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Manila to Las Vegas to Chicago Flight

Manila to Las Vegas to Chicago Flight
Tuesday December 20, 2005, 7:17 AM
Ticket from Bangkok to Chicago - 631 U.S.A. Dollars.

I am flying from Manila, Philippines to Las Vegas today, I have a two-hour layover then I fly onto Chicago. From Chicago I will take the Chicago Train system to the city and buy a ticket on Greyhound that will take me to Indiana.

I am not looking forward to the trip; it will be many hours of sitting in airplane seats.

Philippines Airlines
Manila to Las Vegas
Flight 106
Tuesday, December 20 - Leaves Manila 1700 arrives in Las Vegas 1655

Southwest Airlines
Las Vegas to Chicago
Flight 1509
Tuesday, December 20 - Leaves Las Vegas at 2015 arrives in Chicago 130

Wednesday December 21, I arrive in Chicago at 1:30 in the morning.

I will take the Chicago Metro to the Greyhound Station and buy a bus ticket to Indiana; I hope it leaves around this time.
My plane ticket was from Bangkok to Chicago, the cost was 26,502 Baht or about 631 U.S.A. Dollars with a 24-day layover in the Philippines.

Some persons would get all excited about Frequent Flyer miles as I am going to fly around 12,000 miles, this is to me a rather ridiculous thought. Frequent Flyer benefits are specifically designed in my opinion as a way to induce a business executive to choose the large expensive carrier to fly from Bangkok to Chicago.

To get the Frequent Flyer miles the tickets would cost me about 1300 dollars I believe and I would have to pay 700 dollars more, since I have no desire to screw my employers or myself than I choose the cheaper tickets.

It is very hard to target Philippines Airlines in this instance and bulk up enough miles to do anything. Yes, maybe the Philippines Airlines may have the Frequent Flyer miles, however not worth the bother.

Frequent Flyer miles are a way to mentally bribe an employee into overcharging their employer for self-gains. It could in some ways be a (MAYBE) tax-exempt perk, not that many of them care about making money.

The savings I really made was the 24 day layover in the Philippines, by buying this ticket and sealing the deal on November 23, I avoided buying anything in Manila or from the Philippines Airlines directly, I got the ticket in Khao San Road and the layover was free. If I would have purchased the set of tickets separately I would have paid a couple of hundred dollars more. I do not trust the Philippines, they are always maneuvering to find a way to gauge a person, I am very afraid of buying plane tickets from here. I am especially wary of the Philippines Airlines as I feel and see many discrepancies that make me believe they will put you between a rock and a hard spot if they can.

Example: I can bring two bags of 30 kilos here, however if I get on the same airlines then an go to an island. It will only allow me about 15, I would have to MAYBE pay for about 45 kilos, this could blow the whole budget. I look for airlines like that has these stations where you pay for over weight bags. If they have their own desk than I know this is one of the Airlines way of making money, in my opinion.

Chicago to Berlin Flight

Chicago to Berlin Flight

I will fly from Chicago to Berlin Germany on Air India for 475 Dollars U.S. one way more or less. I purchased a ticket with Marshall of Cut Rate Travel; he is a wholesalers or air consolidator. The ticket on it says Picasso, this is some very large Air Consolidator, however I am not sure how to call them direct or if this is possible.
Marshall Cut Rate 847-405-0575

I do not get a kickback for saying this, I do not do that, he is professional, however do not call him with a million questions, where you want to leave, where to you and when. Air Consolidators do not like people that need help making up their mind where to go.

Life has been really good in Chicago; I am very happily surprised at the level of friendliness in the city. I llaugh at the languages spoken in McDonalds, and Subway, I believe most minimum wage jobs are held by Semi-Americans, this lends a new twist to the American way of service.

American Culture
I see countries of the world in every face, and hard for me to see each as Americans, I see their origins,
culture, and feel their history. I will never be able to see a face without the originating culture behind them.
This is wonderful and sad, because there is good and bad in all culture, travel has taught me too much about countries also, some of which I wished I had never learned.

My spell checker does not like the very very goods.
I guess is would no know what to do with…
Muy Bien of Spanish
Mak Mak of Thailand

I cannot see the screen, I am in the direct sun with a Hot Spot.

Eating Cheap in USA

Photos of Chicago - Eating Cheap in the USA is easy if you take a tour of the deli in the normal USA Grocery store and avoid the pro-types.

Me buying two dollars worth of Smoked Turkey, for a healthy meal, I also believe the scales works correctly, isn’t a world full or rules great? I being serious, I like some rules of civility.

Took me awhile to get in touch with the feeling, I do not walk under shade trees much in my travels, these big
maples make a sidewalk a pleasure. This is the Chicago Lincoln Park Condo area, or something like that, the cost of Studio starts at 800 a month and about triple of the Fort Wayne, Indiana cost of living.

Skulling I believe however I am not sure of the name of the boat.

Free Water, a extremely rare site for me, I almost never see Free Water in the world of travel, however this is
even better than finding one in an international airport, this is on the beach in Chicago.

The Chicago Beach, more joggers than beach people.

20 percent of all people I see walking seem to have a telephone connect to their head permanently, I am not sure this is life, more of anyway to avoid being alone with your thoughts.

What I Pack

Photos of What I Pack for Leslie a reader that has kindly requested. I am still working on the next newsletter with the full tip, therefore all of the 219 photo captions are missing, I hope to have them up by tomorrow morning Chicago time, however 219 photo captions is a push. I leave at 7:00 PM Monday. It would be great to send a newsletter though and have all of the miscellaneous photos off the table.

LESLIE... hehehe - Please write me and tell me why you want this, and what you are doing, I am very curious. Cognitive Dissonance.

The newsletter in progress.

What I Pack 01
What I Pack 02
What I Pack 03
What I Pack 04
What I Pack 05
What I Pack 06
What I Pack 07
What I Pack 08
What I Pack 09
What I Pack 10
What I Pack 11
What I Pack 12
What I Pack 13
What I Pack 14
What I Pack 15

Packing for Europe

Packing for Europe Photo

I finally got in touch with my inner child, sensing the real danger of Europe, as I am not a big fan of Europe and consider it too much tourist, and too much organizational skills, it annoys me. So much easier to travel in South, Central America or Asia where taxis cost two dollars.

However what are my beefs?

1. I must have a reservation.
Make me pay for sheet, and age restrictions, most of the Hostels have bars below and are really flop house Hostels and do not have kitchens. My solution now it to use: with the guidebook to find the Kitchen and get the reservation, I will stay now at least 7-10 days to relieve the stress.

I need to try:

2. Walking - Way Way Way too much walking.
Europe is the worst, I cannot afford a taxi like the underdeveloped 2 dollar taxis, so I must walk or find the bus, metro. I really am tired of learning every public transportation system in the world and the internet does not explain well.

New Solution to Walking
Since I am designing a bag with wheels and the backpack as was in the past common is being replaced by tourist, I purchased a too expensive two wheel cart at True Value Hardware yesterday. I am going to make a piggy back strap for the second bad or front pack. I hope this relieves my stress, to allow my inner child to live peaceful

Note the big problem with the cart is for a 6 foot male the handle so far is too short, I hit my heels of my shoes on the wheels. The width is also to small, 14 inches is the max for a carry on, so I need 14 inches. This will tip over on it side all the time. But let here go, I am tired of carrying 35 kilos or 80 pounds in Europe.

The world needs cheap taxis with drivers that do not lie.

My new two wheel cart, the handle make it stick to the side of this counter in McDonalds, it has a rubber grip.

Chicago Hostel a Proper Hostel Stove Fridge

Chicago Hostel Photo

This is the Arlington House Hostel; it is a proper Hostel, with a Kitchen for guest to use, fridge, stove, etc, and common area that has television with cable. There is free internet and the Hostel is in a pleasant neighborhood. The cost is 26 dollars per night, it maybe be cheaper if you book over the website. I have notice that the prices and the reservations systems are different. They have a website:

The place is ok; I suppose you need a reservation to be safe, however during the week you can probably pop in as you wish. There are not age restrictions or Mickey Mouse rules. I do think you need to be from outside of the area to stay here. The owner is knowledgeable however, most of the staff is just so so and really do not know much about the area.

The big bonus of this place is there is a beach close and a good grocery right down the street. I can live here for less than 30 dollars per day. I think the trip to the O’Hare Airport will take me an hour. I probably will take a 5-10 dollars Taxi to the L or Metro - Subway stop that goes to the airport, and then take the 1.50-dollar train to O’Hare Airport. I have not figured it out yet, however I think it will take me maybe 1.5 hours to get to the airport minimum.

There is parking on the street and I think in the hostel so you can drive here easily. I am thinking of buying a Caravan or Motor Home next May or 2006 and touring the USA, I could stop here and load up with travelers for company across the country. Couples of Irish girls were very excited about this idea and wanted me to tell them when I was going next year. The big problem with this is being very discriminating in who goes in the Motor Home trip as one negative or selfish person can make the days difficult.

Hmmm… there are zero dread heads in the Hostel, this is very different. I would say at least 30-50 percent of the travelers in South America or Agents have multiple Tattoos and Dreads. This is a dramatic change in Traveler Culture here, I really do not care how they look, dress, however I always pay close attention to their biases. One wrong traveler conversation can ruin the tone of the day, better to avoid the wanker travelers of the world and enjoy my life.

Front of the Arlington House Hostel in Chicago, Illinois.

This is a limo coming to the front, some Asian type guy got out and checked into the Hostel. Almost none of the travelers have backpack, they all have the two wheel cart bags and are definitely living good on mama's money.

Chicago River House of Jazz

Photos of Chicago River and House of Jazz

I believe this is the Chicago River as I was walking from the Federal Building or 230 South Dearborn where the passport off is located north towards Arlington I walked over bridges. Below is tourist ferry of some sort, which has a deck on top for viewing.

Boat Life
This appears to be an apartment complex for boats; you park your boat below the building and live in a proper apartment above. Seems like a paradise type lifestyle of the rich and wanna be rich.

House of Jazz
This is located on hmmm… I think Clark Avenue in Chicago, if you go north there is a one-way street going north, it is on the one way going north. Just off this street on the north, part of Clark Street is also Rush Street the large party street of Chicago. Many people from the Hostel go to Rush Street at night, I am not positive if it is possible to walk there from the Hostel. The cost of a taxi is probably around ten dollars U.S. to Rush Street or the House of Jazz from the Arlington Hostel.

Free Wireless Internet Access Chicago

Photos of Free Wireless Internet Access Chicago

This is the steps of the Arlington House Hostels in Chicago. This is where I access the internet free by the use of a Hotspot. There appears to be five spots from the spot, however on is a secure connection. I cannot access the internet inside the hostel, however if I had the Cantenna or some other form of Antenna I probably could. I am looking for another type of Antenna now that is easier to carry than the Cantenna.

In many of the coffee shops in this Lincoln Park area, you can access for I believe about three dollars. I am not sure how you pay, I would think with a credit card, personally I never pay with a credit card unless I must.

Chicago Architecture

This is the front of a beautiful house on Arlington Avenue where I live until Monday; many of the homes have similar fronts. Large tree, shade, a pleasant walk and this neighborhood is great. I believe the area may be called Lincoln Park.

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