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On the 15 of July they started allowing any American Citizen to enter Iraq.

Permission Granted for US citizens to enter Iraq

Centcom Military Management for Iraq



I am going to have to change. I am going to stop be just bluntly honest with people I will stop saying I have a travel webpage and that I am going to Iraq.

It will be difficult for me to be elusive.

I am spending a lot of time on the choosing of my next city.

Beach City.

Than next stop a border of Iraq / Turkey city.,


I just negotiated a single room for 6 nights.

The cost is 10 dollars or 14,000,000 Liras. Millions. Time to take a few zeros off the number on money here.

I have a need to use the computer, and only 4 more dollars a night. I have almost never paid that much for a room. The normal price for me is between 2 and 6 dollars a night for a single room. But being that I am need to plan for my trip to Iraq I would like more privacy.


I purchased a map of Turkey today. It shows the cities just on the other side inside Iraq. The names of the cities are in the Turkey language. It is much better to have map in the local or language native to a country. Than you can point to the city and a bus or taxi drive can understand. If the names of the cities are in English than they are confused.



Istanbul is very beautiful and the architecture is great.

The city is very European and I am surprised that it feels more secular and less of a Moslem country. There is alcohol and Turkey people in western style clothes.

Of course there are the normal suspects.

-An American that wants a Gay president and is going to Harvard in the fall for law school.

-The Hostel Owner tells me he hates Americans.

-A French couple that both smoke in the room.. ( I am in a dorm room)

-Turkey girls that flirt with me... I have blue eyes.

-Australians that enjoy life.

-Taxi drivers that go around in circles to run up the meter on the taxi.

-Travelers that stay up all night and drink.

-Western girls becoming bed mates with the local men.


Strange lack of people with Dredds smoking marijuana.

I think the Turkey laws are very strict on drugs.


The format has changed for the blog edit and posting page.

I am on window 98 here in Turkey.

I am very glad I already had it set up

To do it here would be difficult. Plus the keys on the computer are a little different.

Same as USA, but the letter are a little in the Turkey language. Not that many, but some.

I am lucky I do not have to look at the keyboard to type.


KLM or Northwest dropped off my backpack to the Hostel.

My blanket and jacket was gone etc... When I checked in at the Fort Wayne Airport they opened the bag and refused to let me repack it. This was the problem and the pack broke apart. I told them that the baggage handlers for airplanes were very rough. They acted like I was crazy. They do not travel The work in an airport. I travel. I turned in a report after lots of headaches. Luckily the Hostel had a fax machine.

I will see how well KLM handles the situation.

Making telephone calls in other countries takes hours not minutes.

Different languages. Extensions. etc/


I got to the airport. I was going to pay to have it wrapped in plastic.

The Fort Wayne Airport did not offer this. I will come up with a solution for the future.

I know I can put it inside a large bag. I just am not happy to have carry that huge bag.


I appear to have found one of the Europe type party hostels. When I was in Europe proper a couple of years ago they had hostels with bars in the bottom. I am located on a street similiar where all the Hostels are the same. This is nice with sidewalk cafes but I but to me this is a problem. Hard to find a place where you are not surrounded with people or in a "Pay to sit area." It lacks and FREE common areas. I believe that Istanbul is still on the Europe backpackers tour.

If I get outside the city. I hoping this will change.



I made it to Turkey. I am in a Hostel and paying about 4,500,000 million Liras.

Or about 6 dollars.

KLM or Northwest ... The are partners left my bag in Amsterdam.

I am very lucky. This is the first time in 6 years I got a reservation.

But with the new link on my site. I can do it well and CHEAP.... 6 DOLLARS.

Worked good. The reception desk had my name on their list.

BECAUSE I have a reservation. The can deliver the bag to my Hostel and I do not have to got the airport and pick it up.

This was 2 first. First to lose my bag, and first to have a reservation.

Cheap Hotel or Hostel Reservation system

Plus I get a small commission. Maybe 1 dollars.

I put it on the place because I had a need for this. I would love to have a reservation for the first day on a continent.

Very tired.

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