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A Girl from Tobago says Guys Make Nice Pets

A Girl from Tobago says Guys Make Nice Pets

Wednesday January 25, 2006, 8:14 AM

We are leaving the Crown Point area or Store Bay next to the Airport and going north to the Charlottsville area, hoping to find some sailboat going South or North.

This very nice woman allowed me to photograph here sure, I in turn assured he I was a very good pet.

In Scarborough there is Fort George this many sang some rhyming lyrics in turn for some extra cash.

Cannon on top of the hill overlooking the bays of Scarborough.

Craig asked, why do they put the houses on legs?

High Water?

An inquisitive and cute bunch stopped and we had to take their photos, here is one of the extreme cute girls.

Sassy and maybe in the language here spicy.

How Old is Valerie in Tobago

How Old is Valerie in Tobago

Tobago Hotel or Guesthouse

I am a place called Sandy’s Guesthouse, a really nice room, however the word that comes to mind for wife is - Battleaxe - I do not even know what this mean, however this woman is an - Old Battleaxe. -

Funny how I think a phrase and word and do not know where learned it, however this is my first thought. Sandy is a man, he has a wife by the name of Valerie, or that is the name I think Craig calls her, I am not sure, I cannot understand her without a tremendous amount of concentration. She does keep the facility very clean and in shape, so she does give me the services or the product I have agreed to pay for, I would rather know I am buying these services from a extreme grump that are excellent than a really crap place from a nice person. Sadly though I will only stay in a grumpy place a short time, because probably a good spirit is the most important element in the end if both are equally safe, it who I meet in the Hotel and not who owns it. Valerie is grumpy and sort of makes a person feel like you are invading their home, one reason living in a person home can be taxing. I have to walk on eggshells. Valerie is now upstairs and this is good, I moved downstairs and have TV, much better.

Valerie is from the Countryside, I think this is the term they use here for the persons who speak a more dialectic form or English and short on words. I am wondering how old Valerie is, I asked or was chatting with Sandy and he said he was 73, well persons get grumpy sometimes when they are older, it is possible Valerie is 73, she does not seem to be over 65, however it may be she is a lot older.

There has been some small problems, yesterday she came out and made or tried to make Craig to feel guilty for not pay. She has this weird payment plan, after you live in the place 48 hours you are suppose to pay, instead of just asking, she went into a guilt tirade. I decided to go and pay, just to keep her calm, I figure it is her right to get paid daily if she wishes or in advance, or at the end, just keep it clear and be civil.

Today she came to my room, knocked on, and went into this tirade about me not washing the dishes. She is extremely correct on this issue however, I went to bed at 12:30 and did not wash the dishes, a small reminder and I would have done the dishes, however I am way too old for a lecture even if I am guilty. I will not cook in the home anymore and I am moving tomorrow day anyway, the place is a good value. I do think she is honest always she has been entering Rose and Craig’s room to shut off the fan, this is not a good practice, unacceptable, however extremely normal. I will leave on the fan as a test to see if person enter.

I would say this place is good, the price is probably lower by 20 dollars than most of the ones around, however I do not know the other prices.

I am clueless, the budget section of the Lonely Planet started with a place as the first hotel on the list at 60 U.S. Dollars per night, then followed by a 25 dollar. I think this is a corruption of their process or systems, like this hotel gave special services to be on the top of the list and they get the best comments. The price different of 25 dollars more for a hotel in this smaller prices pops the place into mid range for me.

Actually budget, midrange and pay a lot are not adequate categories and really just do not work well, yes they are guides, however a better way would just to get clear. Starting from 0-20 20-50 50-100 100-200 then the crazy.

Prices does matter to a - Shoestring Traveler. -

I only have two shoestrings, not an unlimited number of shoestrings.

Forgot Olympus Camera Cable

Forgot Olympus Camera Cable
Tuesday January 24, 2006, 8:25 AM

I went to King George Fort in Scarborough, it on top of one of the highest points overlooking the bay. Today I thought, I am going to start my newsletter, I have about 100 plus photos and I should send more often, I dig out the smaller Olympus camera I used yesterday only because it is smaller and safer, I look for cord. I do not have one or I cannot find it. I had extra cords and made a bad decision in the USA. I feel weak about this; I am constantly worried about losing a system or a way to perform. One piece of any pie I am eating missing and they take the whole pie away from, to put photos on the net, blog, and create pages is the result of confusing chain of events.

1. Take Photo
2. Download photos off camera.
3. Mass shrink the size of the photos.
4. Publish or FTP photos to folders in my web site.
5. Mass create the links or pages, captions, and then publish.
6. FTP again the finished pages to internet.
7. Link the photos.

I use three hardware devices and four software programs to do all of this, sometimes five if I wanted to fix the photos with Paint shop.

I think of almost all parts of my life as a system or chain of events, the long process from beginning to end.

However my fear when traveling is missing one part and not being able to buy one, I am not sure how easy I can buy the cord, I do believe I can buy a card reader, maybe, I know the solution and what I was thinking, I have two Sony Camera and do not need the one cord, however Wolf Cameras did not come through on there web site and my plans went astray.

Tobago Bob Marley Imitators

Tobago Bob Marley Imitators
Tobago or maybe Trinidad if full of copycats of the Bob Marley look, or the maybe the Rasta look, this is called dreads. A sort of knotted mass of bunched of hair.

I need to take a photo; my Mother and Father will never understand this one.

This is dreads; I am not an expert on dreads, having zero desire to not comb my hair for years at a time. I do know there are natural dreads like those that I have seen on the bums in India or many people with dreads will explain or brag about. There is also made dreads, somehow they tease or knot the hair until it creates the globs. I saw a German boy in the Cascada Verde Hostel in Costa Rica putting toothpaste in his hair and leaving it to someway form them. This is very common within the traveler community, mainly forming in the disillusioned, often anti-authority type individuals of the USA and in Germany, most of the other cultures have very little, as I am not sure, I have ever seen a French person with dreads. There is culture, this is part of the framework by which a person wishes to view the world and be viewed by the word. Culture is not a negative or positive, it is many times the fashions that create the culture; it is the identity of the person expressed in how they act, live and behave.

This is what I would call braids or maybe cornrows when they are closely cropped or tied to the head. This to me is more rational and expedient, there are many reason for a person to tie their hair. Presently the middle ground is a lesser look, either it shaved or long, I am presently growing the ponytail going towards the long look. The natural curl of an African origin person creates a different way to express fashion with hair. 80 percent of the population probably fits into a middle range haircut, both girls and boys; they keep somewhat a traditional haircut, shorter for men and hanging for women. However, there is maybe 30-50 percent in the backpacker traveler community that takes the more dread or rebellious looks of shaving or dreads. I feel that a person must and needs to express themselves in their fashion. I am concerned in the underlying violent behavior or myself or anyone, I term it rage. I see that many underlying sub-cultures have a lot of rage. This is NOT a normal aspect of any culture I know that is mainstream; the rage is more in sub-sets of the cultures.

Bob Marley

- Marley, Bob (1945-1981), Jamaican singer, guitarist, and songwriter, a pioneer of Jamaican reggae music. Considered one of the greatest artists of the genre, he was the first Jamaican reggae performer to achieve significant international stardom. - (2)

- The Rastafarian movement of this period, among other beliefs, recognized Haile Selassie I, king of Ethiopia, as the living God; praised the spiritual effects of marijuana; and endorsed black racial superiority. Influenced by the Rastafarian movement, Marley's music contains elements of spiritualism and mysticism. -

I personally think the Bob Marley culture an aberration of what maybe Bob Marley was often trying to express is damaging a generation. The two quotes above with the - are not me, this is the Encarta Encyclopedia explanation of Bob Marley.

What is a person to do with these three concepts, actually the only safe thing to do is to ignore and try to overlook, look the other way, and make no opinion. There is some form of hotbed out there, a group of person that are dangerous, who will enforce or stop any freedom of speech.

1. - spiritual effects of marijuana -
2. - endorsed black racial superiority -
3. - spiritualism and mysticism -

Freedom is about listening and hearing to thoughts that I agree with, however more freedom is listing to things I disagree with. I am always glad to hear or read comments about the Black Superiority Movements as in the Malcolm X type mentality or the Skin Heads anti-Jewish mentality. I am constantly hoping my world they disappear, however if in my world, what I would think is horrible can exist, express itself, then I know it is possible for more critical problems, for example the beating of women, intimidation of women by men in many cultures can be expressed and stopped.

I see confusion in the three quotes from the Encyclopedia above, I look or feel my judgments are best made when I steer my thoughts and make an introspective and invigorated attempt to ask.
- Are there obvious truths here -?

It is like the near-God experiences or the person who says they have this near-death experience and experienced God. I personally think this is engulfed in hogwash. If you met God, it would not be a question mark moment; it would be - Transparent - as is the buzzword of the day. It would be obvious.

There are road of travel, roads of thought, some are the best path, you do not need to ask questions of anyone, you know you are going home; the next step is an obvious step to make.

Those who make a cloudy step forward into confusion are responsible for their choices. Bob Marley sang of peace and a clear simple world, he also sang of violence and confusion, anger and rage. Each person will have the temptation to choose their path. I personally believe the road to mental salvation is narrow, less that a 5 percent chance of staying on the -Yellow Brick Road -.

Tobago Fruit

Tobago Fruit

What is this?

The man in the next photo said this is Bernadine, I have great trouble understanding his English, the dialect, accent and pronunciation is to the level of difference whereby I can understand Spanish better than him. I tried to get him to write it down, he did that shrug, I quickly picked up on, and I do not believe he knows how to read. There is no value in pushing a person to write something down; you do not want to learn the reason for the hesitations. He is an obviously generous and helpful man.

He said when it was ripe; they would peel of the skins, somehow mix with Rum or something and make a drink.

This is Sandy, the owner of the Sandy Guesthouse here in Tobago, one of the best facilities I have encountered in long time. It has toilet paper and towels, cost about 20 U.S.A Dollars the wife is grumpy and impossible to understand for me, however all in all the facility is great. She is a nesting person that squats on the top floor, sort make you feel like you should leave. She moved me downstairs, gave me a TV in my new room and I can easily avoid her, the bottom rooms are better.
Tobago I believe is dangerous, more than Colombia, less than the center of Lima, nicer than Belize City by a long way, comparable is the Caye Caulker islands of Belize. There are bars on the windows and Sandy’s wife constantly wants me lock the doors. There is this constant awareness in the area that it is possible to be robbed. The - African Origin - person, the great guy, owner of the internet café asked a funny question, he said, why do all the Tourist Girls date the bums, and then nodded towards the beach area. There are many girls here from Europe and maybe America experimenting with the locals, when a person has zero commitments the truth comes out, the true person erupts. It is what is fun about coming to these countries, the observations of person showing culture without the shame constraints of their home culture.

I guess this is sheep, there are fields of sheep or goats interspersed into an area that maybe a real estate investor could believe is valuable. My guess is that any of the land in this area is over-priced and prone to some Tourist inflation values, nothing to do with real values. I could only apply some appraisal to the land here with an income approach, I would have to calculate how much money I could earn, and then back into the values.

Tobago Beach Life Photos

Tobago Beach Life Photos

This is the Crown Point Beach, free and closest to the Tobago Airport, like jumping out of the plane and you can walk straight from the plane to this small beach cove.

Some of the local talent, maybe not, however on the weekend the local person came out during the week it is almost only tourist. The age is older, not that many youths, this is not a young person country in my opinion, this is more a retired go to the resort and hide country.

Trouble on the beach.
I was laughing and observing or trying to understand the methods of this man. I was using my Sony Camera, longer than normal lens, a camera case on my chest, walking around perusing the area, trying to take all the photos here. The time is about 9:45 in the morning on Sunday, the internet café opens at 10:00 AM, therefore I was walking around with my GPS and larger camera taking some photo before the drunks from last night wake up.

This guy hollers something not clear,
- Give me you camera, I will take a movie -

The gist is to come over and let him help.
He is doing the punk you out, take you by guilt approach, a macho form or intimidation and very difficult and amusing. He did this in front of person, the test is on, and will I pay attention to the derelict person. It is too early for this brashness; he is on the prow, predatory in nature, looking for a soft mark. Of course most and he is correct all us white-boys have lot of respect for human life, believe that all person have the right to be listened too, this make us a soft target. This come here, a wave of the hand method is extremely normal here, the statement is this.

IF you will come over, then I got you, I did the look at yourself a#*Hole look, gave him the nod, said hold there. I will take you photo fool, then gave him the shake of my head back turned and gave him my back. I could here the comment, hehehe, what fun, the world is a macho type A, Alpha Male place, this guy is a nothing, needs whacked side the head. I am amazed the police are not patrolling these areas. It is dangerous for the normal naïve traveler. I am told at Pigeon Point you can pay 18 TT Dollars and go to the beach maybe that is where they have protection. You have the resort and outside the resort areas.

Up about one block away from this idiot are very nice persons on the corner, trying to invite person to go to a small open Church, smile and simplicity, clarity of feeling. Obviously trying their best. I come out in the early morning to walk around, normally these persons are still sleeping, maybe he never went to bed. There does seem to be a normal situation of people partying all night.

Que Guapa

As I am still thinking in Spanish, translated as…
How Beautiful!

I did the sneak photo, I was taking a close up of a nude girl sand statue on the beach, and then raise up looked at the screen, NOT the viewfinder, which is as if pointing a gun, zoomed tighter on her.

There are some pretty girls on the beach, I am not sure it is safe to talk with them or what is the less danger of the day situation. The locals men, not the women seem to be hostile, for instance if you do not rent a chair, the boy stood In the middle of the sand where I was going to put my blanket. I had to nudge or back into him to say, get out of the way. This type of direct violent behavior is outrageous and not needed the government of Tobago and Trinidad is negligent with the tourism. Extortion by guilt ns normal, physically being in the way is not normal. I have a feeling this is the flavor of the Caribbean. NOW, very easy to avoid, just pay money, pay too much money, go along with the flow, make sure you let them make you a victim and you will have no problems. The sales methods for this beach can easily make me say, skip this beach, not a hang around or - LIME - the local saying for hanging around beach. I am only on beach one and hope the flavor of the private beaches is better. The lonely planet is almost worthless with sussing out a backpacker hotel or how to travel around. Transportation is notoriously skipped or neglected in the - Lonely Planet Caribbean - it to me it the give-up-pay-a-lot method, not the - On a Shoestring - mentality as is the motto of the Lonely Planet books. Yep, nothing on the front of the book says,
- On a shoestring -

Normal of with a sack on the head, nylon stock holding them.

This was a great man, probably to me of India heritage, his sand whatchamacallit is too graphic for prime time blogging, however he is great. Performed this very fast and with happiness.

This is a loving couple walking into the water, he is helping her.

A group came from outside the local area to the beach. They were playing this game of pantomimes or he is acting out or trying to explain something with his body movements. It was fun and in good spirit, there was clarity of here, obviously having a great day.

Fort Milford Tobago

Fort Milford Tobago

There is a small Fort called or named Fort Milford on a point protruding out into the water. I love a good Fort of defense position on the water. This is the reality of the world that has been forgotten, recent quick and ever present history has devalued the 100-year history cycles. What has happened in the last 10 years is a pebble in history, not as important as we think, a time epic of 10 years shows a photo, a 33-year generation shows a trend, 100 years to me show small film clip. Global warming a ridiculous conversation need to be observed for 500 years to see a trend.

The bottom line about the Caribbean to me is a few years ago they was fighting with Pirates, Privateers, and Slave ships, large plantation owners, many countries for control. These countries took and did what they wanted in many ways, the flavor of the locals is more Pirate than San Francisco - Politically Correct - Eat my Muslis, not Granola, and make sure eat quiche society. I guess this to me is more authentic and real, negligent in a sense of justice, however real and authentic. More clarity here than in the new sophisticated and lost generations of the Western Worlds.

Bomb Them - A good cannon pointed at you make you remember.

Nothing to do with this photos, this is a big tank in back of the Sandy Guesthouse, I believe it is for Potable or drinking water. Hard to explain, normally these tanks are on the tops of building. Interesting and difficult to explain the water systems, they must use a pump and have not used gravity.

Castro Dying Tour

Castro Dying Tour
Sunday January 22, 2006, 7:59 AM

Castro Dying Tour
An interesting move is being made by some travelers, there are travelers preparing to go to Cuba on a moments notice or some are maybe hanging around in Cuba to be there when Castro Dies. I suppose this is morbid type of travel notice; however, it is real and should be considered important. If and when Castro dies the whole Caribbean flavor will change, it could very well create a new world for millions of persons. When the stranglehold grip on Cuba is released and all the - Mexican-Standoff- mentality or that death before dishonor, macho, I am never going to side on the side of reason mentality of Castro dies with him, there is then the chance the new leader would say.

What the hell, I would rather be like America then against America.

Siding on the side of the Soviet Union has been an interesting and probably profitable for the corruption class of Cuba. There is a lot of money to be made in manipulation of rules, or going around the rule. It is like Prohibition in the USA, the liquor runners were making fortunes in the illegal trade. While now these living outside the law person have trouble dealing and making money in the real world.

Nefarious individual often could make more money honestly, however that not their nature, they need to be naughty.

I need to create a so I can monitor Castro’s, I would hate to miss this change that will grandly affect the travel world. I suppose there is not a big value beside Cigars for Cuba; however, from a Tourism point of view this is gold.

The sales point is it is close to the USA.
You can sell all the vices, alcohol, drugs, women, gambling, things like Cock Fighting, and all them not-for-prime time types of tourism. Generally Cuba is the Whore House of Europeans and Americans that can figure out, IF I fly from Canada or Mexico I am able to go to Cuba, the Scandinavians and Germans have been using this as a S E X tourism location for years, as the whites go and explore their desire to have a little of the opposite color.

There is a British Slapper mentality here in Tobago as many of them chubby British girls are dragging Bob Marley back home to have some hot chocolate with cookies. Like a meal of Oreos, very humorous to me in a cultural sense, people are dreaming about the Caribbean and many other locations, they just never seem to see the right channel. I was really cracking up reading the - clichés - of the Lonely Planet about Trinidad and Tobago, they make this place seem like some type of people and cultural paradise. It is normal for me to be around locals who are invasive and annoying; however, Tobago is full of tourist, many who have zero desire to be annoyed, have no idea that you have to be annoyed to see an under-developed nation. That is why it is annoying, everything is under-developed and especially the manners. There is this continuum form the top somewhere over in Norway to the bottom somewhere centered on the North Africa world of Nigeria or maybe some Bolivian mountaintop. Strangely, though the continuum of manners almost drops again at the top-level countries in there ability to support themselves becomes too great. The Scandinavian countries have JUNKIES, I have seen very few junkies, only a couple in this too developed and too ruled country and city of Amsterdam, they like to froth at the mouth, it is a tourist attraction to me… they just do not know they are ridiculous.

What is great about Tobago is the quality of rooms and facilities; they are abnormally high quality for level of culture I am within, it would be normal to withhold many benefits. I am told though and the gossip is raging about the danger or Port of Spain, Trinidad. The negative comments are ever-present, from the Taxi driver to the Hotel Owners to the extreme explanations by the other travelers. I am going to have to visit this city to see, the other person have nothing but a western world to compare itself too, therefore have no norm to use as a guide. I expect it would be like Belize City, one of the most dangerous cities on the planet.

The safety here is they put you on a channel tour, you only get to ride in the one channel, the one path, and you cannot escape the path, except for a few Oreos to eat.
Castro Dying Tour