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Blog by Email with Verizon

Blog by Email with Verizon

I am presently in Fort Wayne, Indiana, or the Verizon Telephone company has put me on hold, they said it would be less than 30 minutes.

I have many people say,
- Just call us -

They are meaning, they want me to call them for help, now if I was in Bogota, Colombia and I needed to call or this Telephone company, I am not sure, maybe the call would be about 50 USA Dollar, maybe more. This is already the 5th number I called.

All I wanted was the internet dial up number for Fort Wayne...
One of the messages said,
- Get on the website of something like that, of course because I am trying to find the access, number that is

Generally, I refuse to call the USA, because there is  this ever present desire to keep a person on hold, or tell them to call another number. Maybe give me a toll free 800 number that is not possible to call from another country

Nonetheless, I have learned, the USA is losing its edge, service is going down the tubes. On a bright spot, I was looking into call centers in the Philippines as as way to make money on my site, I could arrange or help person to hire a call center in Manila. seems to need one.


I got through, I think the guy is nuts, from Texas he said, he kept asking,
"What is the access number you want?"
Fort Wayne, Indiana...

GPS Magellan eXplorist 100 RAVES

GPS Magellan eXplorist 100 RAVES

I am raving... this Global Positioning Satellite device is great.

It is this new toy that tells me what is maybe the Longitude and Latitude or the number that would be accepted by the world as my location.

However what is cool.

1. Speed -Tells me the Miles Per Hour or speed I am going in a car.
2. Path Home -Tells me how to backtrack or follow the same path back. I will not get lost in a city again, if I am willing to carry this device.
3. Altitude - How many feet above sea level.
4. Time - It coordinates the time with them satellites, I can set my alarm clock in the hotel.
5. Coordinates - I should be able to figure out if I am cold or should be cold
6. Distance - I think I can start, get on a plane, tell the route and the distance I traveled.
7. Compass - It has a compass inside.

Not braindead easy to use, however not too complicated. I think this 100 dollar model would work pretty good for old people, or people like me that can get lost on the way to the super market. I am not good at remembering how I got to a place, I have to pay attention, my mind just has trouble focusing on the trivial.

My present solution is to get a business card of the hotel and take a taxi back, or walk straight only, no turns.


Common Sense is Magical

Common Sense is Magical
I have been dwelling on why I am able to travel.
It comes down do common sense.

I am zeroing in on the idea in my head, I think maybe 1 in 50 persons have common sense, the others are just going from temptation to temptation, this is the 4 percent difference between us and a monkey idea, genetics of animals.

I am for sure a monkey and my ability to use what we call -COMMON SENSE - makes me able to travel. I personally believe what is called -COMMON SENSE- should be called.

Extreme understanding or something or able to connect the dots.

I am able to accept and believe that if I have Ice Cream in the Home, I will eat it.

I accept I have no ability to avoid temptation.

It would be fun to construct a decision making matrix whereby I could measure the ability to suss out the bottom line... the best answer.

I have been mulling on or thinking...

I trust the RED CROSS, I because they discovered thieves trying to steal the funds for Katrina this tells me they are a very good NGO or whatever they are organization.

It is just common sense or -EXTRAORDINARY UNDERSTANDING- on my part that makes me believe that it is obvious.

Now if I could explain as well as Mark Twain or Will Rogers, then I would be a writer, as of now, I am just a hack, having fun. However common sense would say to me, that was always my goal, and should always be my goal, to enjoy the day.

If a person says,
- I do not care about business... -
Do they have the right to...
- to want money?

NGO Watchdog by

NGO Watchdog by

I was driving home from Fort Wayne, Indiana the other day, I realized....
When the chaos of countries like the Philippines stops working my brain, I can figure out what I am thinking and feeling.

The Malnutrition problem in Niger hurt me, I can act or think it did not, however I know there are people dying in Niger, India, and many countries for silly reasons.

Some of the problems you can solve and others you cannot, however in Niger, I think this is an absolutely ridiculous situation. There are millions of dollars being raised to help this country and I feel or believe that 95 percent of the money is being wasted and creating beggars of the country.

What can I do, Niger hurt me, made me frustrated, I think I know, I hope I know, maybe I know the solution. Arrogance to the max, however I do believe I know how to fix the problem.

I am presently looking for a laboratory with maybe Purdue University here in Indiana that could help me analyze the foods of Niger, then we can go to step two.

I have purchased the domain yesterday, January 1, 2006, not functioning yet, to start going after this 95 percent of money wasted.

I am still working on this project and am trying to figure out how to raise 250,000 dollars to go try and fix this problem of Malnutrition in the country of Niger. I can probably get it from the NGO's if I play my cards right.

I do NOT mean to save the people from dying in the next 5-10 years, I am trying to figure out how to stop the people dying 5-10 years from now. They need to grow some vegetables and fruits in this country, and it will take about 5-10 years if they started today before the crops are abundant enough to dent the problem and 25 years before a big impact.

This problem has existed for 100 years and probably always.

Presently the NGO's in the country seem to be raking in the money, and not putting into works a long term solution.

I can never forget in a small bar in Niamey a man said to me,
"Remember Andy, NGO's are a business."

That is a stinger...

Happy New Year 2006

I received an email from Chris a Hot Springs Freak, who just returned from Costa Rica.

Not to be confused with Chris presently wandering around in Puerto Rico.

Both are a regulars on my list of person who comment on the noise I make and on the long list of persons I respect and listen too.

Chris of the Hot Springs version said in an email,
"I added Google Search to my blog...Copying you, hahah. Did you ever think you would be a good example?"

The answer is... NO
I still feel nobody should copy me, I am just a guy with many problems in an 18 year remission. That is the number of years I have went without drinking alcohol, soon to be 19... hehehe

I suppose New Years makes a person introspective or I cannot talk for the world, however in the last few days, I have been... as REO Speedwagon said to me in the Song Music Man:
"Recently I've been thinkin about what I am and where my priorities lie Gettin it together on some future plan, decidin what I need to get by."

2:20 minutes until the ball drops in Time Square, I did not plan it this way...hehehe

What do I need...
"All I ever needed was you."

Life is not as evasive as I once thought, it is good.

Who is the you?
My Mother bringing my jacket to meet me at the Greyhound bus.
My Father afraid to hug me at the bus.

My Brother, Sisters, friends, family and all the world.

I need the eyes of a honest critic, a warm smile, and the person sitting next to me. I need the person who said,"
For no other reason than it is the right thing to do.

I have a new vice or addiction as Chris the version has quoted on his page:

"For the born traveler, traveling is a besetting vice. Like other vices, it is imperious, demanding of its victim's time, money, and the sacrifice of comfort."
- Aldous Huxley

Cell Phone and GPS

My Cell Phone and GPS

I have landed, I have made the jump, I have purchased and am playing with the.

GPS Magellan eXplorist 100 100 Dollars USA (New)

and the

555 Motorola Quad-Band Unlocked. 110 Dollars USA (Used)
includes the connection program and cable to the computer to dial.
(I do not have this phone, yet, I am wating for Steve to call or email me, then I will go and pick up.)

The way I understand the number mean little, however it is a very common off the shelf telephone and used in the USA. I can buy it used for 100 Dollars, the man from:

What is a Top Travel Site

I am sitting here thinking about my yearly newsletter with my picks for the Top Travel Sites, I really wish I would have researched this better.

The test for me is simple, they enter my world by way of a search in, I find them, use them and think to myself,
"Hmm.. pretty good, that was helpful."

However, I am having a problem because there are many types of travel sites, I suppose the big problem is the difference between a site that:

Makes you feel good.
Really helps you travel.

Or better yet, helps me travel, I am lucky I do not have a 24 hour a day high speed connection, I am sometimes glad I only have about 1-2 hours per day on the internet in some internet cafe on the other side of the planet. If I had a high-speed connection and I did not have this feeling while in the internet cafe.

" I am paying a lot of money, I have to get off this site."

Then I would or could hang around on the time consuming, makes me feel good, fun to read sites like the Lonely Planet Thorntree or some site that is of interest to me. I am thinking how many sites provide me information that competes with my guidebook, or do they even compete a little.

The site provides a good way to to get a reservation for a cheap Hostel, Hotel or something, however it does a terrible job in comparison to the guidebook, the Hostels in the guidebook are a lot cheaper. I think I am looking for a travel site that replaces the guidebook. so far is the closest, and then however they are annoying to me. Everything is more or less, something to make me feel good, and not to solve some worries.

When I go to a country, I list out the problems, then search for solutions, the fun stuff is easy, I need some good clear information on the problems, then the solutions. A paper guidebook is 90 percent better than a website, there is no comparison, a guidebook will beat any website hands down. Therefore here I am thinking, which websites nick a guidebook the best.

When I think about websites, I think of me, the consumer.

1. Does this site help me to find the best and cheapest hotel?I
2. Does this site help me to find the cheapest airplane ticket?
3. Does this site explain the pros and cons of a location fairly, clearly and cover all the bases?

I think I only use a website for Hotels and Airplane Tickets, after that I have no time, with the invention of the RSS feed and the Atom whatever, I have almost stopped reading newsletters, because there are no newsletters. I do not have time in an internet cafe to read these feeds, they are just too complicated... NO, the reason is they need me to be online, I am not online, in the past a newsletter was delivered to my email box, I could download and read it in my room.

Now, nothing are in the letters, only links, therefore the guidebook does better.

A person does not have a 24 hour internet connection when they travel.

The internet works better to me like an IPOD, one of them lets steal music or video and listen or watch devices. I guess they download it and listen or watch offline.

This to me is the value in someways, to download the information. I normally go to a page, save as and put on my USB thumbdrive and take it back to the room to read. I am thinking, maybe I could figure out a way to make my pages on the sites a "FREE Page Shopping Cart."

A person checks off the ones to save as, then they can save as all at once to their computer.

Bottom line is when I find information on the internet about a Hotel, it does me no good to be on the internet. It has to be printed, or copied to my computer.

Somewhere in this mess is the best websites, a site that I find when I search in, I click on the page and it is clear, one subject and not enmeshed in so many temptations I cannot remember what I am wanting to read about. So often I am finding the information for a Hotel or Hostel on five different pages. I need it all on one page to print, not on five, and I only get reservations in Europe because the place is difficult and stupid, not because I want to.

Website are trying to convince me or you that there is a need always for a reservation, this is not true.

A good webpage is about one subject, a complete thought, and very little information that competes with the theme of the page. I want to be able to print it and read on one subject. I try to do this on the blog, I try to talk about one subject and not wonder from subject to subject.

It is a little annoying to me, the more I am on the internet, the more I realize a guidebook is still the best way to find a hotel or tourist attraction. I am working on some solutions that would make me happy like and, plus some form of guidebook that is hooked at the hip with a website.

This is why I am going to Bogota, I want to discuss with my friend what he thinks is the best type of guidebook for today and the future.

I am hoping to soon separate the Top Travel Sites into categories.
- Best Hotel
- Best Airplane
- Best Tourist Destinations

The problem is research or data mining, to review all the possilbe choices is going to take about 100 hours of research. I think I have figured out a way to do this cheap.

Here is an OLD Top Travel Sites of 2004, the next one will be for the past year.

Life is Easy

I am getting older, and I am thinking how easy my life is getting, I am grateful for all I have, nothing like Christmas and listening to person in the USA complain to know this.

I live 95 percent of my time in a place where I would not understand their complaints because they speak a language like Thai or Tagalog or Spanish or Latvian or whatnot.

My life is easy, I have learned to feel who is positive and who is negative and to leave the negative persons behind or when they stick out their thumb for a ride, I look the other way.

The secret to happiness is to do more in the day that makes you happy than the things that make you sad. People are the things that make me happy and sad.

There is this guy Alan that writes some of the worlds longest emails who I am helping to blog on Tropical Plants. He is ready to learn, wants to learn, listens and is excited. Tries very hard, he for sure knows how to type well. I appreciate his long emails, nice to know someone is thinking and engaged.

Do me a favor, go and write comments on his blog, I am sure one of you is smoking a joint, that is maybe considered a Tropical Plant, I am sure you can ask strange questions, have some fun, Alan is a good guy.


Passion is needed, a engaged passion for the day. I like to solve problems, however when I am working to solve problems I am also frustrated and excited. Like a huge puzzle, working on it is frustrating and fun at the same time.

I think jumping off a bungie jump is the same, it would scare me to death and be fun a the same time. Would I want to complain or scream for joy.

I point out some of the countries I complain the most about, I stay in the longest, so what is up with that. I know the places I love, I stay, I do not leave.

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