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Travel Gear on Army Parts or Clothes

Travel Gear
I call my army pants travel gear, because they are special for me!

This is me sowing in my secret pocket, I took them to a lady that sows, however she could not get with the program, so I finally decided I to do my self. The ability to adapt and make do is a need of a traveler, quality took a drop, however durability too a jump. I sowed them in very good, with multiple line of stitching.

These are new one and larger, big enough to put my passport in easy,

It is NOT my Birthday.
However this is a welcome home sign for Hobo.
I live in a small town and they are personable, the town has about 400-500 people, and most everyone knows everyone.

Our House

"Our house is a very,
very fine house
With two cats in the yard
Life used to be so hard
Now everything is easy
'Cause of you"

Lyrics from Song by
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Life is too good!

Motor Home in USA, but Caravan

Motor Home

In the rest of the world they call them Caravans, however in the USA they call them Motor Homes, a home with a Motor.

I am plotting to travel the USA, and I am thinking I will buy a Motor Home the next time I return home. I can find a very good one for around 1000-2000 dollars. I am very mechanical and a motor home does not get touch treatment.

Most rich type or too much money for themselves people buy them and keep them safe, stored in barns, and never use them, so a motor home is a almost always in good shape.

I need to buy one...
Small enough to fit in normal parking spot.
Able to walk from drivers area to back without going outside.
Shower and toilet inside.

Should start to make a list

I am thinking this will be better than a mini-van, I could snag travelers in Hostels to share the gas expense.

I am going to find out about doing the same in Europe.

Bird Sounds

Bird Sounds

There are birds outside my window and they are not chickens.

Alex Garland in the book the Beach references that all places have a smell, and it would be great if a traveler could record the smell of places. Like I always think of Pie de La Cuesta, Mexico when I smell burning coconuts. This is a beach north of Acapulco and it always had burning coconuts, it also smelled of salt mist from the large waves crashing on the shores.

Well here in rural Indiana, town of 400 people there are birds, I wonder how I could learn which birds I am hearing. I am sure one of them is a Robin, I have isolated five different birds now.

5:28 am in the morning and life is pretty much on the side of Paradise here and less on the side of honking horns. I have not heard a honking horn since I returned home. The horn is one of the worst inventions on the planet.

Why would I want to remember the horns of India so well, with the signs on the back of the big trucks saying,
"Blow your horn."

The sound of birds is wonderful, it does remind me of a Hostel called called Cascada Verde in Costa Rica in the middle of the jungle, Toucans playing in the trees, what a memory.

Just another day in paradise, and life is good.

Today I go buy some gym shoes that do not stink, strangely a person needs to be careful of the rubber in gym shoes, because some rubber stinks. I had to throw away a pair of sandals in Panajachal, Guatemala because they stunk. I think it is the hard type, however I need to learn,

Air Consolidator to Frankfurter Germany

Air Consolidator
I purchased a one-way ticket to Frankfurt, Germany for 447 Dollars U.S. from a man by the name of Marshall at Cut Rate travel in Chicago. For sure he probably is best if you are traveling from Chicago, however he does the whole country.


at Cut Rate Travel
Air Consolidator
Toll free in the USA 800 388 0575
Call this if you are outside the USA
001 - 847-405-0575

PLEASE tell him...
Andy the told me to call!
Maybe I can induce him to give me even better service next time...

He only sells international.
Air Consolidator

America Land of the Free

America Land of the Free

I am in the USA, getting ready to leave for Berlin, Germany on the 13th of June.


Free from noise.
Free from being hit by cars.
Free of problems.
Freedom to not worry about being robbed.
Free if I want to go to the Ghetto and get robbed.
Free from headaches.
Free from dirty clothes, easy to get my wash done.
Free to hop in a car and go anywhere I wish.
Free from beggars, bums and Hoboes.

Oops, I am here, so the Hobo is back, the tramp arrives.

I am amazed at the open spaces, quiet, it is just plain quiet, too much quiet, life is so simple in Indiana, and I will probably gain 5 pounds, just to prove I am free to eat Butter Pecan ice cream, the life too easy.

Wal-Mart is a marvel, what a selection; I can choose so much, so fast. I stocked up on all sorts of miscellaneous gadgets I have needed. What would take me one month of searching in the rest of the world, I got in less than three days.

Food, so much variety.

Americans are spoiled brats, they have no idea how simple life is, and how cheap it is with Walmart to pave the way. I have to believe Walmart is one of the best places to stock up on gear. Note that I do not buy much specialized gear, however someone has been hinting they want to know what I carry, I am going to try hard to take photos of all my gear and put up in the next newsletter. I have taken and inventory and I have a lot strange little gadgets, devices, special stuff I have collected.

I need an inventory, so I could replace my gear quickly if I was robbed.

USA Land of the Free.
Free telephone… no pay per minute.

Free from worry, that is what is nice, not having a monkey on my back so I have to watch my backside all the time. Throw things down and no worries.


Fan Cub
or maybe Fan Club
I was chatting with a friend from Thailand, she says I have a fan club, but wrote.
"Fan Cub."

I said, yes a fan Cub is a Bear.

My mother says I need to write more newsletters, not blogs, but normal newsletters. I agree, but I am up to my ears in Bear Cubs and then I am trying to keep my site from self destructing from too much traffic.

I need a vacation, and I know somehow my priorities are not correct.
I want to write a newsletter one time per week.

Life is best when in first gear, life is always good. The art of life seems to be something like picking up a coin on a railway track, looking up and seeing the train coming, the horn blows, you see another coin on the track, you bend over to pick up the second coin, a friend ask you a question, the train blows its horn, and you say, to your friend,
He says,
"There is a train coming,"
I say,
"So, I can't be bothered."

"My job is to pick up the small coins of life, the job of the train to allow me to hop the train, not to run over me. If we both remember our jobs, I will continue to pick up coins, and the train will slow to allow me my hop."

Life of a Hobo, is waiting until the train slows so I catch a slow freighter to the other side of the rainbow, where dreams come true, a place full of small coins of life.


Maybe the correct term is Berkman Center, but I am still lazy on terms, definitions and labels, try to be intuitive please.

What 10 Dollars donated to the attendant gets you, 2 hours parking, this is a huge problem in this area of Cambridge, on Mass Ave. for us non-intelligent types, or non-parking knowledgeables.

ABC Television crew for I am 90 percent sure Nightline.

My best photo of the group from my new Sony DSC U60 Camera that I am using now, that for sure Sony should have donated to me, but instead I paid....
NOTE: Sony Send MONEY, please, Thank You.

The Nightline Host or this interviewer that I have yet to learn his name, as best I can tell he assumed we knew his name, I still am lost two days later, I asked a couple of people at the food tables, but they did not know, then we left as he arrived so I did not get to talk with him or even try to chat with or up to his is female smiling to me assistant... hehehe

We left because I did not want Garys car to get towed in the event of sudden need for gas station parking at 11:00 PM, or sudden changes in the mood of the attendant. I must have seen 50 Tow signs in the area.

The photo is BAD because I purchase new batteries 2 hours before at a convenience store, I think they were the fake duracells. The manager was from the a sub-continent area where they have lots of copies, I wonder? Is there an importation of fakes?


I am at Defcon One, Maximum Force Readiness.

I be Traveler, a.k.a.
There are various types of travel problems and dangers.
I am presently in Defcon 1 level of readiness to protect myself.

Let me think...
I am not in danger of getting hurt.
I am not in danger of being robbed.
I am not in a medical danger.
I am not in any mental conditional danger.

I am in the biggest danger and most common problem.
I am in danger of accidentally or with a little help danger of losing things.
In my guesstimate, the 90 percent of all travel crime is not crime, but the person misplacing or losing an item then assessing their own problems, and blaming outside factors for their own lack of travel skills.

I for sure lose 9 items to 1 item stolen, no that is not correct. I lose maybe 50 to 1. Recently I lost a sweatshirt on the bus with Andrew on the way to Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. We left the bus without removing the sweatshirt from the pocket on the back of the seat. It was in Andrew Box area after I moved, so he did not assess the situation in his area... aagh! Traveling with another person doubles my chance of losing things; unless they work as a team then it lessens.

“I am going to lose things inside my backpack."

I am borrowing Kylas room a five-year-old over zealous, too energetic girls, should not give sugar to for any reason young, excessively smart child.
I sleep in the room; however, she comes in to RETRIEVE HER TOYS.

I have gone into complete lockdown of my personal items, I have taken my two backpacks and stuff anything I am not willing to donate to Kyla in the bag, then locked them shut, locked them together.

Now the only worry is she does not use the bag for a seat, bed, or trampoline.

To enjoy life, I secure safety first, and then go for the joy, if you do not feel safe, very difficult to attain happiness when traveling. My guess though is 90 percent of travelers live in either denial of danger or low-level fear, masked again by denial. I am bewildered why they will not admit they are afraid. I am presently in extreme fear of losing items in my bag, now with my new level of readiness I am back down to almost ZERO level of fear.
I feel safe.
To me the greatest need of a human, to feel safe.
Intimacy is after that…the meeting of the minds.


DEFCON 5 - Normal peacetime readiness
DEFCON 4 - Normal, increased intelligence and strengthened security measures
DEFCON 3 - Increase in force readiness above normal readiness
DEFCON 2 - Further Increase in force readiness, but less than maximum readiness
DEFCON 1 - Maximum force readiness.

Bag bundled into a group and ready, I put in this formation often in the Airport, always in Bus or Train Station, waiting in any park.

The long shank lock is a SOP, Standard Operating Procedure for me.

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