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I went last night and visited the…. Gee, I am not sure the clear name of this web log group. They are part of Harvard, at Harvard, on Massachusetts Avenue or in Cambridge, I do not know much, I was a passenger.

Well, I am too lazy to research too much,
Thursday Meetings at Berkman Blog

I am sure there is a mission, goals, and words like that, however for sure it was an educational and interesting night.

Gary, my friend from High School and me arrived on time, and then soon became late for the group while taking a tour of the Cambridge area searching for one parking spot that was not reserved. In the end, I had to bribe a gas station attendant from another culture ten dollars for two hours parking, but I do now know a lot of the small streets and the area very well.

Nonetheless we arrived a late, and I see through the windows, I say,
“There are cameras inside.”
Gary says,

He has potential to think like a techie.

I am in small panic, I work very hard to keep my photo off internet pages and normally it is pure accident when there are on my site, so to walk into a room with cameras pointed like an RPG makes me nervous.
(Rocket Propelled Grenades)

We missed the introductions and I am still rather clueless, but I am Indiana born and not Harvard born, so what do you expect, but nonetheless I think it was ABC TV, maybe local maybe National, but I have to keep reading and exploring. There was a guy that was the personality on board, but I never could figure out his name.

I think it buried in these post or links, follow up if you want, I guess they are public.

I am in a learning curve yet on the camera I used, I purchased or found the Sony Waterproof USC U60 a camera they said was discontinued already, go figure. Nonetheless, I have photos and as soon as I become smarter than the camera, I will post the most conspicuous.


I went into the city of Boston to oogle over the cameras in best buy, then ended up not finding the waterproof Sony DCS U60 I wanted, but did get one the best paparazzi type cameras around. I purchased a set of binoculars that take photos, so I just pretend to be looking to the distance and take a picture.

However, I talked with a few Mexican buying clothes, a man from Haiti and a woman from Dominican Republic in Sears. Tried my best to chat up this Chinese girl on the escalator, it was great fun, I am not shy when I hear the accent, I break the PC politically Correct rules and say,
"Were are you from?"

They know what I mean, which country, and we begin a fun and educational conversation.

The girl in Ritz Cameras was from Morocco and full on Islamic, I spent an extra 15 minutes buying the binocular camera. I showed her my jacket from Morocco, she said is was cheap, I said, I know, but I am a bum, so I buy cheap. She was very helpful, but said to me, that I could get arrested for taking photos of people in Morocco, I say....
But that is why I am buying binoculars, what a great way to be paparrazi.
79 Dollar, I think they are made by Meade, something to do with tennis the girl said.

I had fun, but when you speak French to one, Spanish to the other, and I forget where the Brazil person was, but Fala Porteguesa with her, do I need to travel the world to meet other cultures or open my eyes and see.

My friend Gary and his family are Germanic, a little linear, as we go together to Peru they will realize that nothing goes as planned in South America, so why plan?


Someone sent me a page full of great tips, I was laughing out loud, I am not a person that laughs out loud, more of in my head type, but this was kick.

I would testify that this person has traveled extensively, understands the story behind the story.

By Tom Zoellner


I am sitting here in Boston trying to plan airplane ticket to Peru, I am excited to know I will visit Aguas Calientes again, this is one of my favorite feelings on the planet.

Aguas Calientes is the small village on a river embedded into the side of a mountain at the bottom of Machu Picchu.

Photo of the train coming into Aguas Calientes, Peru.

The village of Aguas Calientes from the walk path going towards Machu Picchu. I will return to Cuzco on the 21st of February. Aguas Calientes means hot waters as there is hot springs at the top of the village for dipping.


I arrived in Boston from Los Angeles at about 6:00 AM, now I am laying around in my friend very large American type home hoping to not fall asleep.

LA had free carts in the Airport
Boston you have to pay three dollars.

I am now 12 hours more or less difference then Taipei, I am going to try my best to not fall asleep, my goal is for 8:00 PM, if I make it to then I will get a real head start on the jet lag.

Everyone keeps writing me about weather, I am from Indiana, I know all about snow and cold, weather has to be the biggest conversation worry in the world. I am a tropical beach person and for sure I am in the wrong latitudes presently.


Sunday 3:40 or 4:40 AM February 13, 2005

I am on the plane between Los Angeles and Boston, I will have crossed about 12 times zones by the time I arrive in Boston, therefore I am not sure what time it is, I will land around 6:30 Boston, time. I could tell you the exact time I will arrive or what the present time is, but it is not important, I will arrive when I arrive and that will be the time.

I cannot remember the name but they have my family culture on TV, not the show but the fact that my parents watch this show every night. I think the name is something about Raymond. Then right after that was the David Letterman show, he is from Indiana so I am now in my home culture.

I think I am super traveler some days, but when I feel the elation of feeling the safety and comfort of my home culture I am reminded of my inability to stop being a fallible human. I am normal, weak, and temperamental and full of homesickness type desires the same as any person that leave home. I do miss home sometime; this is maybe why watching a television in my room can be comforting.

I was saying there was some grunting man in the Taipei, Airport that bad ambassador of Asian culture followed me onto the plane and I had the unlucky position of listening to him grunt a half-clearing throat sound.

Now three fat Americans snoring surround me, so…

Same Same, but different.


10:01 PM Saturday January 12, 2005

I have been stamped and approved, passed out of China into the No-Mans-Land area of waiting for a plane to leave. My China Airlines flight leaves at around 11:30 so I am right on schedule.

Extremely modern airport here complete with water fountain that works, Rolex watches, moving belts, a floor clean enough to eat on. I purchase some peanut M&M’s from the duty free shop for 170 Taiwan Dollars or maybe 5.50 U.S. I do not think you could pay more for M&M if you tried, but that is the nature of Duty-free, nothing is cheap, but it is duty free. He wanted my passport again, I said I pay cash and I eat them. The man let me have them with no passport, I do not like to give my passport in exchange for candy, and I cannot imagine why M&Ms should be considered a customs item.

I only have 150 more Taiwan Dollar to throw away somehow; I was luck and change 2000 when I was outside of no-mans-land, but held back 300 because I could not be certain I did not have to pay an airport exit tax. Nonetheless, when I did not pay an exit tax, I had 300 left. Could have purchased a black XXL T-shirt from the Duty-Free but who wants a black T-Shirt? I have not been able to snag a T-shirt here with the word Taiwan on it, I think I could get English name very easy.

It is later, but there is NO place to eat, all have closed in normal fashion.

Aagh, there is some China person that keep grunting; I am about ready to ask him if it includes Karate chops. He is fat, so I suspect not.

Therefore, I can buy Rolex watches and Duty free M&Ms, but cannot buy a bag of Lays potato chips, not even overpriced Pringles.

This would be a good airport to sleep in because they have electrical plugs and bench seat with no arms to stop you from laying down and stretching out in comfort.


I leave at about 11:30 this night from Taipei, Taiwan for Los Angeles, then change plane for Boston. I will arrive on the 13th in Boston early.

Life is good in Taiwan, although I am going to wait until I get to the USA to buy a cheap sweatshirt at this capital city is expensive for food and seems to be clothes. Hard to say, I am in a very large metropolis area, I hope the prices are cheaper in normal parts of country. This is double of Thailand.

I stayed at the Taiwanmex Hostel, very good people, happy and they have a color TV, free internet. Mostly English teachers from Korea living here and a few scattered travelers.

This is centrally located close to Subway and Train Stain so great situation.

The Hostel is located next to the ZhongShan underground train stop.'
(MRT)(In English say JongShan)

Address: 2-F 18-1Lane 18Nanjing W. Rd

Inside country of from Taipei: 02-5552-9798
Outside with Country code: 886-2-5552-9798
FAX: 886-2-5552-9788
EMAIL: taiwanmex AT
Mobile Telephone: 0938073528

I paid 400 Taiwan Dollar for a bed or about 13 U.S.
A dorm bed is 300, safe cozy and met a lot of people so great for the indepedent travelers.

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