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I got a Yahoo Messenger from a Harvard Student.

Wants me to visit this place:

Funny part is I have no idea how they find me in the Yahoo Messenger thing?


The ticket counter in Buffalo New York of Greyhound in their over-abundance of snide behavior tagged my bag to go to Buffalo. The bag was too heavy so I had to use one of my backpack organizers as a bag and separated the two, well these two bags have went to New York, City and around the East Coast before finally arriving two days later to their destination. All during this time I had a tracking number, that did NOT track anything. I could ask any Greyhound representative and they would not know where the bag was or when it would arrive. What a circle jerk, I have only had trouble in the USA with their systems while in countries where it is caveat emptor or what your s@#$ or you will loose it I do not have trouble. Greyhound refuses to allow you to look watch or monitor your bag properly than you get told by the bus driver to watch your bag as you depart from the bus. Like do not ask questions, and do not do anything, but you are responsible.

Well, they did finally get my backpack and the backpack organizer to me. This organizer was not built for this type of treatment, and it held up extremely well, but I can guarantee the next model will handle this treatment with flying colors. This one did also, but with a lot of worry on my side.


I was lucky Massachusetts was in my spell checker as I would have never spelled this state correctly, so I have to resort to abbreviations like MA or Mass. But nonetheless I am here at my house. I went to high school with him and he was the 2nd in the class or somewhere too smart for me, and I was 52 in a class of 119 or something like that. I know I was not at the top of the grade pole, although I was not really at the bottom of the brain pole.

So coming to meet my friend Gary that is doing extremely well with his wife and three children is a treat, he is doing way beyond the average American in prosperity. We are both Indiana farm kids at heart and communication is easy between us as are value systems are the same.


The bus 20 hour bus trip was easy for sleeping and time, as time went by very fast. I slept for the first 10 hours straight on the bus. I was able to lay down and straddle across two seats and was very comfortable, but upon finally arriving in Boston I discovered.


Plus when I had checked in my bag it weighed some 61 pounds and this person behind the desk starts screaming that I will have to pay 25 dollars for the bag. I ask,

“Can I take things out, and put in another bag?”

He says,


And I take one of my backpack organizers out of the bag and tie it ups very secure, then he tags two bags and he is sort of happy although he makes fun of me saying that he had waited on 10 people while I did this.

I still do not have my bag as it will arrive today or one day late, so maybe this will be a good story or a real bad story, as I do not know yet if my bag will accompany me all the way, I think it will catch up.

Racism seems rampant in the greyhound system as the I appear to have the wrong color skin and they treat me very badly, I am amazed that greyhound will allow this racism to happen. I would say it is just a one time thing, but I have rode the Greyhound bus system from all parts of the country and for sure the driver and staff do not like the color of my skin.

“I am white.”

It is quite annoying and obvious that Greyhound needs some racial instruction classes for its staff.

I really could care less if someone likes me, but the USA is known for service and what make me really sad is that foreigners coming to our country see all the mean and fat people inside the Greyhound system and it is easier to stereotype the country as being like Greyhound.

But Greyhound is cheap enough at 69 dollars with 7 day advance purchase ticket and I am OK with the price, but not the service. I long for the underdeveloped countries buses, where they have curtains, movies, and staff that treats me the same as Greyhound. There must be a some world code that make bus drivers crazy.

I am now in a 500,000 plus Dollar house and connected to the internet through some wireless system, although I have not figured out which one? I have free internet use, but cannot tell you why. This neighborhood has 3 connections that I can see on my computer.


I talked the other day that I got a free antenna for my wireless from, well it arrived, I am still missing a PMCIA card and will go buy one today in Framingham, Ma at CompUSA so I can use it. I suppose after I hook up my antenna for my computer I will be able to get 10 connections in the neighborhood.

Now, I hope my bag catches up with me.

This has only happened twice in 7 years. Once last year leaving the USA to fly to Turkey and now by The USA seems to have an idea that all is ok as long as you do not ask too many question.

I was lucky to find a really nice man that like the color of my skin in Albany that helped me at the Greyhound station. I hope the bag arrives in Framingham today. It is about 15 mile from here so not too much of an inconvenience.


I always find it curious...

Putting a photo on the internet cost nothing.

Putting an photo advertisement in the newspaper cost a LOT.

But the people on the internet act or are stingy with photos on the internet.

I finally found a page with lots of photos explaining how this Cantenna works.

I like one photo if I do NOT want to buy.

I like one hundred photos if I want to buy. Close ups also.

Make me realize I should put more photos on my page of gear I sell... hehehe



It is time to leave, I am ready to return to my normal life of travel.

I leave tomorrow night at 8:30 from Fremont, Indiana going to a city called Framingham, MA. It is close to my friend home in Upton, MA, that I will go visit until Thursday when I fly to London.

Life is very good and in some ways too good, I am sure if the world did not complain there would be nothing to talk about. Life is very easy here, and I am doing very well. My family is all healthy and wise, no worries.

I am excited because I should receive an antenna for my new computer. It will make it so I can hope on free internet connections. A company called:

is going to send me one for FREE. I hope, they sort of screwed up the order the first time, but hopefully it will be in Boston when I arrive.

I called up to buy one, and then told them I would be a great advertisement. I have moral or mental debates as to what I should or should not recommend. I take great care, but in the end I will normally recommend something I will do, so because I was going to purchase this Wireless Antenna it is safe for me to recommend.


It will extend my range from about 300 Feet up to 3 Mile!

But, I do not have one yet. I also have to go buy this special PCMIA card that allows me to screw on their pigtail.

Newsletter of Sent Today

Newsletter sent today.


Yes, more than ever

Only the USA is held and holds itself to the highest degree of moral behavior, and only in the USA is our dirty laundry on National and World TV..

Only the USA becomes better, while lesser nations remain lesser.

Only the USA faces their problems, and is held responsible in the court of world opinions. I am not worried we will survive, I am worried about the lesser.

NOW? Is is normal to give back to a people what they gave.


So you get what you sow. The Iraqi people are getting what they gave.

So my advice to the people of Iraq.

Help the USA or you may get what you gave.

"What goes around comes around!"

I laugh at a headline in my local papers.

"Cleric's Army Battles in Basra."

Duh... get a life, this type of Headline is easy to look at not realize the basic idiocy.

It put forth the simple question.

Why does a cleric have an Army?

This religion appears to not be able to regulate it Cleric, or maybe it is a Cult?

NOTE: I personally apologize for the behavior of these soldiers.

I will do my part to hold them responsible.

Americans are better than this, behavior should be reserved for lesser nations.

That is where they live, I live in the USA... hehehe... But I travel a lot.


From: "theSufi"> Add to Address Book

Subject: meanwhile back in iraq ..

Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 12:36:25 +0100

hi hobo

glad to hear you are having fun in thailand.

i expect you might be out-of-touch of the news while travelling so i


i'd just let you kow what your pals in iraq have been doing in your


makes you proud to be an american doesn't it?

how about a comment on this in your blog, eh?



NOTE: Anyone that would read the blog, knows I am in the USA and off to England.



I am constantly aware here in the USA that life is too fast for ME, I am not saying that people do not have the right to live a fast and furious life, but after 5 years in Latino countries it is difficult and not my cup of tea to live life at faster than first gear.

But I am in a constant mental fight with myself to try to learn a way to not speed up or take on the behavior of my surroundings. Easy to say we do not do this, or just do not do this, but that is disfunctional just to think you do not become like your surrounding, I am constantly just an example of environment I am living within.

But... I took a walk yesterday.

I walked for 6 miles from one location to another here, and it slowed me down.

I saw the trees, I smelled the dirt, the sky is clear here, and there are a few aluminum cans along the road, and much more than you can see from a car. People throw out cigarette packs or beer cans, and the side of the road is always a hill. I had to walk on the edge of the road and it is always at a slant, I am sure that one leg could get stronger than the other.

Why... I want to walk across Sweden, and also wanted to see how long it takes to walk a mile. It takes 1 hour for me to walk one mile. So if I got up ever morning and walked for three hours, I would walk about 10 miles.


That is about 625 miles, or something like that, therefore it would take 60 days to walk across the country or less, because people would give me rides.

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