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Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

I have been trying to research or collect data on my subjects. Charles Darwin is one of my topics because I consider his travels in the boat called the Beagle makes him one of the world best travelers. So here I am watching Fox News and they are debating about Darwin. My Research blog on the site has a good collection of links however I have not been able to induce to index.

Charles Darwin

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True Believers

True Believers
Thursday December 22, 2005, 3:24 AM

I am sentimental and thinking about family and Christmas, I do not know what Christmas is in many ways, however I do know what it is to believe.

I believe in the good intentions of people.

My Mother is good, my Father is good, they are not perfect, however pretty close to the ideal, however you do it perfect encompasses and includes both good and bad, so they may be perfect.

Everyone has a conscience.

What is humorous and makes me think of true believers is the emails being exchanged between my Christian Mother and my Buddhist Friend in Thailand.

Mom was explaining and trying to get some clarifying comments on what for sure is way off the Politically Correct spectrum. My Mother could give a hoot about being politically correct and my friend in Thailand could give a hoot. They both have good intentions and very easily are capable of weighing a person by their intentions.

My friend in Thailand called me the White Gorilla, she referred to me at the White Gorilla and that she is going to Kick me. So what is up with that? Kick me, girls should kick person and men cannot kick girls, I am going to kick her also, I do not care, I will kick her butt… Note, relax it will only be a light kick and just enough, she needs a good kick for telling my mother I am a White Gorilla. Now what happens I had to try to explain to my mother why she calls me a White Gorilla.

It started because I told her she was a Monkey, her nose is like a Monkey, she needs more hair on her arms and however she does sit on her haunches or squats like a Monkey. She proceed to jut out her jaw and make Monkey noises, she then pulled the hair on my arms and said, “White Gorilla.”

I said, Master of Monkey, BIG APE, not Gorilla, however we was having fun and she is brown and I am white, therefore more of White Gorilla. It does annoy me when she sits down on her haunches or squats. It make me feel too tall and Masteful and she has this really annoying habit of walking behind me, I now got this stopped she has decided to walk in front of me. I think this is better, I need the humility.

Nonetheless in what world can a person kick a girl and call here a Monkey, I am would have some girl in the USA hot. Who cares, both her and me are just playing, we do not care.

My Mother asked about Buddhist and she sent five things that represent Buddhism and she wanted to know about Christmas. Sent my Mother a Christmas gift, these two just cannot get with the program, they do not understand what the world is teaching in the world of stupid politically correct. You are supposed to keep you mouth shut, pretend everyone is exactly the same and ignore the differences.

My Mother just said,
“Seemed like 5 of the Ten Commandments.”

I said,
“Ah, they are the same, just different channels.”

I could care less about the rules, I just look for the good Gods, so both of them are talking about the same Good Gods to me, the rules are the same, the words are the same, just the rules are different. Same on the Islamic, Hindu, Jewish or other rule makers.

The true believer seem small in numbers they just do not care, I know my Mother is happy because she believes. I am not sure my Mother knows, she just knows or believes in the good of people.

I can say some really harsh comments, maybe I should apologize for talking to myself, I sometimes wish I had never left the USA, there is no real benefit to my overwhelming happiness to understand the planet. It is not like I am going to change people and teach to weigh person by their intentions. When I say some harsh comments I am warning myself to be aware, there are Dragons out there and when I get to the end of the world I will be expected to slay them. I feel it is my responsibility to keep the path, to remember the way to where I need to go. It is the temptations of use White Gorillas to go here and there, I am just some over grown Monkey myself.

The true believer get along easily, no arguments, something about a brother to brother sister and sister and all of the same family.

If this annoys a person I would think it would be obvious why… hehehe

Photo on Fridge Warning

I do not put photos of myself on the site, however for my Mother and Father when I have a photos of myself sort of ok, I may send home to my parents, it make them happy, however I am not prone to sending photos to anyone.

However, I now know there is a possible problem, I arrive home and looked on the side of the fridge is a not so good photos of myself.

Aagh... a guy cannot win.

So for those of you that have one them Two Cats in the Yard, Life used to be so hard...
Two Car Garage, SUV, Mini-Van Families with the Homecoming Queens and Football Star, Basketball, flag wavers, blah blah blah, what the Europeans Hate about the USA families and what movies make look silly in Walt Disney and Bad New Bears, cartoons and such.....


I forgot, now it is there on the fridge, what can a guy do to get it removed?
Moms have executive powers.

Hobo in USA

I am in the USA, wow what a trip, I will leave soon for Colombia and then to the Caribbean for Winter Hibernation.

33 Hours of travel time

13 Hours from Manila to Vancouver.
1 Hour
3 Hours to Vegas
2 Hour in Vegas
4 Hours to Chicago
6 Hours in Midway Airport
3 Hours to Elkhart Indiana
1 Hour to get home.

33 Hours of travel time

The whole trip was easy, the food on the Philippines Airlines was bad, however the trip went well, Vegas was a hoot, slots in the airport of Sin City and Vancouver Airport took US Dollar in the vending machine, the truth about Canada comes out, they really do know they have to use the U.S.A...

Fat People

The Greyhound gave their normal efficient service, however also their normal I hate the world and get out of my face no smile service.

I am embarrassed to to know.
The world knows our country from the Greyhound Bus System, this is our Ambassador of the country as the world backpacker enter the USA and think, everyone in the country is like the Greyhound.... Bus.
NOTE: The person on the bus and the person running this Bus system have to be the champions of rude and mean. Mean spirited.

Sadly they do get you from point A to point B very good and in a timely fashion and the Amtrak is even a bigger joke.

Anyone that travels the USA and understand the country, buy a car, do not use the Greyhound it for the down and out of the country, it is part of the USA and you need to see the danger of the cities of the USA.

I have to admit, I am not afraid to travel, however the 1:30 morning walk from the L or the Metro Train in Chicago to the the Greyhound Station has to be one the most dangerous two blocks I have encountered in years. I think Iraq is safe compared to that.

Americans Amazingly Fat

Americans Amazingly Fat
Wednesday December 21, 2005, 12:59 AM

I just jumped a few time zones.

I am on the Southwest Airlines plane from Las Vegas to Chicago. It is amazing at the fat people in the USA, I was trying to walk to the Restroom and some of them are rolling over into the aisle so far it hard to walk by. All in all the average American is about the same size as most other countries, then you have the big exception.

The clothing is different here plus the people are taller. A short small person is not as noticeable as a short fat person. In South America and Asia many older people are very fat, mostly the women, however they where dresses. A dress can hide a lot and the women in the USA could think about a dress.

Las Vegas is a hoot, only a three hour layover, however you can see the nature of the types of persons that live in Vegas, it is like a clean version of Manila… It is amazing though what having money does to a person, the Americans are arrogant and still act like the underdeveloped countries.

Ha Ha Ha
I am sure the Europeans like this comment.

Philippines Visa Extension WARNING

Philippines Visa Extension WARNING

I got my Visa Extension for the Philippines on the Island of Palawan. It was more or less painless, except the office was hard to find and the I had to go two time because the boss was out wandering around and could not sign.

When I go to the Airport to the left of me in the line a foreigner next to me was getting accused of staying over. He did not have the receipt for the extension he had, however it was in his passport. I fortunately had mine, however they still made it difficult, like I was trying to scam the scammers. She did not seem to understand… “Palawan,” where I got the extention, It was like being in Mexico again, behind the desk was a fat man leaning back on his chair just as lazy as he can be, the boss, a few women doing the work and behind him was two funky guys sleeping. IF it was not dangerous to take this photo, I would have taken it.

Philippines Airlines

Philippines Airlines
Wednesday December 21, 2005, 3:49 AM

Mabuhay is Hello in the Tagalog the more or less dominant language of the Manila, Philippines area of the Philippines.

As I leave the Islands of the Philippines, and as I leave any country there is this reflection of maybe the pros or cons of a the country. I am thinking, I have never had any normal person say Mabuhay to me or goodbye, the word “Sir” is used at astounding level. However a person can see the friendliness of Hospitality of a country. It may be an USA Army holdover with the ever present use of the word “Sir,” and for sure the “Hey Joe,” is a Army type phraseology. The Philippine is not high on the manners list, however the infrastructure has extreme modern parts to their culture mixed with extreme primitive. The manners are more on the primitive side, with a mix like they was all selling things to Army boys, or more or less anything they could sell.

I am on the Philippines Airlines airplane presently, the flight has went quickly because I watch three good movies and slept the remainder of the time. The food is not good, I am not fond of the Philippines food, something rice of something fish, nothing really good, although the bread in the country is very good. Most of the normal plates are not, however I am for sure not a garbage disposal eater.

I have a layover in Vancouver Canada, I did not know this until I got ready to board the plane, I do not care, however it is my first layover or stop in Vancouver ever, so sort of interesting. I do not enter the country so I just go out in a transit way and will I believe get back onto the same plane. Canada has set a new record for me though as the Immigration Card that I am looking at, however I do not have to complete is the longest I have ever seen. Now, I need to look at the USA one, I do not have to fill out a USA card, therefore it may be longer. However the Canadian country a very small country in population however a large noise in voice has an overabundance of noise.

Canada has about 30 Million people, comparable to the population of Australia, both very large land sizes however short on people. Canadians are more boisterous or in need of opening their mouths than the Australians.

The Philippines airline served me Fish and Rice or Sausage and Rice for breakfast. I could not eat either, I did try the sausage, however I am still trying to get the taste out of my mouth. Airlines food to me is great in the world, however I have a burr in my gullet over this Airlines, it give me a bad taste. I always get the feeling they are trying to scam me, however this is also a Philippines things.

Scam… hehehe
The Philippines people are gamblers, you can see 6-10 bums on corners and many casinos Gambling. It is everywhere, the biggest line in the mall I saw was for the lottery. Therefore the final destination of Las Vegas is interesting, I would say there is correlation between the city of Las Vegas and the Philippines. Culturally they are similar, I think this is a good time to insert a Photo of an old lady from the Friendly Guesthouse… hehehe

I could not stop myself...

This lady worked 40 years in Las Vegas, in her pajamas, smoking cigarrettes in the Hostel and watching cartoons, monopolozing the TV.

I am not 20, I do not like to watch MTV...
When I am in Europe and wanting to watch the news, or a movie, I have to say to myself, I am in a Hostel under duress, a Hostel is more or less for the young backpackers, not for some older aging hippie, with long opinions and ideas from a prior generation.

The world is changing always, it is not my right to dominate the world, on the other side I am not going to push and old lady away from the TV. Normally the problem is fighting for the TV with the Staff, this is annoying and the normal reason I leave a Hostel. When the staff is using the kitchen more than the guest, or the TV, then time to find a new place.

Hostile or Hostel, we move when life is not good.

Manila Philippines Street Children

Manila Philippines Street Children
Tuesday December 20, 2005 8:19 AM

I went for a walk yesterday Monday and took these photos in the Emita Area or just off of Pilar or United Nations Street, in the general Area of Arquiza. I first say this Street Children and I then waked down to the United Nations Street turned left and then went to what I think is Pilar Street, the Duck Inn is on this street and so is the LA Cafe... hehehe.


After I turned down the street with the construction and the very nice chain called Mercury Drugs a great store in the Philippines, mixed up in the mess. Across the street or one one of the corners I nabbed a photos of people still sleeping. It was about 8:00 in the morning, the street will clear around 9:00 of the kids or parent, adult bums sleeping.

The ones that pull on my strings is the mother and child team, this is annoying and the responsibility of the Philippines government, they try to way lay this to the tourist.

Obviously the Children or Street Kids center is not completing the job or doing the job, this is less than one block for the place.

A funny picture this boy has slept in the construction concrete drain tiles for the night, he has a piece of cardboard inside to keep the cold off the skin and to make life more comfortable, his head is out and I think he about ready to get out of bed.

These clumps of garbage are like land mines in Manila, that and big holes in the street where for sure a child or adult could fall inside. They have these wheelchair ramps and this is hilariously out of place on a street or place where the persons are allowed to park on the sidewalks.

The system here is something like this, everyone throw the trash in the streets, then the cleaning people sweep in the morning. Any city that puts out trash bins instantly is five times cleaner. I rate the development of a country many fold by the number of trash bins. In Manila or this part, it is hard to find, in the Makati area where 99 percent of the visitors to this city probably stay I would assume the Philippines would hide or disguise and have some.

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