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Hotels Extras

Hotels Extras
Sunday January 22, 2006, 6:14 AM

Hotel Extras, maybe you could say add-ons to a room, sometimes in Europe they will make you pay for sheets. This is stingy, bridging in unethical to me, like a bait and switch scheme, here is room, however, there is nothing in it, and you need to rent this to use the room.

I am thinking about what the relative value of room benefits.

I have a room now with:

1. TV and Cable
2. Hot Water
3. Kitchen with Refrigerator

Five-Star - Four-Star - Three-Star- Two-Star - One-Star

It is hard for me to comprehend, however after nine years of travel I am not able to tell you the fundamental difference between a Five Star Hotel and a One Star Hotel, other than the price. I believe what you do is add up the benefits, however I just do not know, it could be some system much more nebulous. I know there are things, which I call deficits that are considered benefits. For instance having a restaurant or bar in the Hotel is to me a very big deficit, seems great, however who wants a bar in their home. It is ok for a two-day trip, or two weeks, however after living in a Hotel for two months a bar in the home is not a good idea.

I would say a basic room cost the owners:

3 Dollars per day to offer to a person as hard cost.
1 Dollars per day to have electricity.
5 Dollars per day for profit.
- 9 Total

Total 9 Dollars is about the minimum charge, however many rooms are less than and as little as 1 or 2 dollars a night. If you built a building, you could easily get the cost down to 5 dollars.

Add on 2 Dollars for TV
Add on 2 Dollars for Kitchen

I am now up to 13 dollars per night as a fair amount of money to ask for the room I am in, put this on an island and somehow drive up the cost and 20 dollars is probably a fair prices to ask for the room.

I am in a place called Sandys Guesthouse, just down the street from the Airport here in Tobago, I am not sure, and I guess it is called Crown Point or Store Bay. Tobago appears to be a series of bays, or small harbors. I would say maybe a series of small beach coves that are then purchased or surrounded by a resort. Public beaches are a little scarce so far and travelers are complaining because they have to pay 18 TT Dollars to enter one of the closer ones.

I would say on a scale of 1-10 the beach here at Store Bay is a 5, it has a interesting shape, however too small and not really adequate for the number of tourist. I was going to say travelers however; this place has 99 percent tourist and maybe 1 percent travelers. It is almost impossible to stay here indefinitely as if a traveler could decide to do, find a job and not leave.

Sandys cost 125 TT or about 20 Dollars per night.

This is a very good Hotel in the scope of things; it even included toilet paper and two towels. The two towels are exceptional.
A single room in the Platypus Bogota cost about the same.

10 for room.
2 Dollars add on for TV
5 Dollars add on or off because it is not in a valuable land location.

17 dollars would be the relative value or cost if you mixed and matched all the add-on or extras. This is like doing a real estate Appraisal

Hotel Room Cost Appraisal, I needed this proper term.

Wifi or Wireless Connection in Tobago

Wifi or Wireless Connection in Tobago
Saturday January 21, 2006, 9:20 AM

I am sitting here in an Internet Café in Tobago, every computer in the internet café has a wireless connection. What is normal for the world is for all the computers to be connect by Ethernet cable, with this systems I just unconnected from the back and plug into my computer. Sometimes I have to have help to configure the IP - Internet Protocol addresses.

I ended up leaving the café and going to eat with Craig and Rose, the man roughly worked on the computer from 9:30 to 12:30, he was not able to connect the computer and actually started to cause some problems because he downloaded a driver of sorts, it was a little nerve wracking for me, and I do not download updates. They cause more problems than worth, updates are a risk, and if there is a problem, I could be sitting around for a week trying to find someone smart enough to fix the problem.

Trinidad Airport

Trinidad Airport
Friday January 20, 2006, 4:07 AM

Trinidad Airport
I am not sure what time it is, however it about time for the ticket counter to open here in Port of Prince, Trinidad Airport. I slept the last night in the airport after arriving from my Bogota-Caracas-Trinidad flight at 9:20, clearing customs and finding there were no more flights for the night. Craig has been telling me by email that Port of Prince or PoS as everyone seems to write that it is dangerous, the taxis are a little expensive I heard also, they are either 30 dollars U.S. or 30 Dollars Trinidad Dollars to the city. If the Trinidad money not so bad. However, it was safer for me to sleep in the airport than to go with this new type of taxi drivers.

I was told they speak English, however more the country of India English and I think maybe they speak French. I feel like I am in a Richer version of Niger, however more dangerous than Niger country. Everyone that is working is African decent or India decent, I must look close to see the difference, as the Indian are also the very dark versions.

I am told the ticket counter for Tobago opens at five.
I need to go check, they are mucking around there and the woman did not seem to understand my English. Better, go check…

Arrogance Has No Bounds

Arrogance Has No Bounds

I am sitting here wrapping up my choices for the Top Travel Sites of 2005, knowing in my heart that I choose and pick sites that no travel writer on the planet would choose. I amaze myself on how I am able to do this, I guess my - Arrogance has no bounds - I am an egomaniac to believe that I am correct and most of the rest are wrong.

I really despise the term - Travel Writer - and really do not like to associate myself with this word. I am a traveler, not a writer, I like to travel, I earn money by writing or actually maybe it would be better to say - Travel Typer - hehehe

I type what I think, explain as best I can how to travel, or at least how I travel. There really is no best way to travel or best place to visit. The best places are where you love, I told my friendly last night, and Colombia would be a great country if I had a girlfriend here. In the end the best place are where we find our best friends, a good conversation and many laughs. I do not think often about destinations, except maybe for the Elephant ride chasing the Rhino in Chitwan National Park in Nepal, which was a great destination. However mostly I remember the people, and continue to travel to meet the people.

I do realize and know, I am always talking to myself, and in reality, at the end of the day, nobody cares what I am doing or where I am at, everyone just needs a - Coffee Break -. I do encourage the world to stop working so hard.

I like to brag to my friends, it does not take a genius to make a million dollars working 16 hours per day; it does take a genius to do it working two hours.

I like the word games, hmm what is Arrogance.

The dictionary in my Encarta Dictionary says,

Arrogance: contemptuous pride: a strong feeling of proud self-importance that is expressed by treating other people with contempt or disregard. (2)

Ooh.. Painful, I do not treat persons with contempt or disregard; I suppose I do think of travel writers often in this manner. However, I do also think of my own typing or writing with contempt. Hard to have respect for my own writing ability, I can see it often is fraught with embarrassing problems. I do on occasion need to read some pages, I think, how can a person just leave word out, or use the completely wrong tense. Like typing sent instead of send, annoying person writing this crap.

I do fight though with another issue, my Mother was saying, or writing, your blog is boring. I agree to her it is boring; however, what I am personally thinking is never boring to me, just to others. Therefore, there is this natural tendency to remember I have some person reading this; it was easier when I knew nobody read it. Nonetheless, I do not go back and erase what I have type, do not try to edit, I try to type fast and quick, writing my journal will little care or introspection on what other person would think. I only stop a couple of thoughts here and there to avoid hate mail. There are lots of hateful person in the world that hate other persons, they take the time to write a person they hate, and even worst they read information from persons they hate. Quite crazy to me.

I am now and always will be in my own little box. I live in a box, it is my head, not many people come to visit, and I am here alone. Sounds somewhat forlorn, actually, I stopped fooling myself about 25 years ago that I was going to have this constant warm, touching, soul-searching intimacy with all person and any persons. I do have intimacy with friends, however most of my friend I can feel their arrogance… hehehe contempt and disregard. I can tell when they are listening however not interested.

Enough of the crap, I am ready to go to Trinidad and sit on the beach; they say Tobago has good beaches. It better or I for sure will be tempted to go to Rio where I know there are good beaches. I did not find any good beaches in the Philippines so I am lacking.

Trinidad and Tobago, is this one country or two?

Tobago after Long Trip


I just flew into Tobago, this post will be out of order.

I flew from Bogota to Port of Spain, Trinidad, slept on a bench in the Airport, got up at 4:00 PM, purchased a ticket for 200 TT Dollars. or about 35. U.S. one-way to Tobago. I flew with Caribbean Star and arrived just as the sun came up.

All is great, talked with Craig before he went to bed, he must have stayed up all night, a brilliant man, interesting and knowledgeable on the internet world. I went to the beach, fell asleep in the Sun, now I am trying to not think about food so I can get down to weight for the beach...

The place is like a family reunion being waited on by Bob Marley.

Map of Trinidad and Tobago Above Venezuela

Map of Trinidad and Tobago

This is where I am going, it is right above Venezuela or South America.

Top Travel Sites of 2005

Top Travel Sites of 2005

I am trying to send a new HTML newsletter, it looks like crash and burn.

This is the letter online, and easy to read.
Written from Bogota as I am about to take a taxi to the airport.

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