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GPS Magellan eXplorist 100

GPS Magellan eXplorist 100

I jumped, I cannot take the pressure, too much, too little time, I am leaving the USA and need my toys.

I purchased the GPS Magellan eXplorist 100 and it should be here in 2 days it says, and I think in three days, however it will arrive... I hope before I leave on the 11th.

THE FUTURE of Travel Guidebooks is this, you will carry a cell phone that has the GPS - Global Positioning Satellite readers, it will start to talk to you when you are within set distances of a tourist attractions.

"Hey dingaling, you are close to the Stature of Liberty, take a look."

Of course there will be some type of sponsor, advertisement, cost, etc, however you will know.

I am sure or feel the GPS, CELL and PDA and all the other acronym's will merge and have babies, you will have a multi-use toy.

However for it to work for anyone it will have to talk.

Therefore I am going to start to collect these GPS coordinates and talk in terms of GPS coordinates. Being that I know nothing about using these toys, I had to JUMP.

Make that leap of faith, I am on the right trail, path, thought wave, or my instincts are keeping me safe. Only time will tell, however a person has to make a few mistakes to conquer the world.

I paid about 104 U.S. Dollars for this toy, quoted 189 in Radio Shack, however online much cheaper. I had in my mind a price of 100 Dollars for the toy, as a target. I have price of 200 for the Quad Band Cell Phone, I am leaning real hard towards the Motorola 620 Quad-Band Unlocked at about 189 Dollars.

"Big Boy Toys"

GPS Magellan eXplorist 100

I personally think I would be a good test rat for these toys, I need Magellan to write me and tell me they want to give me a Satellite System like them boys in Iraq, reporting from the middle of nowhere. I would be glad to wind them up and let the opinions roll.

Map of Countries Visited

I want a map of countries I have visited, every once in awhile I get excited and try to search, I found this page that worked pretty good.

It generated this simple map of the world, then gave me some type of code to put in the site. I instead click on FUNCTION - PRINT SCREEN

This copied the page, went to paint, pasted and then cropped this graphic. I am totally opposed to putting other people code in my page, especially in the blog where I cannot monitor or have zero reason to go back and read.

Looking at this map you can see the Caribbean, there is some 27 countries in this area and I can knock off a lot of them while traveling over winter.

I have not hit the Australian area and this is a common area because they speak English, however as I say,
"You need a date to go to Australia."
It is so big... I am wanting to share...

The South Pacific is more interesting to me and is like the Caribbean in number of countries and cost to visit.

Africa, you need a date again and a 4x4 it appears to me, I will start chunking off countries each year and try to nail down 2-3 per year.

Russia... ON my A list of places to visit, remember the Beatles, they said the "Ukraine girls like to keep their boys warm at night."

I know the Ukraine is not part of Russian anymore or is something different, and for sure the STAN brothers are a push to visit.

Norman Rockwell Christmas

Norman Rockwell Christmas

I am in wonder at the luck of the draw, I am grateful.

I live in a Norman Rockwell Christmas, Readers Digest, Leave it to Beaver world. Life in the USA is just too easy here in good old Indiana.

There seems to be a few islands on the planet, aberrations in cultures, places surrounded by other types of culture sometime very different, sometime just a little different. In the USA, the surrounding area of the USA is just a little different. However Indiana is nothing like New York or California, although the language creates a base line culture.

Singapore is an Island in the middle of Southeast Asia.

Two Cats in the Yard, life used to be so hard, now everything is easy cause of you...
As the song by Crosby, Still, Nash, and Young goes.

I suppose one of the biggest challenges of my life is to explain the hope that is possible to another person. Although I have learned that I should not trust the base level moral values of the world, I do know there are islands on the planet where the base level behavior is exceptional.

I believe in Germany there are some places similar also, note though that Singapore is not an island of good morals, only an island of exceptional clean.

A Norman Rockwell Christmas is the only way to describe my family, Apple Pie, Turkey, brother in laws forced to cut the Turkey, a big game of Bingo, everyone talking about children, college and football.

I am fortunate, nobody has a SUV.

Blog by Cell Phone by Dialing Long Distance to USA

Blog by Cell Phone by Dialing Long Distance to USA

I am trying to learn how to blog this way.

I want to dial the USA using the modem on my computer connected to a cell phone and dialing the Verizon internet access in the USA.

1. Use a cell telephone.
2. Dial the USA from the modem on my computer and hope it works by way of a bluetooth connection.
3. I will dial my parents account and since nobody uses it for anything and for sure I would recommend nobody use it, then it is empty. I can download, upload quickly and not worry about spending a lot of time downloading emails.
4. I send to a post by email account.
This is my test to see if I got this email account connected.

Making Good Decisions

Making Good Decisions
Monday December 26, 2005, 5:00 AM

I am at a point in my travel life where I need to make a few good decisions. This is the transition point in my life, I am not sure why I think this, however I am being very cautious with my options.

Traveling the planet takes a lot of time, you cannot just plan a trip and visit a place with an itinerary, to do it properly you have to give the place or destination the time it ask for. Some places I will plan for about two weeks and leave in two days, others I will plan for two days and stay two weeks.

For a person that wishes to go home and say,
“I was here.”
I would guess this is the motivation for 85 percent, they do not care about the place, they care about the reputation and bragging rights of going to this place. For instance, saying to a person in the USA,
“I went to Paris.”
Has more conversation value than to say,
“I went to Niger.”

The Paris one they have heard from, so they will be impressed, however for me to say I have been to Niger will only make them stop talking.

I have found, both are worthless, I am not going to “Win Friends and Influence People” as Dale Carnegie courses what to say you can do by me talking. They want to talk and have me listen, so I have pretty much given up on talking, except to myself, like this blog.

People would benefit to choose a place where they do what they like to do.

I need to be careful now, I am designing some web sites that could eat my life, take away my freedom. It is like getting married, you donate half your life to the person, a pretty good bargain if it is the right person and a very bad deal if you make a bad decision.

So I am wagering with myself on some decisions.

1. Do I want to start a Hostel?
Yes, but when?

2. Can I hire some techies to work and spend very little time managing them?
I have hooked on to two more to work on projects.
I am looking for persons who manage themselves…

3. Traveling more and staying less.
This has become a problem, I had almost zero money, lived on 5-10 Dollars U.S. per day for my first seven years of travel. Now I am happily becoming some form of Jet Set Hobo who can move from country fast.

What is wrong with this?

The pure time it takes to move from place to place has increased in rations.

I now spend about 50 percent of my time in transit, on the plane to the place.
In the past I spend about 10 percent of my time in transit, I learned a lot more about the countries.

What is good about this is when I have had enough of a culture, there is always a culture clash, I will eventually have enough of some part of the culture.

Example: In South America the people run into you like dogs, they bump me.
Example: In Thailand they just do not care what I say, they do not iisten.
Example: In the Philippines they are big scammers, you have trouble trusting them.
Example: In Iraq they spend a lot of time being racist and telling you why they hate Israel.
Example: In Israel they talk very loud and cut the line or queue so much you want to grab their gun out of their hands and shoot them.
Example: In the USA they are so naïve and fortunate, then they sit around and tell you about how life is so difficult, I want to slap them.

Hmm… A little desire for violence there…. Or normally I fly out of the country.. Hehehe

There are decisions in my or your life.
One will take up all your time and devour your life.
The next will enrich, I will live and die by the decisions I make.

Merry Christmas from Andy of

I am in the USA and soon on the 11th of January I leave for Bogota, Colombia.

Here in the USA there is an opinion that a person should say,
"Happy Holidays."

I have the best intentions with my wish of "Merry Christmas."

I think maybe there is a Devil and this Devil "Causes Division."
I think maybe there is a God and the God "Causes Division."

The Devil tries to make a good person argue or leads us into temptation to argue with the bad people.

The God causes the good person to need to leave the presence of the a bad person.

Essentially in my way of thinking, when I feel a bad person does not like me this is a good thing, I am not like them, when a good person likes me this is great thing.

I think of time spent in Iraq or Egypt and these people say some from of Islamic greeting, like may Allah be with you or Shalom etc.

It is nice feeling and a good way for us to become friends, I really do not care what they are saying, I feel and know the ones that are trying to bring unity or friendship. I always can feel when a person is saying these words with a desire to cause a separation.

I am rather ruthless when I am around a person with bad feelings, I just leave, however when I am around a person who is bringing me friendship, I stop and listen.

I look for the smile on the face, the friendship being extended, I look for a kind heart, and a person that protects the weak.

When I get that feeling I must choose my words carefully, or walk on eggshells, being very careful to not annoy or enrage the person I am talking with, then I for sure obey my version of God and separate, that is his way of division.

To argue over this issue is what the Devil wants, I am so happy to now be able to moderate and stop the comments on this blog that are very provocative and trying to attack. It is the job of a good person to witness to the existence of evil, and deny it, however very little value in arguing.

Nonetheless, Merry Christmas, maybe today you can begin to pretend, you do not understand or read English, and you can weigh me by my intentions, that is my road. A traveler, I will always find rest.

Merry Christmas, may Allah go with you.

What are they doing on the other side of the planet

I am in a very quiet place, there is a deafening silence that overwhelms me.
It is so easy to avoid myself on the other side of the planet.

Normally in the worlds I live there is chaos, noise, confusion, and conversations about insane subject, now I wondering as I sit in the USA.
"What are they doing on the other side of the planet?"

When I am here, I miss there, and when I am there I miss here. However what is impossible to avoid here in the USA is myself. The lack of confusion in my life here is an overwhelming force, I have so much time to think.

I am watching some Art and Entertainment (A&E) show about Geishas in Japan, I have never been to Japan, however this word is going to haunt me. What is a Geisha? I have learned on my occasions it is not as simple as some made to make me happy show like this A&E show about Geisha.

I am thinking what are they thinking about, how long would I have to be curious, how long would I need to listen, to reveal the subtle meanings of the word Geisha.

Common sense is a mystical thing.
I also know television will either make a person look like a Saint or a Sinner, never the truth a little of both. I was having a conversations about travel magazines, it really causes me frustration to read one, I just cannot stomach the noise, I was thinking about the country, and I can never figure or of find what they write about.

World Cell Phone Quad Band

I am trying to snag a good cell phone, I found by accident an excellent page on phone for travel.

The bottom line is this, the only safe choice is probably a quad band or four band cell phone.

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