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I am leaving tommorrow for the Turkey / Iraq border. Since they killed two of Sadaam sons in Mosul. It is possible for me to be in Mosul within 2 or 3 days. If I WANT. I am not saying that is what I will do. I will sit on a border and feel out the situation. Try to buddy up with some locals. Find some local clothes also.

If you go the link below: CLICK on C8 there is a boder town by the name of Silope.I am hoping they have internet, but there is not way other than to go to check. The turkey border is maybe closed. Way too much gossip.

I will have a Syria Visa so I can always go to Syria and start working my way around Iraq to the south.



Turkey or Istanbul is very modern. Absolutely no reason for the average dingaling to visit.

Great architecture, food, and the people are extremely polite. Reminds me of Belgium


Left the Guesthouse early. The Syria Consulate is open only from 9:30 to 11:00.

Took a bus for 1 million Lira to Taksim. That is an area. I had about 1/2 hour to walk to the place, but there were almost 0 street signs, and I am starting to think that Turkey people give directions like the Latinos. They will always give directions whether they know or not.

Finally flagged down a Taxi. Got closer.

I had the father in the Guesthouse earlier write the address in the Turkey Language.

He could not understand either. But the taxi drive did.

Suriye Konsolos Luk

Maçka Cadesı NoL 59/5

Open 9:30-11:00 I think.

232-6721 or 232-7110

Small difference between that and English, but the normal taxi drive is not a rocket scientist.

I made it there.

The extremely nice girl at the counter gave me application.

I filled in all the blanks, whether I knew or not the answer.

Gave her 160 Million Lira and she gave me back I think 8 Million.

This is maybe about 120 USA dollars. It is for a multi entrance visa. I am still not

clear on the length of time.

She would not take dollars.

Put 2 photos with the application. Kept my passport. Gave me a receipt and said

to come back at 3:00 the same day.

Easy. I walked in a straight line to not get lost tilll I found this internet cafe.

I have not idea where I am at really. Macka area... Istanbul

But a straight walk more or less from the Syria Consulate.

Cost is 1/2 here as opposed to the Sultanahmet area.

1 dollar an hour here, and 2 dollar an hour in the area I live. So I am in internet heavon.

The cost of the taxi and bus home, and the trip means that I will just hang around here and see what is on this side. The way I understand it, I am on the Asia side now. The Europe sides is on the other side of the bridge and water.

NOTE: Have people write think in the local language.... huh

I am in a different country. They speak a different language.


Hello, My friend Nate sent me some facts on spelling. My spelling seems to be a popular subject.


History books spell the Blue Mosque.....AYA Sofia as "Hagia Sophia"

A few facts:

This church was built in 535 A.D. by the Romans under Emperor

Justinian....its considered one of the greatest examples of Byzantine

architecture. The main dome is over 100 feet in diameter and 180

feet above the floor. This building was an early christian church and its

plan and design were based on a series of half domes,arches and cross

patterns. IT was later taken over by the Muslims and converted into a Mosque.



This is true I suppose.

There is always about 4 or 5 spelling of everything and interpretations.

I walk by the two Mosque once or twice per day and there is no clear signs.

It could be they believe you should pay for a guide...


I do not normally care of think about any transpose, translated, or converted word into the English language. What is necessary is the spelling in the local language. So now that is Turkey.


I bought a map. The vendor wanted to sell me one in English. I had to sort of push him to let me buy the Turkey Language one. He was really trying to help, and of course he would make more money on the tourist stuff.

But... I want a map for directions, not to read.

If you take a English map and hold it up in front of a Turkey person. They will be lost. It is in a different language.

So with the Turkey language map I can point at a city in the country. They read the name in THEIR language.

Much easier.

But spelling is almost irrelevant. Might not see the woods for all the trees.


The radio station could not call of some reason.

That is OK. I am not that motivated to talk on Radio.

I can edit the blog. So here goes.

This is my telephone number in Istanbul.


But this is the number of the Admirals Guesthouse. Very nice and close to all things.

001 90 212 458 61 98

or maybe

001 90 0 212 458 61 98

The access to get out of the country of the USA is maybe 011.

Room 9

I am curious at this junction as to what works.

Andy HoboTraveler.com


There ıs a fresh fruıt and vegetable market today ın the street. It is probably the best looking tomatoes, potatoes, cherries, nuts, eggs, peaches, and other assorted types of food I have seen in my travels. They are very high quality.

Chapas Mexico is the only place I can remember where the market looked this good.

Most of the time there is a mixture of semi-rotten whatever mixed in.


I was talking with the person about the vegetable.

He wanted to know if it was safe to eat? More or less, are there pesticides and herbicides on them.

He made the conclusion they was safe because we are in a poorer country and they do not have the chemicals.

I said,

'You are right, they do not have the chemicals we have. The have all the really good ones that are illegal in the USA."

Most countries have pesticides and herbicides just like the developed countries.

What they do not have is laws that regulate.

Similiar to the idea that the sell copies all the music CDs here in the street for almost nothing.

The law is not the same.

But in the end, the market food looks great.

There is a silly illusion that somehow poorer countries have better moral than rich countries.

What set the tone is the legal system and the leaders.

What the USA has is a very effective press that exposed the minor of moral offenses.


I keep walking done the streets where there was suppose to be chariot races. Seems like an awfully small track.


I started to go to the Syrian Consultate today. The manager of the Guesthouse called. They are only open from 9:30-11:00 in the morning.

I was already too late. I will be on their front door tommorrow. I went and got 8 passport photos for 4 dollars USA or about 6 Million Lira.

The Consulate is a little ways away so I must be careful to take every possible thing. Friday is also some type of Islam Holy day and I am worried that they will want to keep the passport overnight or until the next business day. For some reasone they do this in some countries.

So you are suppose to have your passport on you at all time, but they will keep it for the visa stamp overnight.

I never carry my passport. A copy yes. The USA passport has value if stolen.