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Port of Spain Hotels Trinidad


Port of Spain Hotels Trinidad

The rooms in Port of Spain are over-priced and not a good value, hard to find rooms correctly priced around the 80-100 TT range or maybe 10-15 Dollars for a single person, it almost demands that you have two people to get the price reasonable when shared.

The Lonely Planet gets you in the right area, however for the budget area in recommending the more expensive ones for the area.

The Port of Spain Hotels or maybe Guesthouses are centered around the streets of Tragarete Road and Maraval Road, there are about 10-20 large homes or modified homes that now are guesthouse, and my feeling is at Carnaval Time many homes suddenly have rooms to rent for exorbitant prices. The prices now are exorbitant if in reality a normal job here in for a grocery store or labor is only about 10 dollars per day. Then something it out of whack on the prices. However they all in this area start at about 28 and go to 40 per night for a double or single room, they are all the same, better in this area to travel with another person. The great part is Tobago the main Island of beaches and of interest has room for about 20 Dollars for a single room, and will go down to about 10 if you had the time to search. A person can fly into Port of Spain, Trinidad, book a ticket over the internet with Liat Airlines or the Tobago Express, go to Tobago, and skip Port of Spain. There is a lot of noise about the danger of Port of Spain; however, I think the white people are just afraid of black people. Craig and I have now walked around this area in the day two times on many streets from the Maxi-Van terminal to the Center of the Backpacker Universe at Tragarete Road and Maraval Road.

We have seen no internet and this is very strange, this is a problem, the internet is not readily available and you will need this to book tickets on the internet with Liat Airlines, I suppose you could walk to their office and book one, however easier probably with the internet.

Danger, I suppose a person should not walk around in this area at night, especially with money in their pocket or with all their bags. Strangely this is what you would almost have to do to enjoy Carnaval, this area is an enigma. There has to be better housing in the Port of Spain area somewhere on a Maxi-Van or H Maxi-Van Route that could lead where you want to go, the path to the airport is my desire, it is not clear how to go to the Airport on one of the early flights.

Caribbean Island Hopping Airlines Liat Air

Caribbean Island Hopping Airlines

I have found what seems to be a good airlines to use to hop around the Caribbean.

Liat Airlines

I can buy on the internet, each hop seems to be around 50 U.S. Dollars after all the taxes and such, now I need to find the cost of taxi or bus from the Airport to some way over priced hotel... hehehe, I am not being too hopeful on the quality of Hotel for the money in the Caribbean.

The Webpage to the map is not so good, has to load something, may not work.

MAP- Maybe it will not break...

The seem to have two pages the same:

Skipping a Country

Skipping a Country

I have the luxury of time, unlimited time for the most part, however most persons do not have unlimited time. Trinidad and Tobago maybe should get a pass on the Island Paradise list, this just is not that, if a person believe it is, then maybe they should write me to explain what I missed or I can tell them where to go�

There are temptations to go and see things in countries and in Trinidad there is nobody even in the conversation talking, in Tobago it was bleak also, most were just figuring out where to go eat or drink. Very few of the - YOU got to go here - in fact I heard none.

Blog Speed Trinidad and Tobago

Blog Speed Trinidad and Tobago
Monday January 30, 2006, 6:01 AM

It is interesting; Craig borrowed my computer to write his blog the last two nights, I can honestly say if I worked on my blog that long, I would stop blogging. It looked to me like a torturous act of choosing word, thinking or remembering what he was doing, then meticulously choosing the proper way to say what he wanted to say. I adhere to the idea I see that this is my journal for me, and who cares what I write, I am not in the business of making person happy or writing the great American Novel. I am in the business of reviewing my thoughts and posting them, sometimes I hope nobody reads so nobody will comment.

I enjoy the conversion of them fuzzy, abstract thoughts and turning them into solid thought out or somewhat thought out ideas. This is a great sounding board for me to work through ideas on how to make my web sites that make me the money. The blog is a losing proposition for the most part, however creates fame, which does translate to money in a long torturous way. A person can work there way to earning money, however a person cannot really work their way to fame.

Craig has a blog?

I do not read blogs often, I wish I could read them daily, however with the invention and the anal decision of most bloggers to not send the blog by email I am not able to read blogs. I sometime find them in searched however, most are lost in the wilderness of the internet space and do not come up in searches. It is very difficult for a person traveling to go to bookmarks; I am on a different computer daily. It is very difficult for a person to have the time to read other persons blogs, when it is obvious you are paying to read a blog or page you think to yourself,
 - Is this good enough to read? -

The Newsletters I receive in my e-mail box I test read, learn about letter and then hope I can unsubscribe, presently they have become junk because they send me back to the internet and I have nothing to read, so when I go back, I try to remember to unsubscribe if possible. I like to read their - NEWS - I am not trying to surf.

On the other hand if I were working in an office I suppose I would connect a feed reader, maybe read, and monitor a few. I know it would be too tempting though to connect all and not read any, this is not good.

In the end, whether a person reads my blog or I read another persons blog, it is not important, I am a travelers first, very little to do with the blog. I have a web site in the hope of earning continually enough money to travel. I do not have a web site to have a web site, it is a job. The blog for me is not a job, I do know it makes my Mother and Father happy and I do not have to write letters explaining what I am doing.

Finding Caribbean Crew

Finding Caribbean Crew
Sunday January 29, 2006, 6:17 AM

I am trying or volunteering to be a crew for a Sailboat going north, I would pay for the trip, however I am not suppose to tell them that, and sort of anti-hobo or anti-cheap to offer, like I was not a backpacker. I am looking for a cheap way to go North through the Islands and not necessarily a boat. However, it is probably the cheapest way to go north when and if I would work on the boat for passage.

TIME, this is the problem a person has to hang around and pay for the room while waiting for the boat. IF I pay 100 TT a night this is about 15 dollars per day, it may only take about five days to pay for the plane ticket, I am not sure of the price for a ticket to Grenada and this is also a problem. I have not found a travel agency; they seem allusive or not prevalent. I need to get on Liat or BWIA web sites and check out; maybe I can buy online and avoid the travel agents. It is possible I need to go to the airport and buy tickets or directly to the airlines main office in Port of Spain. Whatever the case, I need to figure out the way to buy a plane ticket, more correctly I need to discover the best way to buy a cheap plane ticket.

Chaguaramas is not full of boater or yachties, it is more full of workers, they have enough boats in the area to have maybe 1000 person roaming around, and however for the most part it is maybe the same persons. I keep counting dinghies that come into shore and the docks are not full. There may be soon an immigration of person coming here for Carnaval, however I am not sure. I am not sure there is really that many outsiders that come to Carnaval, hard to imagine people being brave enough to go to Port of Spain and risk being robbed. The Lonely Planet makes the inside of the city sound like a guaranteed place to be robbed. I have not seen it, however the crown point area of Tobago has a lot of aggressive idiots on the Store Bay beach, however this is in ways an exception, I have seen very few problem children, jerks with car speakers too big and this type, however not a huge problem. I do get the gut feeling or my instincts are saying the white people are afraid of the black people. Trinidad to me seems about 99 percent black, I see almost zero whiteys, except inside the fence of the Chaguaramas Sailboat compound, inside the gate� Hehehe

I am not afraid of the black guys, however very cautious with the wanna-be Bob Marley types, they are in your face aggressive and I need a two by four as my farmer boss used to say. Nothing a 2X4 could not solve.

However, they are more on the children side of adulthood and less on the mature side upstanding citizen types. Children are unpredictable and prone to temptations, therefore to deal with the big dangerous looking person here in Trinidad it is easy to just ignore and walk on the other side of the street. They tend to do this,
- Come here -
I do the�
- I do not understand, did not hear strategy -

It takes a special look on my face,
- What, what did you say, what - oh never mind -

I have posted 4 signs in the proper areas of the Sailboat Port, maybe they will call the Hotel and I will get some messages today, I am not sure it is important, I am going to try to leave Port of Spain for Grenada this week. I am bored with the place and Craig should leave for Brazil.

Positive versus Negative Blog

Positive versus Negative Blog
Monday January 30, 2006, 6:19 AM

In a conversation, Craig said he did not want to become a blogger that tells or warns everyone about all the problems in a country. I guess he does not want to be a big monologue of the country.

That prompted me to ask the nervous question,
- Is my blog negative? -

He said,
- No, not at all -

More or less, he said it had a good balance; I am amiss on how I can have a positive life or a negative life. Not writing about negative things will not change a negative day into a positive day. The way I have a positive day is to not talk with he locals� hehehe, that was a joke, however in many ways true. The way I have a positive day is to disconnect or unhook from anyone that is negative immediately upon learning they are an emotional vampire of full of backhanded insults prevalent in the British Lager Heads and German Rasta Heads. Maybe in the American Woman who believes I am suppose to walk on eggshell around her and treat her like a man.

There are some stereotypes that I am acutely aware of that they can be a problem, I do not normally avoid them, however the off switch is in my hand and ready to be used, I do not give them an open mind or any second chances. I have only today with this person and I am not going to lose it to prove I am open-minded. I am very closed-minded about my desire to listen to negative person or emotional vampires. I do not need to listen to dysfunctional person to know or provide them a fair chance. I am in the business of entertaining myself on a daily basis.

Craig read many blogs, has a good understanding of the internet and was reading them to prepare to travel for a very long time.

He did say that most just started and then dropped off, never finished what they started; this would be what I expected. Most travelogues are done after the fact, I think and not while they are traveling. To write daily while traveling is outside the normal nature of persons, I am awake at 6 or 7 in the morning daily, not just Monday through Friday, everyday of the week, I get up and move around. I do not always type on the computer; however, it is part of my day.

Night is a time of the day when a person is interrupted or had options and choices. It is not free time, it is used time normally, and it has to compete with the world. I guess if a person had a son or daughter who said they was going to leave the country and blog every day, if this person woke in the morning everyday at 7:00 AM and worked on their computer than they may do this regularly, however if they like to party all night, then stay up all night on the computer� hmmm, not likely, they have more opportunity to party traveling and the competition is fierce.

Yes, what happens is a person gets off to a quick start and then burns out fast, I am going to be interested to see how Craig does or proceeds, he does not have a computer and this is amazing to me, as it is obvious he is addicted to computers. Probably a good idea however he has removed his highest and best way to make money.

Now, I have a domain by the name of, what I just wrote above and below helps me think through how to make a blog system that could be maintained and utilized by a traveler while they travel, blogging helps me to think through a questions and answers, this is valuable to me as I have many projects.

Positive or Negative, that is not important, I try to remember I am recording my real travel life, not how I want it to be. One reason I do not read much travel literature it all seems like fairy tales to me, I like to read Wilbur Smith for fiction, it is closer to real life.

Sunday World Culture

Sunday World Culture
Monday January 30, 2006, 5:44 AM

Yesterday was Sunday here in Chaguaramas, Trinidad and me and Craig went into the city of Port of Spain to look for a Hotel. The present Hotel the Cove in Chaguaramas is too far from the city to purchase Airplane Tickets, more or less to do the busy duties of arranging to leave. We can lower the cost of the room from 25 Dollars per person in the Cove in Chaguaramas to 15 if we move there.

Sunday is the day off in most countries, even in the Islamic countries where Friday is more of a religious day the work will slow or stop on Sunday. I have not monitored this closely however Sunday is the normal day off from work, however I found Port of Spain interesting as the place died in the center of the city, I am not sure if the Malls were closed or open, however, the center of the city was empty. Craig said it was Sunday, I was explaining when you travel you still need to live on Sunday, buy food, walk around, entertain yourself.

There are only small windows of time in Chaguaramas to use the internet, from 8:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon. This is not normal internet hours for much of the planet; I can normally always go to the internet up to at least 10:00 at night.
Europe will close up shop and never work in some countries, it is amazing how they make laws to stop person from working. The USA closes on Sunday in most ways however, the Gas, Food, and other types of needed shopping is open. The idea of 24 hours Wal-Mart has not caught on in the world yet.

Maraval Port of Spain Trinidad

Maraval Port of Spain Trinidad

We are taking off today Sunday to roam around, I am thinking I will need to go to the Maraval area just north of Port of Spain to find a cheap room, the taxi was saying this is the area. I do not know, however the transportation around Port of Spain seem very easy so not a problem to check out small regional areas of the city. The guidebook is hopeless, nothing under 35 dollar USA, however there are cheaper rooms, I am 90 percent positive, like bend over, you are rich pay advice from the guidebook. Oh well, not everyone can be a backpacker some have to be tourist to make the backpackers look and feel smarter. Value is the game for a room, a good room, good location and good value. In Trinidad and Tobago my target price is 100 TT, less and I am really winning and more and I am losing. There is also the one or two person problem, the rooms can be same price for one or two persons or they can charge per person. I believe most persons coming here are boyfriend - girlfriend or girl look to jump in bed with a local on Tobago.

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