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American Culture

American Culture
I am immersed in the American Culture, the other days in the Penn State Library the information desk woman asked,
- What country are you from? -

I am American, however my English has change, my way of thinking has change, and I am becoming a citizen of the planet because I have lived outside the USA for nine years. What is unique is I have not lived in any one country longer than a couple of months at a time.

I am American, it is the country I will defend, I have yet to see a better system, or more correctly I have yet to see a system of government that seem more fair than the USA.

American Culture

What The..

What The..

What am I to do, I like to travel, like to visit new places. Planning a trip is time consuming or can be time consuming. I personally try to keep planning out of the equations. I just go to a place, learn about it on the fly, enjoy or not enjoy and go to the next place. I live in a new place, and then live in the next place.

The edges around the middle are getting fat. The distance from here to there is becoming more complicated. I truly do believe what I read by Henry David Thoreau 20 years ago is still true today.
- Simplify -

I receive information into my world.
I want to receive information into my world.
I wish to observe the world.
I am not sure I want information to INVADE my world.
I wish to invade the world.

I wish to create a bigger buffer between me and the information that tries to invade my world. It is like a guard at the door of a some local disco, he checks Identification, looks the person in the eyes, give them the once over, tries to determine if they have a weapon, in a worst case scenario, he will, I suppose it could be she will pat the person down to see if they should enter the bar.

A crazy the other day trying says I am trying to stop freedom of speech, by stopping comments on the blog. I can moderate, I am the unfortunate editor.
This is more blatant invasion of my planet.

I am on the moon, someone calls up, do I have to answer the telephone?
I personally am used to answering all calls, I try to answer all emails, in reality it has become impossible to answer all the emails or comments, or to even read all of them.

I need a map to travel.
I want a guide to travel.

Stay the course, keep my eyes on the horizon, choose a spot on the horizon and make a tack for this location. Sort of a dead reckoning for where I wish to go.
I think the prime directive of travel is to remember to enjoy the trip.

I do think the noise is louder, the music is blaring; I am making my way for the door, friends are hollering to stay for just one more. I am leaving, I am traveling, this is the ultimate joy of travel, to leave behind all this is.

Bob Seger, many moons ago told a story to me in University, as me, the Chetster, Stuckman and Ort blared the music, loaded up Maggie the blue van, purchased 12 case of beer at Big Red Liquors, in Bloomington, picked up Oz, Debbie, my sister invade the Tri-Delta house and left for Fort Lauderdale for spring break.

Bob Seger sang,
- Up with the sun, gone with the wind, running when things get me crazy, leaving my friends, leaving my family,

I still here the raspy voice, like the sound of Johnny Cash as the Folsom Prison blues hears the train.

We or me, you and I, we must listen to our own drummer, however measured and far away.

The Future of Travel I Travel as an Illegal Alien

The Future of Travel I Travel as an Illegal Alien
What a great idea, I can forget Visas, Passports, Entry or Exit stamps, I can just blaze on through a border. Forget about the law. I can enter and leave the USA without a stamp or permission. I will not have to report or care. I have rights because there is no law that says I have to report. It is legal to not be legal.
I do not have to worry about taxes, because there is no way the USA government will know I am in the USA. I can stay longer than 30 days and not pay taxes as living in the USA.
No reporting, no asking permission, just go and break the law.
How silly, there is no way countries on the planet are going to let me enter and live illegal. This is one of the biggest dangers of travel. I could overstay my Visa and the country would extract huge bribes or fees. Hold me hostage until friends or family send thousands of dollars.
You got to love people, they can be so stupid, someone had to love a person that is so stupid to not realize the difference between legal and illegal.
Having a lot of illegal person stage a protest, you got to love these people. There are some persons on the planet that deserve mercy. They need taken care of, told what to do, how to behave. They need help.
Please come in, it is raining...
Stupid People are having a hay day.
The Future of Travel I Travel as an Illegal Alien

Thanks "Life is good"
Andy the
Travel Journal

Indiana The Crossroads of America

Indiana The Crossroads of America
I am in Indiana, while New York may be the cultural center of the planet, I feel in many ways when I enter Indiana I have found the Heart of the USA.
The state Motto of Indiana is maybe...
The Crossroads of America
I have a way of studying, I look for the essence of something, the one liner that explains, the briefest possible explanations. A motto in someways is some clarity, however as in all things, there is both sides of any coin to observe.
I will leave the USA on the 10th of April for Budapest Hungary.
Indiana The Crossroads of America

Emails Are Blocked in Hotel

Emails Are Blocked in Hotel
I can send emails two ways.
1. Go to Yahoo online and write the letter, click send.
2. Download and upload my emails.
The bottom line with the internet connection here is this. I send them with my Email Client. It says they are sent, BUT they are not.
This is a terrible problem, I believe they are sent, I have no idea how man people did not receive emails in the last days.
I write email both ways. When I have a connection, I sometimes write online. I am doing this live with a connection, through my Yahoo box.
This problem is a critical problem for a business person that could be using Outlook or Outlook Express to send and receive emails. The could be writing emails that must be received. I am just a blogger, if you do not get this, not the end of anything, Just me making noise.
Many problem here, which signal am I using, why do they have a firewall? I do not like firewalls. They stop things, but even worst is Virus programs. They just take over, make a decision on what is ok or not ok.
Emails Are Blocked in Hotel

Thanks "Life is good"
Andy the
Travel Journal

How good is WIFI in your Hotel

How good is WIFI in your Hotel

I make webpages, then I publish them to the internet. Let me explain in another analogous way. Pretend you opened a Microsoft Word program to write a letter, than you clicked on file, save as, and named the file, than clicked on OK. The letter you wrote would be saved to the computer. I do the same, except I save it on a computer that is on a server in Wales in the UK or Great Britain.
When I am sending the information from my computer to the computer in Wales, there are many ways this connection can break or have problems. Normally 99 percent of the problems are on my end of the lake. In the end, what I want is a rock solid connection, no stalls, no slowing of the signal, then at the very end of the trail, I want a fast connect. I first want solid steady rock solid signal, I want the tortoise. I do not need the rabbit, I want extreme consistency.
ONE little stall and the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) will hiccup, cut, make it so one of the files does not send.
ONE little hiccup during a download or upload of emails will cause them to break.
1. All the emails will not be downloaded and then removed from my online email box.
2. When I send the emails they will not send.
(Warning - YOU think you sent the email, it was not received, you could be blaming
your employee for what was your fault.)
IF I am blogging and a photos has not published correctly, a broken picture or a half picture could show. Whatever the case, people do not care, they just want the photo to show and be happy.

This says... LOW, it should say if I am to be very happy. EXCELLENT.
I am in a Days Inn, a very clean, nice, wonderful Hotel, however I still want the EXCELLENT signal, I do not want low. This has been cause me numerous problems, yesterday I blogged to the internet by email, I did not check to see if the email when through. I got to the class to start talking and the page was not showing. I had not sent an email. I went to computer and looked. I was sending to three emails at one time, I think 2 was sent, then the last broke. The wrong one to break.
Bottom line, I have learned a lesson on WIFI in a Hotel, I need to check for the words EXCELLENT, maybe I need to do the same as I would in any other hotel. Assume I need to check signal, strength, does this really work. I have to decide today. Do I ask to move to a better location in the Hotel here in the Days Inn in the city of State College close to the University of Penn State.
I am paying for a signal as part of my package, I want a rock solid connection. I know there is a router or box that is sending this signal. Somewhere I normally could get closer to the signal. This is why I rented a room in the Don Quijote Hotel in Antigua, the router was in my room. I had the words Excellent 24 hours per day. It was a screamer.

Many signals available in the room, some open and some closed. Hard to say if I am actually on the Hotel signal, except for an obnoxious reason I keep getting the next graphics. They end with an advertisement, I do not like to pay for a pop up, take my screen advertisement.
I had trouble with the stronger, one opened that I-Hotel, sent this email. IT did not send.  I am suspecting their firewall ate it.. I am not sure, the bottom line is my foxmail email client says it is sent, I should be getting three emails in my Yahoo box. I should be hear little whooshing noises. Aagh, I cannot guarantee the emails sent. This is an extremely bad problem.

I have to click on this annoying thing, when the signal breaks which it has done a lot, because it does not say EXCELLENT it says low. Then they make me look at some advertisement page.

The signal keeps breaking, I am having trouble getting these graphics to show in my email client.

This is the little speed thingy. Someone wrote or posted when I was in Antigua wanting to know the speed. I normally do not pay attention to speed. I am wanting only a good solid, uninterrupted signal with no stalls. I tell by the feel if the connection is good or bad, I do not need to read these screens, I can see the speed by looking at how fast emails send, or how fast my Cute FTP program is working.
I think, not positive always I understand how this work, but I believe my signal if you looked this link was 10 time faster in the room in Guatemala.
IF I owned a Hotel, I would put wire ethernet in every room, this WIFI so fars is a nice toy, however many times just a toy.
How good is WIFI in your Hotel

Thanks "Life is good"
Andy the
Travel Journal

New York Photos

New York Photos

I arrived early in JFK and had to wait 7 hours to pick up my rental care with Enterprise, I was surprised they was not open 24 hours per day.

This is a subway map, I surprised to learn how easy it was to travel around Manhattan Island.

John Lennon Memorial in Central Park

Central Park is very beautiful place, not quite the image you would get from movies.

Ground Zero or the hole where there was the 9-11 disaster. There is huge fence around the area.

There is series of time related, or a step by stop photo and story explaining what happened.

The area of Ground Zero is cleaned and ready, however just a large hole presently.

The statue of Liberty is close to Ground Zero and you can see it from the shore.

Wall Street

A stature of George Washington close to the entrance to the New York Stock Exchange.

The New York Stock Exchange.

Penn State College Lecture Notes

Penn State College Lecture Notes

- How for one person to make a successful website?

Make a mess, then organize it
Retrieve it systems
Systems - Design a System
One person - One Job, no sharing
Macro Express
Pen - Note card - Computer - Database
A business has to make outrageous amounts of money
One thing done per day
Stop or do not talk with bad Karma
Start to write a book on your project
Tickler System
Subscribe to Newsletters, NOT FEEDS
Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich
Microsoft Works
Buy yourself free time
Capture all ideas
Do not lose a good thought
Take small one word or two word notes
Email to Blog
IF my mother can navigate or use, then ok.
I am not a multi-tasker
Perfect Page
Tapping Sources
Someone did it before idea
Data base it in works and sort
Create the common elements in Database
Forgive yourself for not being perfect
Incoming Links
Viral Marketing
Avoid Techies
Faith that work will prevail
Permutations Combinations - Finite Math
Terms breakdown
Chunking it down - Research Blog
Not being dysfunctional
Brute Force Marketing
Delegation of Brute Force Marketing
Learn to Type
Do not lie
Try not to remember anything, I do not remember.
One, I know I am prone to temptation
Only follow proven success, ignore the rest
Chunk Down theories
Elevator Music
Three Year Commitment
7 Years needed to make money
Remove obstacles to production
Prioritize work
No Acronyms
Do not hire and advisor, follow the best person

Decide Goal: i.e. Malnutrition
Google Alert it
Macro it to Email Client
Blog it
Extract URLs
Spin the URLs to Titles
Save as the pages
Extract the relevant terms
Enter Relevant Terms into Alerts
Expand and repeat
Data Entry person collect and enter into online Excel file
Create Database of Terms
Create Database of Website on the related terms
Create Database of the person or companies

Penn State College Lecture Notes

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