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I was listening to Jimmy Buffet sing the song Margaritaville on the radio. I misunderstood the one phrase and thought Jimmy was brilliant.

All of those tourists covered with oil

All of those tourists covered with AWE

I was really thinking Jimmy has snuck in a insight that was thrilling to me, however on looking up the words on the internet it went back to normal. What happens is this, as a person sitting around a lot, - Wasting Away - a lot, I have slowly become more annoyed by tourist and travelers. It comes down to Awe, they walk around with this glossy look on their faces. Plus then they are - True Believers. - The believe this is better than anything they ever experienced. There is sort of transference of a small snapshot of their life, they then believe the location is better than home or anywhere. It is really walking around in AWE, or maybe a Fog. Comparisons can lead a mind a stray. The place Jimmy talks about is real, at least to me, I search for it all the time.

By: Jimmy Buffett
Nibblin� on sponge cake
Watchin� the sun bake
All of those tourists covered with oil
(All of those tourists covered with AWE)
Strummin� my six-string
On my front porch swing
Smell those shrimp they�re beginnin� to boil

Wastin� away again in margaritaville
Searching for my lost shaker of salt
Some people claim that there�s a woman to blame
But I know it�s nobody�s fault

I don�t know the reason
I stayed here all season
Nothin� to show but this brand new tattoo
But it�s a real beauty
A mexican cutie
How it got here I haven�t a clue

Wastin� away again in margaritaville
Searchin� for my lost shaker of salt
Some people claim that there�s a woman to blame
Now I think
Hell, it could be my fault

I blew out my flip-flop
Stepped on a pop-top
Cut my heel had to cruise on back home
But there�s booze in the blender
And soon it will render
That frozen concoction that helps me hang on

Wastin� away again in margaritaville
Searching for my lost shaker of salt
Some people claim that there�s a woman to blame
But I know it�s my own damn fault
Yes and some people claim that there�s a woman to blame
And I know it�s my own damn fault


A Volunteer Idea

A Volunteer Idea

This is Cusco Peru
I paid a nice Dutch Girl to put my Logo on sweatshirt, then give them to street people. She took photos and asked them a few questions. I thought about helping to fund this project as a way to bring notice to street people, plus give them a way to be warm. Cuzco is pretty high, therefore cold in the night.

The Ideas is this, the world would not like have all their poor people on webpages, therefore eventually it would induce the countries to take care of their people.

Photos taken by Irene of the Netherlands or Holland.

Señora Agripina

This woman was sitting in Calle Meson de la estrella. She always comes here
in the afternoon. She has a daughter but she doesn’t have any work nor any

Señora Sota
She just crossed the street very
difficultly because she has rheumatisme, and she sat down in the Av.
Universitaria to beg for money because she doesn’t get any financial support
from the government. She mainly spoke Quechua but understood a bit of

Sr. Casiano
He is blind and is sitting almost every
day in Calle Maruri, with his little money bucket with a string to avoid
that people will steel the money that he just received. Sometimes his
grandson is with him to avoid that.
He only spoke Quechua so didn’t understand
me at all but he was really happy with the sweater. I think he is about 80
years old.

Benjamin, 70 years old, also blind and is
playing the flute (very false) or some other instrument in calle

Marcelino, 38 years old, is handicapped
and moves around on his hands and his feet, with wooden blocks underneath to
protect his skin. Normally you can find him on Avenida Sol to beg for money
because he doesn’t receive any financial support.

Fidel, 68 years, is a blind man who is
always playing the Bandolina,in calle Intikijllu to receive money. Not a top
artist but at least he is trying!

German, 38 years, also handicapped and
moving around on his knees and hands. I met him in Avenida Sol and he told
me that he doesn’t have a job nor any financial support, so he begs for

Wilberto Antor, 35 years old and
paraplegic begging for money in front of the Bank in Avenida Sol.

Sr. Agustin, 83 years old.
I met him in Avenida Sol, he
is blind and is begging for money in different places, finding his way with
a stick.

Sr. Fortunato, 56 years old, Avenida Sol.
He normally sleeps on the floor in an institution where they can stay for
the night. During the day he is begging for money.

Silvia, 85 years old, was sitting in calle
Carmen K’ijllu. I could hear and see that she was sick. She told me that she
had pain in her back and problems with her lungs, Tuberculossis. If she
feels good enough to beg for money then she will be on the street. She
doesn’t have any insurance nor does she get any financial help.

In Plazoleta
Espinar I met Sacharias, 35 years old, who told me that he became sick from
one day to the other, from his middle to his feet and he also has problems
with his hands. He doesn’t know what his sickness is because, like he told
me, they didn’t help him very well in the hospital. In the past he was
working in agriculture but now he is begging for money during the day and in
the night he stays in the Institute Fartac where he can sleep.

In Plazoleta Espinar I met a man, called
Domingo, 90 years old. He is from Chincheros a little village half an our
from Cusco and was limping around in Cusco, asking for money holding his hat
up. He doesn’t receive any economical help from the government. He is from
Chincheros a little village half an our from Cusco.

Juan, 45 years, is begging for money in
the street Matara because he can’t get a job. 9 Months after he was born he
got poliomyelitis.

Maria Elena Quispe, 50 years, with
paralysis is from Ceuzabamba and is begging for money on the cold floor, in
Calle Qéra, until late in the night because she doesn’t get any support.

Señora Tomasa
She is “una madre abandonada”. She doesn’t
have any contact with her kids any more, she said. She is from Sicuani but
doesn’t remember her age. She is begging in Calle Almayro and preferred two
sweaters but was happy with one as well.

Manuel Cumpena, 75 years, is from Sianari
and had a job in the past but doesn’t get any pension nor help and is
begging for money in Calle Ayacucho. He was very happy with the sweater for
the cold nights.

Roxana and Sandra lost their house with
everything in it because their father burned the house in a drunken rage,
with them and their 5 year old brother inside, at the moment that their
mother escaped to get help. Happily they all could escape!!!

Señora Juliana
Soncco, 42 years, is having tuberculosis, the government doesn’t help her,
she can’t work, her husband passed away and she’s got 4 children, we met
her in the street Marquez

Señor Pedro Cahuide, 83 years old, doesn’t
have a pension, now he begs for money in the streets because he doesn’t have
anything to eat, he doesn’t know anything of his children, he is completely

Volunteer Idea

Netcong or Newton New Jersey

Netcong or Newton New Jersey
Sunday 2:35 PM

I am in some small village or stop sign in the middle of the road, almost 1 1/2 hours from JFK Airport. The owners is from India, did was not able to find a Mom and Pop Hotel, this is ok, it has Wireless better than the Days Inn in State College, because this says Very Good. The quality is my new concern. The room has HBO and a lake across from the Hotel, however in the end still a hotel, not much to do, except to watch TV and play on the Internet.

This is one of the better rooms in a long time, Fridge, Microwave, remote control for TV, however I am still waiting for the heater to catch up with the chill in the room.

I am ready to leave the USA, I am ready for more normal living and less food. I am in some places called the Holiday Motel, oops, I am in Andover, New Jersey. I drove along the road a long time searching for a non-chain for the night. I am having trouble with sterile feelings of chains.

Netcong or Newton New Jersey


Open but Not Open Wifi Connections on Ohio Toll Road

Open but Not Open Wifi Connections on Ohio Toll Road

I stopped at a service plaza, I am not sure what you call these places. I stopped to buy a Hamburger at Burger King while on the Ohio Turnpike or Toll Road. It is a captive audience, pay to play, eat and buy more expensive than normal place.

I have this New Canary Wireless WIFI sniffer.

It says... a good 4 bar signal, and open on Channel 11.

I think, ok, enough testing, time to really test.

I go to my rental car, pull out my brains, hit the on switch. It will not work in the car. I go back inside, NOTE, there is this SBC sign, I do not know the company, I think the same one that wanted me to sign a contract to purchase my FREE Atom or RSS feeds. It was a long contract, full of too much, and I could not figure out why I was selling something that was FREE.

Probably the same as the sign, SMALL PRINT.

This is OPEN, however if you use your Credit Card. So I strike out, now I need, open, however free, no pay signals.


What is wrong with saying, yes or no, I do not have to pay or I have to pay. I now have a bad taste or a worst taste in my mouth over the SBC, now on the other hand I keep trying to learn or think why does't Mcdonald sell a Charcoal Grilled Hamburger like Burger King.



Somewhere Pennsylvania

Somewhere Pennsylvania
Saturday April 9, 2006, 6:54 AM

I am not sure the time is correct, and now I realize I do not know the name of the city. I left the Ohio Turnpike and I believe entered Pennsylvania, however I just cleared the state line and looked for a place.

I guess I stopped in Hubbard, Ohio and looked for a room, there were two hotels or motels easy to stop at, however the Best Western appearing very nice was 79 dollars the Travel Motel made for truckers was 48, I thought the Best Western was nice, however sleeping is not worth often 80 dollars to me. I would rather spend my money on something more permanent. Both ask me if I had an ADL license, I am not sure what they said, however they wanted to know if I had a license to drive a semi truck. I am not sure of the discount, however it appears there are discounts offered for Truckers.

I am not sure I really would consider living with truckers as bonus, or worthy of making me stay.

I went on down the road, crossed into Pennsylvania and stopped at some exit with many Hotels; I found this no presences place called the Star Lite Motel. The woman was from Mexico and I had fun talking in Spanish and asking her questions.

She asked 39, and then dropped it to 35 when I asked about HBO Movie Channel.

The room is cavernous big enough for 4 persons, I was wondering what the price is for 2 or 3 people. The room is normal for the USA, two beds, air conditioner and heater on the wall, and Television between the beds tied to the wall.

Many people talk about features of Hotels or Motels, however I realize many times, the housekeeper or decorator is not my concern. I wish the hotels of the planet would focus on full time maintenance people. There is always a punch out list of 5-10 things in a room that are in disrepair and need fixed.

Many times the labor is so cheap in a room in Thailand or South America that all the maintenance is done, However normally all rooms have 5-10 problems that need a maintenance worker.

I am trying to think, have I ever been in a room where they had a form or way for me to report problems of maintenance or to suggest at the end of my stay.

- This needs fixed.-
- This needs repaired. -

It to me is the ever present - I am perfect - mentality of the world.

This is heard and seen when a person says,
- Do not worry, I will not forget. -

The person than just goes on working, they do not write it down, make a checklist or have any system or checks and balances to make sure the jobs is performed. In the end, the best hotel or motel is always the one with the friendly girl behind the desk, not a man, and with a full time very good maintenance person that can fix anything. I have a bad feeling here, I can think of almost zero hotels with a maintenance person, or man I had met and known. I know MOST hotels where I knew that if there was a problem in the room, I had better be able to fix it myself.

This is my normal tack, I fix problems myself, I am my own maintenance man. After being in Caribbean and paying between 40-60 U.S. dollars per night for a room for a couple of months, I can guarantee the quality of a 10 dollar room in Asia or Central and South America is the same as one for 50 in the Caribbean. The Motel I am in presently was built as a Motel, this type of room is always designed better and more spacious, usually has a telephone and a TV.

I will leave as soon as I get a shower, go as close as possible to New York City and not enter, hopefully find a Mom and Pop hotel, owned by Native Born Americans. I am in the USA to visit the USA, not to visit other countries.

Bored Naughty Debauchery Chaos Anarchy

Bored Naughty Debauchery Chaos Anarchy

There was an Anonymous comment about Indiana on the on your post "Indiana The Crossroads of America":

Indiana is one the worst states in America. I was totally bored there..
I suppose my natural inclination is to defend the homeland, my personal fatherland, the place that made me who I am, the cause determinism that created the combinations of experiences, family, friends, and experiences that made me equipped to travel the world.
However, Indiana is boring for most people.
My sister last night said she had no desire to go to New York City. I really have almost zero desire to go to New York City. I would love to go to New York City if I could spend 500-1000 dollars per day. It is the same with the Caribbean, the next time I return I will go and hide in a resort.
What is fun about a city is the debauchery, the chaos, the extreme rush of the world wanting anarchy. I on the other hand believe this is not real life, this is just watching the naughty children be naughty.
I said to my sister,
- People do not feel like they are in control of their lives, the only way they can have control is to say, NO. To disagree with what in the back of their mind they know is correct. To demand to say, I am different. -
Everyone wants to celebrate cultural diversity and the right to be different. I want people to be different, I thinks it is a little asinine on my parts to cause or ask for an argument. Many people will provoke on the comments, I just delete them, I could care less about getting into an argument with an anonymous person on the Internet. This just seems the highest level of me wanting to say to a person.
- Get a life -
I write on the Internet in this blog to clarify my feelings, and to earn money, hopefully to help person on any level I help them, and if they are bored. Please click on something else, it is not a forced to listen media.
But the desire to be naughty is sadly the wave of the future, I have learned many times that a husband and wife will argue for excitement or watch one them too stupid to believe soap operas, too stupid to believe talk shows where the brother had a relation with his brother wife, then had a baby, then sold the baby, then ran off to Mexico. Blah Blah Blah.
This is easier than good constructive enjoyment by reading a book, or listening to a wise old man in the park explain his life.
The second is very boring. The search for Naughty, Debauchery, Chaos and Anarchy is part of being the - Public- or the - Rabble.- Then again, I hope with a little introspection a person could swim up out of the mud puddle.

I travel to look at the rabble of life, not to be the rabble, however I do relate, understand, and also know that a Hobo is not a Suit.
Bored Naughty Debauchery Chaos Anarchy

Need Hotel 3 Hours from JFK

Need Hotel 3 Hours from JFK
I am going to drive to New York City, starting on Saturday, then I will fly from JFK to Budapest, Hungary. I will try to find a Hotel or place to sleep about a 3 hour drive from JFK in hopefully an interesting place. Then on Sunday morning, the 10th of April I will get up early, drive to JFK, drop off my car and fly away.
I am looking for an interesting Mom and Pop hotel close to New York, however fun, interesting, and culturally nice. I suppose there are some Hostels in  New York of note, however I am not into planning and planning and then planning some more, I just like a life of wandering. Not planning to plan, I need to go the - do drop INN - A good way to look at it, wander around and drop in and sleep. A flop house does have some real advantages.

Need Hotel 3 Hours from JFK

Malnutrition Niger

Malnutrition Niger

I am working on this project to solve the problems of Malnutrition in Niger; I stopped at Penn State University to see about Grants and to discuss sources of knowledge with a Professor. I have a contact at Purdue University here in Indiana and I am trying to call this person.

I was sleeping on the floor in the JFK Airport the other day and thought to myself, or had one of them insight moments. I am normally the same as any other traveler, and then there are moments when I am different. What is different is I will sleep on the floor, ride the bus for a couple of days, I will say hello to cockroaches.

I do not want to do this, I just do what I need to do, not big complaints.

This is probably what is the solution for Niger, people that can do what needs to be done. The University is on the ten year plan, seems to have totally lost the plot. The NGO’s are a business, they do not wish to stop the problem, or at least I have yet to see one that wants to put into works long-term solutions. They tend to just build bigger building in Niger; they are not planning on completion.

Churches can or maybe do more than most organizations.

I am assigning person from India to collect data or information about Malnutrition. The professor was not impressed with our system. I was not impressed with their system. Being on a ten-year plan to talk is not a solution. More or less, I am trying to place a net on the internet that collects any smell, sign, and inferences to solutions to Malnutrition. Then we list them into categories, identifying the players, the organizations and make sure what is happening on the planet.

Problem…. English is not the only language we should be searching, we should be searching in at least 10 other language and really would be better in many more than 10, and I will strive to open up the search for possible solutions. There are problems to identify and list, then there are solutions to list and implement.

Malnutrition Niger

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