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Chaguaramas Trinidad and Ocean Currents

Chaguaramas Trinidad

This guy is leaving next Tuesday for Brazil, he had it all map out and showed how the currents were against the boat until you went around the point of South America, he had map of winds, currents, etc. He is going out into the ocean farther to avoid the problems and coming back.

A Quote he had on his wall and said he lived by.

This is my dreamboat, a Catamaran, has a some flat area up front for laying in the sun sort of like Kevin Costner in the Waterworld movie. I asked a guy how much and he said not too much, starting at 100,000 U.S.A. Dollars, I about fell over laughing, from his perspective this is not much, to me I am looking at boat under 20 thousand, no more.

On the other hand, I think a person could make this boat a lot cheaper than 100,000 Dollars, especially with many boys getting paid 10 dollars per day, as is the normal wage for much of the world.

I found this bottle of deodorizer on the table, maybe Craig is using for his terrible smelling sandals. The rubber of some shoes is bad and makes them stink, only solution is to throw them, you really do not want stinky shoes in a one-room home. However if he purchased this for smell, than he is about 10 times over backpacker budget. These type of things are only when you are staying a month in a room not moving around. The weight it too much also.

SAVED, he purchased the stuff for his smell shoes; he says they are expensive? hmm. I will go check. TEVA, off my list of shoes to ever purchase, I do not buy smells, I think the problem is it has soft leather, not a good situation for Sandals, plus on the too heavy side for a backpackers. The are really shoes without all the parts.

Lonely Planet Caribbean

Lonely Planet Caribbean
Sunday January 29, 2006, 5:21 AM

I was given the Lonely Planet Caribbean from Rose a friend of Craig�s; therefore, I have been trying to use the book to find rooms, find transportation and to figure out a path through the Caribbean. I have used the Lonely Planet for years; however, the Lonely Planet Caribbean so far has been a very big disappointment. It is like a bunch of rich people, NOT even KIDS; I would normally say a bunch of Rich Kids wrote the sections for each country. However, they seem old, like the Hong Kong, Macao book, a person that is not a backpacker.

This is some type of - Backpacker Theory - asking the question, what is a backpacker? I know that we are all tourist first and always in a way, although I may be stepping outside of this as I know I am really living or wondering around, tourist attractions have become less and less valuable to me, I am living here, what I do during the day is not focused on tourism, it is more on how to live comfortably and enjoy the location, not on how to find tourist attractions

The Lonely Planet Caribbean as best I can tell is NOT written for the purist backpackers, it not in the traditional mode of Lonely Planet them of - Traveling on a Shoestring - it is bridging or up scaling for either a sale to the person actually in the Caribbean and not trying to open this area of the world to the Backpacker.

NOW there are no backpacker to say in the Caribbean of this is my first impression, there are only round-trip-travelers, a type of person that may come for one month, two weeks, or three months, however at the end of the day they purchased a round trip ticket or a return ticket as the world often says and not the Americans.

THEREFORE if the persons entering the Caribbean have either a Round Trip Ticket to the Caribbean or a onward ticket when entering the Caribbean my thoughts in the perspective of the - Backpacker Theory - is that they are not really a backpacker, a backpacker does have normally a finite amount of time, plus the round the world ticket holders are real anal about times, destinations and such, however for instance I am a one-way ticket traveler. IF a person enters the Caribbean with an onward ticket or a round trip ticket, it removes the ability to wonder around in the Caribbean. The Yachties are more a backpacker than the writers of the Lonely Planet Caribbean, reading some of the biographies of the writer tells me many are long-term diver tour travelers, going from dive place to dive place, got a wild hair and decided to try their luck at writing, the Lonely Planet did not probably have an diehard backpackers willing to write so they took the option available.


This is not true the formula is there, the writing skills are good, the conceptual use of the Lonely Planet format is there, however they missed the idea of�

If the Hotels listed in Port of Spain Trinidad in the Budget Traveler, then they need to make a new category and call it - Cockroach Level - or something lower like sub-budget travelers. The Budget hotels made me instantly prick up my eyes and ears when all three they listed have web sites�. www� this is normally not connected with a budget hotel, however if you was writing a guidebook for a person in the USA or Europe and he or she is purchasing a round-trip ticket, then they would need a web site address or E-mail to get there daily reservations also, because a round-trip-ticket person also always is getting reservations. A purist backpacker knows they do not need a reservation, except in Europe where the whole place is anal and party zone, definitely losing my respect as wonderers of the planet, not nomadic.


We lived in a Hotel for 90 TT in Charlottsville in Tobago, and a Italian girl lived in a Hotel or room for 75 TT in Crown Point, I was joining up with Rose and Craig in the Crown Point Area and just went with the flow and got a room there for 120 at Sandy�s Guesthouse however my gut said, this is still almost double of what I need to pay, I found a couple of them for 100 and for sure there are cheaper, the Italian girl had one cheaper. However to fill out the budget listing for this area I would need to list the three or four 50-100 TT or under 15 Dollars per night Hotels in the Crown Point Area, I truly believe a person could pay about 50-75 TT per night an live almost all the time in Tobago or Trinidad.

6.3 to the Dollar is the rate I believe so 75 is just under 10 dollars a night and makes Trinidad on the backpacker schedule for Asia or South America, this is a too each and cheap price for the European Trolley Travelers and they could have a single room here and leave the 18-bed dorm rooms. Actually about any European Backpacker or wanna be backpacker could afford Trinidad with no problem.

I know only one Island; however, I feel I am going to have to work real hard and find good value rooms because the Lonely Planet Caribbean has skipped or sold out on finding the shoestring budget rooms. This is very annoying to me, back to my love-hate relationship with the Lonely Planet. The use of the term budget is the problem, Footprints is more on the correct path with their listing by doing it by price range, however I do not have a Footprints, or a Roughguide, I think a person would do good to have all three here, then they maybe be able to suss out where the cheap hotel area are located. I call this the center of the backpacker universe; however, there are probably no backpackers in this area so now I am going to have to call it the cheap hotel cluster or area.

There are always areas or clusters of cheap hotels. Craig thinks it is not possible for a cheap hotel area to be located to the 200 a night hotel he snagged with Rose or was paid for by Marcos and he was a guest area. He stayed in this really expensive hotel, in fact I think Craig�s best travel skill is maybe in getting others to pay for his room, or to get a free room with a person.

However the world does not have zoning laws, building are built where they can build them and the person in the Hilton are scared to leave therefore they do not just walk around in the hood. They stay in the Hotel, my 10 dollar Hotels in Manila, Philippines were just down the street from the Hilton and Best Western; these hotels were in the Former or still trying to be Red Light District of the Malate area of Manila.

Nonetheless, the Lonely Planet had turned red-light-district semi-pro as best I can figure out, I keep reading the future countries I need to visit, and they give me zero backpacker paths. I could go hang with the too-rich-yachties and go cheaper, in fact maybe a better proposition.

Craig in Trinidad

Craig in Trinidad
Sunday January 29, 2006, 5:12 AM

I am staying in the Cove Hotel that is walking distance to Chaguaramas the Sailboat Port for the Yachties. I have been staying in the same Hotels as Craig for the last couple of weeks. It has been interesting because he wants to travel for a long time or has no plans of stopping. I am not sure how he plans to do this, however he does have enough money saved to go for a few years.

Craig wanted to find a boat south to Brazil for Carnaval; this idea is about a 50-50 proposition right now, as the boats do not seem to have enough time to guarantee he arrives in Salvador in time for Carnaval. He found one boat going however, the boat would not guarantee he would be there in time so Craig passed on the proposition.

Loud Music

Loud Music
Friday January 27, 2006, 6:39 AM

There is a car with the hip hop types just pulled up to the Hotel, they have the car open and the music is probably at full volume. The animal are up and at them, probably they never went to bed, however the animals are blaring their music. It is interesting to see people on the plane and music, comparable to smoking, a person many times believe what they are doing is always ok. Hard to believe the violent nature of people, this is a cross cultural trend, music is they way they express their powers. This allows a totally inept person to turn up their music full volume and claim the territory.

Respect and manners, there is a need for police in a world where we cannot shoot them legally.

I am asking Craig his impressions on the music, he said,
- You got to respect the sound system -

Then said,
- Yes, it is rude. -

The problem is not the music, the problem is everyone is afraid to enforce manners, I would expect the police play their music at home extremely loud, and believe, how could they stop or tell another to shut it down when they do the same.

There is a building here full of Trinidad and Tobago Soldiers, it is possible this is that group.

For me I am wondering where the end of the path is located, where does the world go with noise. Will there be a time when noise is controlled, will there be any perfect worlds where people slow down the out of control aspects of the planet. The global warming, save the whale, sometimes even the terrorist are not worrisome to me, however here in Trinidad and Tobago you have mostly good people. However even the locals are constantly warning us about crime and violence. I may have never been warned this much, probably less in Iraq than here, for sure they did not warn us about Colombia where I just came from. I wonder if Kevin Sites the guy traveling in the Hot Zones for Yahoo or War Zones like to go travel and live in some Ghettos on the planet.

Ghetto - Not the correct word.
The definition from my Encarta Encyclopedia.

1. minority’s area of a city: an area of a city lived in by a minority group, especially a run-down and densely populated area lived in by a group that experiences discrimination

2. Jewish quarter: in former times, an area in European towns in which the Jewish population was required to live

3. environment of isolation: an environment where a group of people live or work in isolation, whether by choice or circumstance.

The Ghettos here in Trinidad are not full of Minorities, the country is a black country, all the persons are more or less black. The minority could be considered the person who do not wish to work or want to sit around. Patsy in the Green Corner Guesthouse in Charlottsville describes some as the
- Sit around type -
Describing a very fat young 17 year old girl that died and they was having a wake for when we was in the city.

As an American there is a constant politically correct problem as any definitions that would define the problems will be taken or misused against a person that would try to solve the problems. There is a cultural phenomenon that happens in big cities on the plane where the out bad person congregate, I do not see it as a must live there situation. Some lived there and the neighborhood slowly went to hell, however mostly because the moving in of certain types of person.

I was amazed at the rendition of Zach and Jess in Tobago or their description of Port of Spain, the city is so far very clean.

Chaguaramas Hotels

Chaguaramas Hotels

We are staying in this Hotel or they say it is a resort, really just a Hotel, I am always annoyed with all the name of rooms, Guesthouses, Hotels, Hostels, they are all the same, except when they demand you sleep in a dorm bed. Nonetheless the Cove Hotel is maybe what you could call a - Garage Hotel - a place where people would drive to from the city with another persons wife and spend the afternoon doing what you are not suppose to do. It is sparse however seem pretty safe and ok, the shower here is great, however more or a boom boom room with P-o-r-n on the TV.

The Cost is 260 TT or about 50 U.S. for Two people; I am assuming it is the same for one. There are cheaper Hotels in the city and it may have worked better to take a small van daily from the city to Chaguaramas, however now we can walk to the Marinas at night or if for some reason there is no Van when absolutely needed we can walk. This is about one-half hour walk from the Chaguaramas Marina presently, however much better than living in the city and probably safer. There is everything a person needs in Chaguaramas, a grocery, internet, petrol, restaurants and a few expensive Hotels.

Strange I have yet to see many people, my guess is in the harbors and around on dock there must be over 400 boats, and in total maybe 800 of various types, not all ocean going and many small day boats

Chaguaramas a Port for Sailboats

Friday January 27, 2006, 6:01 AM

We are at Chaguaramas, a port for Sailboats to restock and repair their boats, probably would say dry storage also, just about 10 minutes by taxi and about 10-20 TT from the Ferry Port. There was a small regular van for 5 TT to Chaguaramas.

Craig is trying to find a way to go by boat from Trinidad to Brazil by boat, he will wake this morning and go into the Chaguaramas Marinas and sit on a boat and use the radio to announce his trip. At 8:00, every morning I guess many of the sailors will open their radio to a certain channel and discuss what is happening for the day.

Tobago to Trinidad Ferry

Tobago to Trinidad Ferry
We left from Charlottsville on the 4:00 morning Maxi-van for 10 TT to Scarborough, hopped immediately on the Ferry to Trinidad and paid 50 TT for an air-conditioned ride to Trinidad. The plane would have taken much longer and would have arrived outside of the city, it was one of them after you figure out the time waiting for the plane, the distance the airport is from the city, cost of taxis and it is a better idea to take the slower form of transportation because it is more efficient.

If I was to fly away immediately from the airport, I would have taken the plane, more or less a connection is better to fly to the airplane, and the Ferry is better when just moseying around the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Think about the time you need to arrive ahead of schedule to the airport to check in, this is part of the time.

Charlottsville Tobago Hotel

Charlottsville Tobago Hotel
Thursday January 26, 2006, 3:21 AM

Green Corner Guesthouse 90 TT Dollars- 15 U.S.A. Dollars
11 09.208N GPS or Global Positioning Satellite Mark

90 TT Trinidad and Tobago Dollars or about 15 U.S. Dollars per person. There are double beds rooms in a place called the Green Corner Guesthouse and behind the place is a second one probably about the same price. Shower is shared; however, I am not able to get the water to work this morning at 3:00 AM. We are leaving by Maxi-Van or a Microbus for Scarborough today again quickly and hopefully will be able to jump on the Ferry from Tobago Island to Trinidad Island. The Charlottsville Tobago Hotel is more or less just two of the upper rooms in a home. My guess is there is probably a view of these places and you can walk up and down the streets asking.

I have not seen any fancy hotels and they must be a walk from the main highway and any of the interesting waterfront. The Green Corner Guesthouse is at the end of the road just before you go up a hill. If you looked at the road from the water as you would, come in on a dinghy the guesthouse is at the very left as there is split in the road and one goes along the road and not away from the Road. Up the hill some PR doctor and something about steel pan drums has a rooming house.

Check the shower and make sure it works or explain to Patsy before you rent a room, or get a huge discount.

Charlottsville is small, full of locals hanging around and there is a nice restaurant that fun to hang around at 1:00 in the afternoon as that is when it opens. Many of the yacht owners or sailboat owners come into for lunch, gas, supplies or to use the internet.

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