, I suppose a lot of people do not want to blog or do not blog truthfully for fear of losing face or looking stupid. I suppose I could think of myself as stupid, but I am too old and have proved to myself that I am not a stupid person too many times to think that I am not good at planning.

But now I am in total flux until this situation evolves till the end.

My nose has an infection inside the nose, so now my nose, and both eyes are swollen up and almost shut. The doctor said it could go to my brain and that seemed pretty serious, I have been taking medicine for the last 2 days and nothing is really happening. I go again to the Doctors.

The first trip cost me 78 Dollars for the Doctor and 26 for the medicine. I suppose I would have got rid of this problem if I would went quicker to the Doctors. But that is 20/20 hindsight.

Now I get to pay the same again.

I do not feel sorry for the USA people, but it is obvious that people like me with no Health Insurance are hard pressed to pay for this.

In the USA it cost about one days pay to go the Doctors.

For a person in Thailand, Peru, Ecuador it cost them one days pay.

But when I am in one of them countries it cost me 5 dollars and that is 1/20th of a days pay here.

Sure wish I was in a cheapy country now, but the quality of doctors in the USA is 10 times better and safer.

So, I suppose it is better to be in the USA.


I am going to have to stop watching CNN. I see them creating news as a huge problem to world peace.

Aljazeera and CNN to me both are anti-American.

Not that it really matter, because in the end the USA gets to make the rules. Not what they want to hear, but the truth.

50 Million killed in WWII and we are really upset over 700

58,000 Killed in Vietnam and we are really upset over 700

It seems total brilliance the June turning over of power to Iraq in June.

I amazed at the brilliance of Bush and his office.

Even this abuse thing will get the people of Iraq to talk before they go to Jail.... hehehe

Whether they think we are good or bad is not important, unless you are running for office in Iraq.

I am becoming less and less interested in the opinions of the mass of people, as they seem to have lost the ability to think. Television forms their brain... aagh. MTV and BBC and CNN causes the end of critical thought.


Americans are very naive when it comes to world cultures, I am not saying the president is naive.

The world respect power and strength.

This is why I can travel with no problems, because I travel representing power, strength, honesty.

I am not always liked but I am trusted. I would say the Middle East is confident that if President Bush says he is coming after them, than they had better make some changes. Libya, Iran, Korea, Syria and Palestine are behaving a lot better than before.


US diplomats launch Bush attack

Former diplomats criticize White House support for Israel's Ariel Sharon, saying it loses Washington friends.

It anyone thinks that leadership is about making friends, then they know nothing about leadership.

I have learned sadly that in any situation of leadership I have attained in my life I had 1/2 the people hating me, and 1/2 the people liking me, and this changed each week because the next week I would make a decision that offend one side of the 1/2 and they would change sides. Of course they were always working from self internet and not the best for everyone.


I have an infection in my nose, and I need to go to the Doctor today.

Wouldn't you know it, I have been traveling in countries where I can buy antibiotics easily for the last year, but when I need them I am in the USA, now this thing is going to cost me 100 dollars.


I purchased a ticket with for 20 Pounds British from England to Genoa, Italy, this is maybe 35 dollars U.S. I need to bounce off of London and only stay 2 nights to get the best plane deals.



Can't help but admire my parents when they more or less coerce me into coming downstairs and look at this link below.

... As I was up stairs trying to decide if I should go to New York City?

I am going to leave Indiana on about the 7th of May for the East Coast.

I suppose I have made the decision!

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