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I am at Penn State University

I am at Penn State University

Present GPS Location
40 Degrees 47.624 North
077 Deggrees 51.485 West

I spent the day looking at Manhattan Island yesterday, then left New York and drove to a city called - State College, Pennsylvania - and then go figure, there is Penn State University here in the city of State College. Prone to confusion...

I am going to talk to a class of too smart University Students today, April 3rd, and I believe the goal is to explain how I made a successful web site. I am still searching for the clarity, however there is an emphasis or I am being guided in small ways by Dan the Professor the class towards the idea of:

- How can one person make a successful site? -

Therefore, I am sitting here in a very nice hotel room, collecting all the essential concepts of why I have a successful site. I was trying to think, if I met certain persons on the planet, what would I want. If I met James Michener, now dead, however if he was alive, and if I was wanting to be a novel writer. Probably not a good example.

If I met, the founders of, whoever that is, I do not know, and I only had 15 minutes to ask the questions, or more correctly if they  was giving me a lecture, what would I want them to give me. I would want this.

A Todo List of ideas.

This would be a list of ideas for me to go and work on, a long list of what they believe essential ideas that made them a success on their project. I could then return home and slice and dice the ideas, concepts, and try to incorporate them into my world. I am making a long list of idea. With the class, I will then be able to explain them. I suppose one person in the class will understand the plot. Maybe one of them too smart person will read this prior to the class.. hehehe

I am at Penn State University


New York Center of the Modern World

New York Center of the Modern World
Sunday April 2, 2006, 5:29 AM

I am sitting on the floor in JFK John F Kennedy Airport, ready to leave on the AirTrain to a hub for rental cars as soon as it turns 6:00 AM. Studying the maps on the wall, I realized,
- I am the center of the world -

I could say bad things about New York City, I could say good things, it just does not matter this is the center of the modern world, dragged unwilling from the French or English, all according to your perspective of history. There are epicenters of culture, time, space, places where it starts or ends. New York City is the place where people come to be broken or to break. I am sure if as Frank Sinatra said,
- If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere -

It is big chopping block of confused chaos, culture and the best of the best and the worst of the worst. I imagine if you want to find it, it possible to find it here.

Springsteen Singing, Simon and Garfunkel saying or talking a boxer, beaten, tired and ready to give up�.

Feeling are everywhere when I looked at the map, memories of a movie, song, a story, and then to think. The world best business people the Dutch sold it cheap. It the reference I can use to measure up all other cities on the planet.

I am on Recon; my mission is to just tickle this city today with a wise friend�s critical assessment and introduction. I was invited by a reader to come and he would show me around. I will drive a car� (aaagh, I drive about 10 times a year) to Manhattan, as best I can tell he live across from Central Park, close to 72 Street. Who can say�?

I just smiled at some New York girl, she gave me,
- Why are you looking look..-
I gave her,
- I look, and I just do not care�-

Ok, I am in New York the center of Modern Culture and maybe Business on the planet, a self-sustainable place that scares the planet. It is very USA, not a little; this is part of the USA from the beginning to the end.

My only major desire to today is to meet my friend, take the subway to the hole that was the Worlds Trade Center and take some photos. Find the plot, understand the outline, discuss the players with a good teacher, plot, and plan the battle to do New York. Somewhere in the future I will find a way to stay a week to a month in New York City, hiding in some room, exploring the place. Trying to not lose my compass.

New York Center of the Modern World

Chicago Hostel in Lincoln Park

Chicago Hostel
I am in the Arlington House Hostel in Lincoln Park area of Chicago.

The reception is playing Hip Hop
The boy in my room came in at 3:00 am, turned on the light to get into bed.
There is a big guy laying on the couch in the TV room where the sign says we are not suppose to sleep, I guess I cannot watch TV, although amazingly the three remotes are all broken.

There is a deaf girl, I think she is drunk, was having a fight with her deaf boyfriend, however when I walked into the kitchen the water on the stove was whistling like mad. The water was almost dry, she could not hear it. I have hot water for instant coffee.

Internet is free, the computer the place has is a window 98 model, I have not seen this for one year, only in this Hostel, it is the oldest set-up around. Luckily they have a Ethernet cable I can connect my computer to and bypass the crap.

I sometimes think I am intolerant, an intolerant person would not be here.


I have discovered my new cell phone toy will not work inside a concrete building like this, I am in the building and it just has no signal. On the other hand the T-Mobile Pre-paid card I have does not probably have the best coverage for the USA. I am happy because in reality all I wanted to do was make calls easier. My friend called me last night, he left a voice message, I guess it still retrieves them last night around 10:00 pm.

Therefore I can call him at 8:00 am, and talk with him, presently he is in Florida, and I think will fly to California today, nonetheless I can try at about 7:30 this morning and if I do not get him I hope to try again in the plane stopover for me in Florida.

Everybody things I am making life difficult, however it is impossible nowadays to make a telephone call from a payphone because they are removing all of them, half do not work and I have to time it perfect to call people, because they are so controlling they only answer the telephone under perfect conditions. Since they do not know my telephone numbers they cannot caller id me and pick up. Time is the second matter, I need to call him at 7:30 in the morning before he gets on the plane.

Bottom line on phones is this.

Buy a QUAD BAND UNLOCKED PHONE - No contract, unless you are rich.

Arlington House Hostel Chicago

Arlington House Hostel Chicago
I am in the Arlington House Hostel in Chicago, I arrive this afternoon on the Greyhound bus after leaving from Elkhart, Indiana.

Nice to have a good family to say goodbye.

I have been having fun collecting some GPS coordinates for the Greyhound Station in Chicago and the Hostel.

I fly out from O-Hare... I better check, however tomorrow I leave for Bogota, Colombia by a big airplane, nice to be back on the road after say Hello to the family.

Arlington House Hostel Chicago

The Road Ahead by Bill Gates

The Road Ahead by Bill Gates
- The efficiency of asynchronous communications -
Quote from the forth chapter of the book the road ahead by Bill Gates founder of one of the greatest wonders of the planet, Microsoft.

When I answer the telephone, I must be in synch or sychonized with you, my life stops for me to react to your phone call.

When I write an e-mail it is asynchronous, I can write and you can read and reply when it is convenient for you, this is what I believe will happen on TV very soon. A person will be able to record all the stations he or she wishes and play them back anytime they wish. Now you can record you soap opera and play back later, in the future we will be able to record all shows on all channels and play back as we wish, asynchronous tv watching.

How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life, another book I read...

Caller Id
Answering Machines
Voice Mail

This about a person wanting to be in control, they do not want to react, I am in agreement with the idea of stress management, however I am not in favor with this dysfunctional behavior of hiding and trying to control all things, a brave person manages the world as it happens, not at some later date or totally avoids.

Bill Gates with his concept of - asynchronous communications - was genius, and inspiring to me, he was talking about a way for me to have zero stress. However something is going wrong, I am not sure, it seems to not make us more productive, however less.

- Asynchronous communications -

This means I can queue up my communications and answer in the order or priority they came at me, and not avoid. I am presently getting about 200 emails per day, 50 percent are junk, 25 percent are I guess new or information I collect type mail, the other 25 percent are more ore less personal and I want to respond, not I do not have that much time, or I often do, but I sit on the computer and write emails offline, then go to the internet cafe and send.

What is happening is the world is closing this ability, they keep blocking my asynchronous communications with the world, they put limits on my ability to use the internet.

I am amazed that they will stop me from sending more than 50 emails at one time, it is not hard to be in the jungle for 5 days, come out and have 100 emails to send or upload, why would I want to be online, I am in the jungle. The system is meant to work online or offline, however this is not the case, I am finding, I am forced to work with a connection. This is really silly, I do not need to be connected to type, I have a computer, I work as Bill Gates told me was possible or going to be possible... Asynchronous communications -

Why am I feeling like I am always running the gauntlet, I have to constantly figure out the new paranoia tools like Norton Anti-Email Systems or they are going crazy. The Anti-Spam paranoia has stopped communications, and they do not tell you, so you do not know what even happened, they stopped and email from coming to you, and you never know you had a problem.

- asynchronous communications -
Bill Gates, they are working against your dream.

I want to go to the jungle, come back and send 200 - 400 emails, I can do more, I want the Inmates to stop running the Asylum as another books says.

DSL Darn Slow Links

DSL Darn Slow Links

I am on my sisters Verizon DSL connection and I am amazed, it is as slow as my parents Dial Up Verizon connections. It is 3:04 AM, this connection should be screaming fast. I still cannot sleep all night so I thought I would get some fast internet time.

I am wanting test Verizon to see if they block me from sending or uploading to my mail the same as they do on dialup. This is a wonderful thing about the higher speed, they normally stop blocking the pop and smtp of my Foxmail email client.

Verizon let me through... or I thinki, however then the Norton Antivirus blocked me, I am a wiz kid on the computer. I wrote an email to myself to check the system, the average Joe Blow will never know the email did not go through.

Why is this DSL connection so slow, it is not the computer. The upload and download of emails should have been at super speeds, it is the same as dial up. No wonder the USA is so concerned with speed, they have none, the rest of the world has better.

I am going to see about Comcast for my parents.

I come home thinking I can use the Internet free and easy, and find it more difficult, there is some basic mass cluster F.. going on here.

It blocked or stopped me from sending... aaagh, this is not the way it should be, email should be easy, and they first worlds like the USA and Germany make it too complicated.

Dummy Us Down

I am thinking....

I was told one time when the newspapers would come out in the American Colonies in the 1700 or 1800s, they would have very serious subjects.

I was told they would have information like or example like the Marxist Theory, heavy reading and not on the front page of the papers today.

I believe that the major TV sources of news like CNN BBC Euronews and Fox, ABC etc etc and all the major sources have now stopped trying to appeal to the elaat, they are now only trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

We have to dummy down to want to listen or read some of the inane information.

It is annoying how a person could say they are an information junky and watch CNN or BBC, this is a repetitive process of one or two new stories. There is nothing about it that is world new, I travel the world and am amazed at the new world order.

I have to dummy down to enjoy.

I am very glad I do not have a TV in my room on a regular basis.

Gear Guy

Gear Guy

I read some article on the internet about a world traveler being some kind of gear guy, made a lot of sense, however I am not sure how a person can really be a world travel, they are of a North America Traveler or maybe include Europe, I am pained to have persons no include systems that work in Africa or the Middle East.
Gear Guy

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